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7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor for Your Home

Are you terrified of the prospect of accidentally choosing the wrong Flooring for your home? This is a common concern I frequently come across, so no one should feel as if they’re all alone with this apprehension. When it comes down to it, though, it’s necessary to first choose the perfect Floor plan with the ideal flooring in mind.

After all, the flooring in a home will dictate how everything else looks. This means a holistic view is necessary when choosing the Perfect Floor plan. There are numerous things to consider to get it right the first time, and some don’t even directly relate to the floor. If you make use of the following tips, though, your home can live up to its full potential.

Why Choosing a Floor Plan is Important

If you’re buying new flooring or simply thinking of doing some remodeling, you may be wondering why a floor plan is important. After all, you could just have the flooring put in and then arrange things however you see fit, right? Unfortunately, this fly-by-night approach has a multitude of drawbacks.

First of all, failing to choose the right floor plan for your home can result in an inefficient use of space. Not having a proper plan in place also often results in bad lighting, damage due to not considering door space needs and even purchasing furniture that simply won’t fit correctly in the room.

Why is the floor plan important? Because it literally lets you envision the perfect layout of your home instead of going through trial and error. Depending on how you want everything laid out, the professionals at Express Flooring can also recommend the right flooring based on your design.

How could your room design dictate which type of flooring you need? I’ll go over that in Tip #7, but make sure you read everything else first! Each of these tips are essential for designing your own house floor plans and choosing the right flooring.

1. Start with Home Design and Layout

The first thing to consider when choosing the perfect floor plan is the design and layout of your home. It’s not enough to simply have a picture in your head of how you’ll arrange everything. You need to draw it all out. This is a form of action planning, and scholarly sources consistently show that this will improve outcomes.

If you plan on designing your own house floor plan, you’ll have a bit of busy work ahead of you. You’ll start by getting accurate measurements for every room that’s being updated. Without these, you’ll only have a flawed blueprint of the rooms with no real way to plan anything out. This would defeat the purpose of having the floor plan.

With everything drawn out, you can start thinking about how you want things set up. Always keep in mind, though, that certain floor plans won’t be ideal for particular home designs. An original Victorian home, for instance, will look much different than a post-modern design even if they have the same floor plan.

Fortunately, having your plan drawn out will give you the opportunity to really get an idea of the final product. Nothing is permanent until the money is spent, so take your time getting the plan right. Oh – and speaking of money…

2. Keep Budget Limitations in Mind

We all have grand ideas of what we want our homes to look like. It’s easy to realize why the floor plan is important, but one of the downfalls of this is the lack of financial insight it provides. It’s really simple to pick out flooring that will match an antique bedroom set. Things become less simple, though, when you look at the price of that 100-year-old armoire.

Fortunately, you can avoid floor plan modifications by not designing a pie-in-the-sky room. Keep any budget limitations in mind at all times. Fortunately, this is easy to accomplish with a little bit of homework. If you want a certain style of furniture, for instance, take the time to research the best prices.

When it comes to flooring, it’s best to find professionals that provide free in-home estimates. Express Flooring provides this benefit, and you’ll be able to work with a trained design consultant that can help you choose the perfect floor plan for your budget.

3. Don’t Forget About the Weather

One of the biggest floor plan mistakes is choosing flooring solely for its aesthetic appeal. Yes, looking great is important. If you choose a certain type of flooring that doesn’t perform well in a particular climate, though, you may end up having to quickly replace the floor and undo your perfect floor plan.

If you’re finding it hard to understand what weather has to do with flooring, simply envision the sidewalks you’ve used in your life. The cracks that weren’t put there by design? That’s due to temperatures causing the concrete to expand and contract. Rest assured that your flooring can do the same.

Fortunately, no climate or weather pattern creates a situation where only one type of flooring can be used. Take a look at the ideal floors for the following weather potentialities.

