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Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Reviews And Guides Blog
Five of the best cordless vacuum cleaners reviewed plus comparison charts, even more product reviews plus recommendations for shoppers.
2023-05-29 02:54
After finishing the Roborock S8 Pro Review, we’ll examine how it compares against one of Roborock’s cheaper self-emptying robots, the Q5+. After unveiling the S7+, Roborock has b… Read More
2023-05-12 06:35
Dual brush roll systems aren’t new, and one of its advantages is its versatility. Most of the options I’ve tested are above average. Hoover is the latest brand to utilize this te… Read More
2023-05-04 01:23
Continuing my series on Miele and Dyson, we’ll compare the Miele Triflex HX1 and Dyson V12 Detect. Unlike the V15 Detect, priced at the premium level, the V12 Detect is cheaper, thus… Read More
2023-04-28 09:20
Miele was known for its bagged (and corded) upright vacuums, but HX1’s release changed all that, and we’ll see how it fares against the Dyson V15 Detect. Both are versatile optio… Read More
2023-04-25 07:27
Shark is one of the more innovative brands in this industry, and the WandVac WS632 is another innovation. What I mean is they combined the lightweight properties of a handheld and the agitat… Read More
2023-04-13 07:26
The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and S7 MaxV Ultra represent the pinnacle of robot vacuum technology. These options are two of the best robot vacuum cleans I’ve tested with efficiency, moppin… Read More
2023-03-25 05:35
Less than a year after unveiling the S7 MaxV Ultra, Roborock introduces its latest product, the S8 Pro Ultra, with several upgrades to enhance its autonomy and cleaning performance. Its late… Read More
2023-03-14 06:18
After reviewing the Roomba Combo J7+, one of the first products I’m interested in comparing it to is the Roborock S7+. Aside from the “7+” designation – implying the… Read More
2023-03-03 06:48
Roomba products have evolved over the past decade, from manufacturing basic, random navigating, “dumb” robots, to one of the best obstacle-avoiding options. The Combo J7+ is anot… Read More
2023-02-24 07:24
I never thought a day would come when iRobot would release a robot vacuum/mop hybrid, but it’s here – the Roomba Combo J7+. Yes, iRobot has manufactured robot mops, but this is t… Read More
2023-02-17 09:46
Continuing my series of Dyson cordless vacuums, we’ll look at the V7 MotorHead and Outsize, two models representing different spectrums in Dyson’s product range. The V7 is a ligh… Read More
2023-02-02 09:10
This review will look at Dreame Bot’s latest product – the L10S Ultra – combining elements from the W10 and Z10 Pro. Not only will this robot mop floors, but it also has a… Read More
2023-01-31 11:42
Continuing my series on Dyson vacuums, we’ll look at the V7 MotorHead, and V12 Detect – two similar but vastly different options at opposite ends of the price spectrum. The V7 Mo… Read More
2023-01-26 11:37
It’s been long overdue, but finally, I’ve found time to compile data for the Dyson V7 and V10 – two of the older Dyson cordless vacuum options. These models are in the olde… Read More
2023-01-17 08:37
After reviewing the Vertex Pro, we’ll examine how it compares to the older Vertex Model. The Vertex series spans several categories, specifically stick vacuums and upright vacuums. A c… Read More
2023-01-16 00:34
Another new Shark release is the Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away. It’s an upgraded version of the ancient ION P50 equipped with the latest DuoClean nozzle, so it’s better at cleanin… Read More
2023-01-06 07:57
Shark released a newer version of the Vertex cordless stick vacuum – the IZ682H Pro variant with the new digital display on the handle. It’s an upgraded model over the Vertex IZ4… Read More
2023-01-04 06:32
Perhaps the closest Dyson option to the LG in terms of form and functionality is the V8 Absolute. I’m unsure if LG used it as a template for designing their first product, but it&rsquo&hell…Read More
2023-01-02 06:11
Continuing my series on LG vs. Dyson, we’ll look at the CordZero A9 and V10 Absolute – much closer than the V15 comparison previously. LG is a new player in this niche, and the C… Read More
2022-12-29 06:52
After comparing the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V12 Detect, I’ll continue my series on these brands by looking at the CordZero A9 and V15 Detect. As I’ve mentioned in the previous c… Read More
2022-12-22 07:31
We’ll look closely at the LG CordZero A9 and how it compares to the Dyson V12 Detect – how it compares to the industry standard. Is the LG better than the V12 Detect with all its… Read More
2022-12-16 05:21
Next up in my Dyson comparison series are the V12 Detect and V10 Absolute, two vastly similar but (also) different products in various aspects. The V10 Absolute was the starting point in Dys… Read More
2022-12-14 06:43
