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How to Infuse Purpose into Your Every Day

What’s the meaning of life? Ah, the age-old existential question that has undoubtedly popped into your head once or twice (or hundreds of times!).

The answer is subjective, of course; as individual and unique as you and me. But no matter the specific answer for any of us, it boils down to Purpose. Living a life of purpose is living a happy and meaningful life—and it’s easier to do than you might think!

Here are just five ways you can begin infusing more purpose into your every day:

Reflect Daily on Your Values and Beliefs

Your purpose is unique because you are unique. What you value, what you believe, what you honor, and what you pursue are specific to you—and that’s okay! In our 24/7, digitally-connected world, it can be easy to lose sight of what you value and to live your life accordingly. While it’s tempting to take on what other people share as important, it’s crucial that you remain connected to what is true for you. Reflect on your values and beliefs on a daily or weekly basis, and ask yourself if you’re living a life that aligns with them.

Stand Up for What’s Important

Once you’re clear on what it is you value, stand up for it, too! Your opinions and beliefs are just as important and powerful as the next person’s—and truly living a life of purpose means honoring what is important to you. This doesn’t mean being confrontational or aggressive. You don’t need to start any “comment wars” on your Facebook page! What it does mean is that you have the right, and the obligation really, to respectfully stand up for yourself and what you believe in if those beliefs are challenged.

Prioritize Your Passions

Or said even more clearly: Prioritize yourself. Think about the things that light you up; that make you excited and happy and inspired. What are those things, those activities, those people? And how big of a role do they play in your life? It’s all too easy to let other people’s priorities take control of your life. And it’s certainly not a bad thing to commit to and help others. But as the saying goes, “you can’t draw water from an empty well.” Fill your well first with the things that bring you joy! You may be surprised to find that the rest falls into place quite easily after that.

Get Grateful

Gratitude is the ultimate superpower, as far as we’re concerned. And it’s the perfect way to Infuse more purpose into your life! Take stock of everything that is already wonderful and purposeful and perhaps even perfect. These could be things big and small; it might even include challenges that you know are helping you to learn and grow. A daily gratitude practice is the perfect way to pause and acknowledge all that already fills your life with purpose; all that is good when our minds tend to default to bad. Schedule a moment every day to reconnect with that good.

Be Present

To live a purposeful life is to live a present life. It’s hard to live a life of purpose when you’re trying to control the future (or ruminate on the past). When you find yourself getting stuck in what was or worrying about what might be, bring yourself back to the present moment and ground yourself where you are. What can you do in this moment to live with purpose? What can you do in this moment to positively affect your future? Your power is in your presence. Use that opportunity (and the one after that and the one after that) to live with purpose in every moment.

How can you infuse more purpose into your life today? Share your favorite tip from the post (or a tip of your own!) with us in the comments below.

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How to Infuse Purpose into Your Every Day


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