  • Humid Climates: Porcelain tile, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl and high-pressure laminate can all avoid absorbing moisture created in humid climates.
  • Cold Climates: Nothing beats carpet for that warm feeling under your feet during cold weather. Vinyl plank flooring, rubber and granite tiles also perform well in frigid climates.
  • Lots of Rain: If your area gets lots of rain, you should opt for luxury vinyl, ceramic tile or sheet vinyl. There are other varieties of flooring that do well in rainy areas, so ask your flooring professional.
  • Don’t Go It Alone: A locality’s weather can make certain flooring difficult, but it doesn’t always make it impossible. Most flooring professionals know how to combat external factors. Either way, a little expertise can go a long way.

By figuring out which flooring goes best in your particular area, you can make design decisions early on and create a floor plan that’s more accurate in advance.

4. Think Beyond the Flooring

While it’s easy to imagine yourflooring being the most essential part of the floor plan, it’s important not to forget the other considerations when choosing the perfect floor plan. We’ve already touched on furniture, but your overall lifestyle will also have a big effect on how you plan and implement your home’s design in addition to selecting the best flooring that matches your lifestyle.

If you have a large family, for instance, you’ll want to consider putting furniture in areas that allow for more open space. Do you plan on impressing several friends with your new floor plan by bringing them over constantly? Make sure your design leaves plenty of area to move around and congregate.

As with every other tip on this list, there’s still room for personal preference. When making your floor plan, for instance, set everything up, so visitors see exactly what you want them to see the moment they enter the door. After all, first impressions are important!

If you want to go all out, though, you could consider changing the floor plan layout altogether. Many people are renovating their homes to open floor layouts, for instance, so they have more options in creating their own floor plan. That can be a bit expensive, but floor installation will be a breeze afterward!

5. Always Seek Out Professional Help

While we’ve already mentioned how seeking professional help can with your budget and combatting the weather, there are countless other benefits to doing so as well. To start, experts in the field know that flooring should to be acclimated to a home’s environment before actually being installed. This isn’t common knowledge outside of the field.

Additionally, floor plan professionals can help you design your own house floor plans to meet your specific needs. If you’re going it alone, you may find out too late that certain aspects of your design interfere with each other or, even worse, cause the finished product to look nothing like you’d envisioned.

At Express Flooring, you’ll find a company that doesn’t actually sell floors at the headquarters. This is because you can’t get a real idea of the finished product by browsing at a store. Instead, they bring flooring samples directly to your home. And since their flooring experts are also trained design consultants, they can help select your perfect floor.

You are busy enough without needing to drive all over town to visit multiple stores shopping for flooring, and then to go through multiple quotes from floor installers. Would it make sense to have an expert design consultant come to you?

The moral of the story is that, unless you’re a trained professional yourself, it never hurts to get a bit of outside help. This ensures your floor plan is done right from the outset, and in the end, this means saving time and money.

6. Consider the Pros and Cons of Your Floor Choice

Even when we get exactly what we want in this world, there aren’t many things that don’t come with a few disadvantages. This is important to remember when you choose a perfect floor for your home. There’s an opportunity cost for every decision, and while one piece of furniture or flooring type might be ideal, you’re often giving up the benefits of other options.

For instance, let’s take a look at carpeting. It’s perfect for keeping your feet warm in cold weather, and if you’re environmentally-aware, you’ll love knowing that many carpets are made from older recycled carpets. Unfortunately, cleaning them can be more labor-intensive. This is especially the case if you have children or pets unless you select a carpet with Pet Guard or one that utilizes R2X. In-fact some carpets like Smartstrand come with Lifetime Stain Protection and an All Pet Protection Warranty.

What about that big screen television you want, or maybe the fancy couch you want centered in the den? The fact is that both of these – especially with the positioning of the couch – take up room that could be used for other purposes. The lesson here is to take into account all of the pros and cons of your floor plan before finalizing a decision.

As mentioned, these may seem like menial mistakes on the surface. When you have to deal with the outcome on a daily basis, though, rest assured that you’ll be reevaluating your floor plan.

Get the Perfect Floor Plan

When you’re ready to choose the perfect floor for your home, there’s no room for taking shortcuts. It’s not enough to simply get your flooring installed and then hope for the best. While that’s an option, your home’s aesthetic will suffer for it. If you’re wondering just how great your floor plan can be, contact us today for a free in-home estimate.

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7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor for Your Home


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