Next up in my Dyson cordless vacuum comparison series is looking in-depth at the V12 Detect and Omni-Glide. Both are part of Dyson’s next-generation cordless stick vacuums, focusing mo… Read More
2022-12-06 02:43
After comparing the Dyson V12 and V8, let’s move on to this comparison against the Outsize. The V12 Detect is one of Dyson’s latest releases, a smaller version of the V15 Detect… Read More
2022-11-28 10:21
Continuing my series on the Dyson V12 Detect, we’ll compare it to the V8 Absolute – one of Dyson’s older alternatives. As I’ve mentioned in my other reviews, the V12… Read More
2022-11-17 09:15
Continuing on my Dyson cordless stick vacuums series, we’ll compare the latest V12 Detect versus the previous flagship, the V11 Torque Drive. The V12 Detect is Dyson’s latest ser… Read More
2022-11-16 06:59
After completing the Dyson V12 and V15 comparison, I’ll continue my series on comparing their stick vacuums – this time, the Micro and V12 Detect. The Micro 1.5KG is Dyson’… Read More
2022-11-09 03:30
Dyson continues to improve upon their technology, and the V12 Detect is the latest, which I’ll compare with the V15 Detect. Before testing the Dyson V12, I thought the only upgrade was… Read More
2022-11-01 11:11
Dyson has launched a new vacuum series – the V12, and we’ll have a close look at it in this review. Before testing this product, I thought it was another version of the V15 with… Read More
2022-10-17 07:50
iRobot products aren’t cheap (even their “budget” options are on the high end of the price spectrum), so keeping them in tip-top shape makes sense to maximize your investme… Read More
2022-10-13 05:58
Robot vacuums are technological marvels that help consumers vacuum and mop their homes without them lifting a finger. However, as with any machine, maintenance is needed to keep these produc… Read More
2022-10-10 09:10
After completing all the Roborock reviews, I can now proceed with this monster article comparing Roborock and Roomba – two of the more prominent brands in the robot vacuum niche. This… Read More
2022-10-03 09:29
The Airrobo P20 aims to break the stereotype of a budget robot vacuum – something that can’t clean a lick. Rarely do I accept a free budget robot vacuum for a review because most… Read More
2022-09-26 11:22
Continuing my series on the latest Roborock self-emptying robot vacuums, we’ll look at the Q7 Max+ and S7 MaxV Ultra. This compares a higher-end, mid-range option and an ultra-end prem… Read More
2022-09-15 05:41
After finishing the review of the Roborock Q7 Max+, I thought it would be fitting to compare it to its cheaper counterpart, the Roborock Q5+. These two models are part of Roborock’s la… Read More
2022-09-07 09:07
Finally, it’s done. After completing another review, I finished testing the Roborock Q7 Max, and here’s the review! Roborock has been busy with product releases over the past yea… Read More
2022-09-05 08:33
In this article, we’ll compare the Roomba J7+ (iRobot’s current flagship) and the I6+ (a cheaper version of the RoombaI7+). The Roomba J7+ is iRobot’s first variant with an… Read More
2022-08-24 08:50
Yeedi has been busy with new product releases, and we’ll look at one of its latest – the Mop Station. This variant is their first self-washing robot vacuum, meaning it has a base… Read More
2022-08-10 06:30
After reviewing the Yeedi Vac.2 Pro, I thought it is appropriate to compare it to iRobot’s obstacle-avoiding robot vacuum, the Roomba J7+. I’ve tested both robots comprehensively… Read More
2022-07-20 04:13
Rarely does a budget to mid-priced cordless vacuum meet my high expectations. It’s not surprising, since I’ve been testing these products for the past several years, you could ca… Read More
2022-07-12 03:38
Dreame Tech has added another self-emptying robot vacuum to their product line – the D10 Plus. This variant is similar to the Z10 Pro but minus the obstacle-avoidance sensor, so it&rsq&hell…Read More
2022-07-04 03:00
ILIFE probably has the most variants of the robot vacuum brands in the market. This company started in the mid-2010s and has more than 20 options spanning different price brackets. The ILIFE… Read More
2022-06-27 02:34
While brands like Roborock, Ecovacs, Shark, and Ecovacs highlight “best of” lists, there’s one brand that gets overlooked – Yeedi. And we’ll look at its latest… Read More
2022-06-21 08:52
I’ve been busy reviewing Roborock products the past few weeks, namely the new Roborock series. And I’ll be comparing two of them in this article – the Roborock Q5+ and S7 M… Read More
2022-06-11 05:24
James Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry by introducing the first bagless vacuum on the market. The next innovation was their cordless vacuums. One significant reason is the in… Read More
2022-06-01 10:43
Roborock has unveiled a new robot vacuum line, the Q-Series, and in this review, we’ll be looking at one of them – the Q5+. The Q-Series is Roborock’s “budget”… Read More
2022-05-31 08:20
