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Top 5 Signs Hinting For a Drainage Problem

There are a number of factors like blocked drain, cracks and a too narrow Drainage pipe that can prevent your drainage system working in correct order. Poorly fitted drainage fixtures or misaligned joints too can cause trouble in drainage system functioning.

Potential drainage issues can play havoc to your home causing damage to walls, floors and furniture. In the case of collapsed pipe or pipe bursting, the situation goes out of control even before you realize your drain have got trouble.

When your household drains have the severe problem, there are some obvious signs like water stops flowing, localized flooding and even worst pipe bursting. However, you need not wait till you witness any of these obvious signs. Instead, you need to keep an eye out to trace any subtle signs that indicate your drainage may have a problem.

Identifying Drainage Problem in its early stage, when problems are small and easy to resolve, can save you a large amount and a lot of anxiety. And you need not to be a drainage specialist in order to identify these subtle signs of drainage problems.

Signs that Hint your Drainage got Problems

Here are 5 tell-tale signs of drainage problems that, if spotted earlier, can help you avoid expensive drain repair.

Deposits and Shedding on Walls

deposits on wall

If you spot gray or white colour crust on the walls, mostly found on basement walls, this is a definite sign of water damage. Deposits on the wall are formed by minerals of water once water is evaporated. Clean the spot immediately and again return checking the same place after a day or two. If you find deposits again or see the wall flaking off in large patches, there is surely a water leakage which needs to be fixed at earliest.

Mildew in the Roof Top

mildew in the roof top

You probably aren’t aware, but the presence of mildew in the attic may indicate a drainage problem. However, there are other reasons like excessive moisture, bogged cooler, etc. that can cause mildew underneath the roof. Properly working drainage system is vital to save your home from water damage. And thus, it is important to identify the signs as soon as they appear. Every single day you pass overlooking mildew, it may add to the time and money you will need to spend fixing the problem later.

Foul Smells

If your household drain smells bad these days, it is a hint that some drainage problem exists down the pipe. It can be a clog or any other drainage issue. It is crucial to trace the problem as soon as possible before it gets worse. You can first try cleaning the drain using regular cleaners or hot water remedy, but if you still witness unpleasant odours then don’t wait anymore seeking drainage expert’s assistance.

Slow Draining

slow draining

If you notice that water is flowing slower than usual and it often leads to localized flooding near the drain cover, it’s time to give some attention to drain cleaning. As said above, you can first try your hands at DIY drain cleaning and when the problem persists, call out a drainage specialist.

A blockage inside the drainage line can cause water run slowly. If you ignore the slow draining scenario for a while, the build-up can grow bigger posing the potential threat to drainage structure. It is easy and economic to fix the blockage when it is small.

Bizarre Sounds

Is your drain making noise like gurgling or glubbing? If yes, it conveys that there is something wrong with your drainage system. The noise may due to a major clog, a venting issue or any drainage damage. A drainage specialist use modern technology and equipment to learn about the exact cause of drainage noise and fix it permanently.

On top of all, there are some other signs like foundation cracks, overflowing gutters, water stains in basement and migrating soil or mulch hinting for a drainage problem. One of the best ways to prevent any major drainage problem and headaches it may bring is to always keep an eye for any of these warning signs discussed above.

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Top 5 Signs Hinting For a Drainage Problem


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