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How to Store Frozen Food


What’s great about the freezer foods is that we can store them fresh and enjoy their taste throughout the year. In addition, we save almost all of their useful qualities.

But frosting foods has its rules, and it is better to stand by them in order to fully benefit from that invention of human genius.

How to Store Frozen Food

  1. Choose the right products. Freezer foods to be brand new and fresh. This goes full power for fruits and vegetables, as well as for meat and fish.
  2. Pack them well. Packing is a whole new level. Packages must cover tightly the whole product, otherwise it will dry. They have to be elastic and durable to acid or oils. The most convenient options are nylon bags or packing transparent foil, with no less than 0.05 mm width. You can also use utensils which resist low temperatures.
  3. Freeze them in portions. Once de-frosted, the products shouldn’t go back in the freezer, so take into account the needs of your household. Think through the exact amounts of the given product you will need to cook and separate them into parts.
  4. Stick labels on the frozen food packages. Note the date when you freeze them, in order to check easier when they will expire. It will happen eventually, and freezer foods’ expiration date varies between 6 to 8 months for the different kinds of products.
  5. Remember that frozen liquid expands in volume. Take this into account when you fill utensils with soups, for example.
  6. Make a list of the frozen products. This way you will always know what you have in store. Don’t forget to write down when you take out a package. After all, it is better to have an actual list, isn’t it?

How to Store Frozen Food – Red Meat


Appropriate to freeze are all kinds of meat, provided they are not too fat. Slice the meat into portions and pack it well in foil or bags. It is good to remove the bones in advance, because, if they stick out of the package, the meat will dry. If you have steaks and chops wrap each of them separately. The meat for cooking has to be cut into pieces in advance.

How to Store Frozen Food – Poultry

All kinds of poultry can be stored in the freezer – hens, ducks, turkeys or geese. You pack them whole or in cooking portions in polyethylene foil or bags.

How to Store Frozen Food – Healthy Fish


If you decide to freeze fish you have to make sure that it was freshly caught, because this is the only appropriate kind to enter in the freezer. We cannot be sure for the store-bought one. Before you freeze it, clean the fish from the scales and entrails and wash it well. If it weighs over 1 kg. you’d better package it.

How to Store Frozen Food – Vitamin Bombs


Veggies which you can boil, roast or fry are worthy for the freezer. Unfortunately, cucumbers, green salads, onion and radishes remain outside of the list. You shouldn’t put in the freezer unripe or overripe vegetables as well. Clean, wash, cut into pieces and steam the veggies in advance.

Steaming is a very important process, because through it you can save the colour, taste and vitamins in the products. It is easy to carry out, too. You need a strainer or a metal basket. Boil water in an appropriate utensil. Then you place the veggies in the strainer or the basket and soak them in the boiling water. Wait until it boils again. While steaming the bubbles should continue.

After that you take out the veggies, bathe them in cold water and rinse them. If you put them in flat rectangular packages they will take less space.

De-frosting – pour the frozen veggies in boiling water or simmer in oil. It is desirable that some veggies like spinach or cabbage to be defrosted partially before cooking. Bear in mind that the time for cooking frozen veggies is a third less than the fresh ones. Also, you don’t need to steam parsley.

How to Store Frozen Food – Sweet And Healthy


Well-ripe fruits are okay to freeze, but not overripe. You can freeze them with glucose on top or without. It all depends how you will use them after. If you want to freeze strawberries for cake icing and you need them to attain their shape, do the following procedure. Put the little red  berries in a plate and store them in the freezer for a couple of hours. After that you can calmly put them in the plastic bag, making sure they will keep their shape.

Defrost fruits at room temperature in a covered container.

How to Store Frozen Food – Dairy Products


Usually they are not very appropriate for a continuous freezing. Milk can be stored for around 2 or 3 months, while cream only a month or two. Yellow cheese is more resistant – around half an year, but you will need to wrap it in plastic bags. If cut into pieces, they will certainly stick together, if you don’t wrap them in individual smaller packages.

How to Store Frozen Food – Sweets


People often freeze cakes and pastries while they are still fresh. Glair dough pastries are not appropriate to freeze. Sweets keep their taste and freshness best, when you de-frost them at room temperature. A little trick is to heat them slightly in the oven for around ten minutes.

How to Store Frozen Food – Cooked Meals


If you decide to freeze a meal, bear in mind that continuous storing may lead to lower taste qualities of the food, because of some spices. That’s why meals to freeze should be slightly flavoured. Always place them in the freezer when they are cool.

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How to Store Frozen Food


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