Cleaning hardwood floors isn’t as daunting as carpets, but it can be tedious. Using a broom isn’t very efficient, and a stick vacuum requires some effort. One way to automate the… Read More
2022-05-24 02:47
Roborock recently introduced several new robots to their product line, namely the S7 MaxV and the Q-Series. This article will compare the S7+ and the S7 MaxV, two of Roborock’s flagshi… Read More
2022-05-19 08:34
Roborock products have evolved through the years, and the S7 MaxV Ultra is its culmination. This robot combines two previously unavailable features in the SAME product – self-washing a… Read More
2022-05-10 03:22
This article will examine the best cordless vacuum options for cleaning carpets. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t recommend using a cord-free vacuum on this surface because these machines bac… Read More
2022-04-21 06:44
We’ll look at how to empty a Roomba robot vacuum, the basics for every model category, which can vary. I’ve tested every Roomba product in different price brackets, from the entr… Read More
2022-04-18 05:39
The previous two wet/dry cordless vacuums I’ve tested have a fixed wet and dry cycle that doesn’t function independently. While these machines work well, there’s less contr… Read More
2022-04-13 07:53
Most decent performing self-emptying robot vacuums cost in the low three-figures to the low four-figure range. The introduction of non-Roomba brands has shaken the market and brought prices… Read More
2022-04-04 03:42
In this article, we’ll be looking at the Roomba 694 and E5, two of iRobot’s entry-level options. The Roomba 694 is their latest release with a refreshed face but with the same fe… Read More
2022-03-28 08:07
I’ve been testing wet/dry cordless vacuums over the past month, and we’ll look at them in this comparison. The Dreame H11 Max and Roborock Dyad are the first cordless wet/dry vac… Read More
2022-03-22 06:19
I’ve recently concluded a review on the Roomba 694, so I thought it’s proper to compare it to iRobot’s high-end option – the J7+. This comparison isn’t apples t… Read More
2022-03-17 08:45
Dreame has expanded their product line from robot vacuums, stick vacuums, and not to wet/dry vacuums, and we’ll look at their first product, the H11 Max. It’s a similar product t… Read More
2022-03-10 10:25
The Roomba 694 is one of iRobot’s latest releases and is currently the face of their entry-level variants. It has racked up over 70,000 reviews and counting, which is a huge reason why… Read More
2022-03-10 04:49
In this comparison, we’ll look at two different cordless stick vacuums at varying price points, the Tineco A11 Master and Dyson V15 Detect. This article is a continuation of my series… Read More
2022-03-02 10:00
I’ve recently published a video comparing Tineco and Dyson, and with that, trying to complete all individual comparisons between these brands. One of those is the Tineco Pure One S12 a… Read More
2022-02-21 06:05
Dyson has expanded their product line over the past few years, and we’ll look at two of them in this comparison, the V8 and V15 Detect. These two models represent Dyson’s technol… Read More
2022-02-18 06:54
In this comparison, we’ll look at two Dyson variants from different eras – the Micro 1.5KG and the V8 Absolute. These two models represent Dyson’s product development in va… Read More
2022-02-14 09:43
In this article, we’ll look at how to replace a Neato Botvac battery. Like Roomba, Neato’s popularity has spawned many third-party battery options, helping consumers extend its s… Read More
2022-02-14 07:48
Even if the Roomba J7 is a new product, it’s not too early to write how to change the battery. The beauty of Roomba products is the ease of replacing various components. And the J7 is… Read More
2022-02-14 06:46
After testing the Roomba J7, it has gathered debris, so it’s high time to give it a thorough cleaning. If you’re in the same boat, this article should help you as I’ll shar… Read More
2022-02-03 06:18
We’ll be comparing two Roomba products in the opposite ends of the price spectrum: the I3 and J7. These models have a self-emptying feature but with different selling points. The I3+ i… Read More
2022-01-27 00:38
Roborock unveiled a new product, the Dyad: their first wet/dry cordless vacuum with some bold claims from the manufacturer. I’ve spent many days testing it, and I’ll reveal its s… Read More
2022-01-25 03:23
We’ll be looking at two Roomba products in this comparison: the J7+ and S9+. These models are some of the more innovative Roomba options. The S9+ was the first with the D-shape frame a… Read More
2022-01-17 10:36
After finishing the Roomba J7 review, I thought it was proper to compare with other top-tier robots like the Roborock S7. Currently, these robots are their respective brands’ flagship… Read More
2022-01-04 10:29
iRobot has released its latest product – the Roomba J7, and we’ll have a close look at it in this review. Some reviewers have touted this as the best Roomba, but I’m not ta… Read More
2021-12-23 07:42
We’ll have a close look at the Neato D8 and Roborock S7 intelligent robot vacuums in this comparison. Both products utilize LIDAR and SLAM for navigation, but which option is better? T… Read More
2021-12-17 04:42
After completing the review of the Neato Botvac D8, I feel that it’s the right time to compare it to the Roomba S9+. Neato and Roomba were the pioneers of robot vacuums, and this compa… Read More
2021-12-13 07:30
In this review, we’ll be having a close look at the Dreame Bot W10,  Dreame’s latest product, and their first robot vacuum and mop hybrid. This product has a similar design… Read More
2021-12-07 09:11
In this review, we’ll be looking at one of Neato’s latest robot vacuums, the Botvac D8. It’s one of three new releases from Neato, and I’ve put it through a series of… Read More
2021-11-16 05:03
In this comparison, we’ll be looking at the Shinebot W400 and W450, two of ILIFE’s floor washing robots capable of cleaning dry stains and liquid spills. Unlike other robot vacuu… Read More
2021-11-10 08:53
In this review, we’ll be looking at the Autobot VX Max mini handheld vacuum. One niche growing in popularity is the mini handheld vacuum industry, with more and more brands joining the… Read More
2021-11-10 08:53
In this review, we’ll be looking at the Autobot VX Max mini handheld vacuum. One niche growing in popularity is the mini handheld vacuum industry, with more and more brands joining the… Read More
2021-10-22 03:13
When people mention LG, the first thing that comes to mind is their home appliances such as LED TVs, washing machines, air conditioning, etc. But they also manufacture cordless vacuums, and… Read More
2021-10-14 09:30
When people mention LG, the first thing that comes to mind is their home appliances such as LED TVs, washing machines, air conditioning, etc. But they also manufacture cordless vacuums, and… Read More
2021-10-11 09:37
In this comparison, we’ll be looking at the Dyson Micro 1.5KG and V15 Detect, two of Dyson’s latest cordless vacuums. Each introduces a unique feature that makes them a compellin… Read More
2021-10-05 07:17
In my previous piece, I did a detailed review on the Dyson Micro 1.5KG stick vacuum, and now, we’ll be comparing it with another Dyson hard floor vacuum – the Omni Glide. Dyson m… Read More
2021-10-04 06:15
In this review, we’ll be looking at Dyson’s latest hard floor vacuum – the Micro 1.5KG. Yes,  a cordless stick vacuum that only weighs 1.5 KG, the lightest I’ve… Read More
2021-09-25 02:26
For a long time, iRobot has been a market leader in robotic vacuums, but other brands have come in to challenge them. One of which is Roborock, and in this article, we’ll be looking cl… Read More
2021-09-20 10:59
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing and writing about self-emptying robot vacuums. These two brands are pioneers in this industry: Shark and iRobot. And for this article, we&rsq&hell…Read More
2021-09-17 08:42
Before iRobot launched the Roomba I7+, part of robot vacuum ownership was emptying the dust container. It’s a tedious but necessary task that can be messy. But all that changed when th… Read More
2021-09-10 07:38
Smart robot vacuums have vastly improved over the past few years. Brands have pushed the boundaries of technology by adding more features. One manufacturer pushing the envelope is Ecovacs wi… Read More
2021-09-07 01:54
Outside Roomba, Roborock and Ecovacs are two of the more popular robot vacuum options available. In this comparison, we’ll be looking at their latest offerings, the Roborock S7 and Eco… Read More
2021-09-04 02:21
Robot vacuums have evolved over the years with significant improvements in navigation and obstacle avoidance. The Ecovacs N8 Pro+ embodies the latter with front 3D laser sensors. It’s… Read More
2021-08-23 10:03
Before the flood of auto-empty robot vacuums, purchasing a self-emptying option will entail spending over $800. Shark changed this when they introduced the IQ IR101, one of the early sub-$60… Read More
2021-08-18 07:10
All robot vacuums I’ve tested so far utilize a bagless system where a container holds debris for later disposal. The advent of auto-empty robots removes this task and offers a bagged s… Read More
2021-08-14 05:30
Mini cordless vacuums are gaining popularity, and one of their main selling points is the extremely lightweight and compact design. Brigii introduces one of the lightest options, with the M1… Read More
2021-08-02 05:07
In this comparison, we’ll be looking at two of the best performing iRobot robot vacuums, the Roomba S9 and 980. These products fall into two different price categories, and I’ll… Read More
2021-07-28 05:57
After the Roborock S7 Auto Empty Dock release, I thought it was the perfect time to compare it with another premium self-emptying robot – the Roomba S9+. These two products are close… Read More

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Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Reviews and Guides


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