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Most Energy Efficient Space Heater? [2018 Buying Guide, Comparison & Economical Electric heater Reviews

The cold is truly biting and you need to keep warm. The question that comes into mind is – at what cost? How much more will this desired warmth add on to the Energy bill?  And that is why you need a most Energy Efficient space Heater to warm your rooms cost effectively. Choose your best economical electric heater from those listed below and regulate your room temperature efficiently. Well, you may even end up safely easing off the pressure on your central heating system and thereby reducing your heating bills.

Comparison Table: The Most Energy Efficient Space Heater

Most Energy Efficient Space Heaters    
nameimageEfficiency featuresBudgetDetails
Lasko 7542003 heat settings low, high, fan, adjustable thermostat$click here for more info
Honeywell HCE200W2 heat settings, adjustable thermostat$click here for more info
Lasko 6435Two power settings 1500/900W, oscillating system,timer$$click here for more info
DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica-thermic technology, auto shutoff, low(750W)high (1500) setting,thermostat$$click here for more info
Honeywell HCE840B6 heat settings , HeatPhase timer$$click here for more info
DeLonghi EW7707CBComforTemp setting$$click here for more info
Dr. Infrared DR968Infrared ,3 settings low/high/auto, electronic thermostat, 1000W/1500W$$$click here for more info
Mr. Heater MH9BXpropane powered$$$click here for more info
DeLonghi TRD40615EPatented Thermal Chimneys,programmable timer, anti-freeze$$$click here for more info
Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLKThermostat, two heat setting 1000W/1500W$$$click here for more info

So, what critical features should you be on the look-out for in your most energy efficient space heater?

Before we get into the detailed review of the high efficiency space heater, let’s review some of critical features that contribute to your electric heater efficiency. Some of the features include;

Automatic Shut-off

The longer your home heating unit runs, the more the cost. The automatic shut off will turn off the space heater after some time.  When the heater is shut off, you will need to manually set it off. This feature also contributes to the safety of your electrical heater

Heat distribution

Your most energy efficient space heater should have the capacity to warm the whole room not just in-front of the space heater.

Directional Air Flow

One of features that the most energy efficient space heater could have is a system that blows the warm air not just in-front but also further into the room.

Wide Airflow Distribution

Does that heating unit you choose a  your most energy efficient space heater have a system that is designed to push the airflow to a wider area?

Oscillation System

With this system, once the air is heated, it is thrust frontward and moving thin blades distribute it throughout the room. Rather than keeping the heater on the whole day and increasing your heating bills, you can time it to kick off just before you get home.

Room temperature control

Some electric heaters will have On/Off button but this is just basic. For high efficiency heaters, better control is necessary without your direct intervention. You want the space heater to have features that will control the room temperatures just in case you are asleep or you are simply not in the room. Check out for;


You want to get your rooms heated at a particular time?  Choose a high efficient room heater with a timer. You can then set the timer to get your heater on just on time to ensure that that room is toasty warm by the time you get to use it. This means that you do not have to keep the space heater running for long but only for as long as you need the warmth


Set the thermostat at a certain temperature and it automatically turns the home heater on off depending on whether the room temperature is above or below desired units. So, does the electric heating solution you choose have this feature that will certainly conserve energy?

Daily Programmer

Would you like to set different room temperature ranges for different times during the day? When you chose an electric heater that has a daily programmer, you can program your heater to heat the room to only desired temperatures depending on how you plan to use it.

Smart Heating

What if you can efficiently control your room temperatures from anywhere in the world? Well, you better choose a space heater that comes with a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat comes with a mobile phone app with which you can control the room temperatures as long as you are connected via the internet.

Portability Features

You can conserve more energy and save on buying and running cost of another heater if the high efficiency home heating solution you choose is also portable. You can then conveniently move with your room heater from one room to the next as need be. If portability is desirable for you, check out if your choice of space heater has the following features;

  • Casters which support the home heater and assist you to move it without lifting. All the same, the casters may not assist you much on carpets or stairs.
  • Handles that will assist you safely carry the room heater around without burning your fingers.

And now to the detailed review of the most energy efficient space heater

1. Lasko 6435 Designer Oscillating -Most energy efficient space  heater:

Ceramic Heater

Most energy efficient space heater Lasko 6435As the name suggests, you already notice one of the features that qualifies Lasko 6435 into this list of most efficient space heaters.

On the face of it, you will simply love the sleek design and the sturdy metal scroll-work decorative base. This nice piece of design will beautifully match any of your room’s décor.

This space heater is ideal for spaces up to 150 square feet. Though small, Lasko 6435 pumps out over 1500 watts of heat and since it has a ceramic element that maintains and regulates itself, it efficiently warms your rooms quickly and quietly.

 Efficiency features

Two settings (1500w and 900W) allow you conserve energy if your room is less than 150 square feet

This heating unit oscillates to ensure heat quickly spreads around the room.

For ease of use, fan outputs and temperature presets are placed atop the room heater.  You can preset the time space heater to go on or off up to seven hours in advance. You also get a full remote control for your convenient adjustment of room temperatures.


This house heating solution comes with an overheat protection  and a solid base that prevents tipping over.


This high efficiency heater has no setup. Get it out of the box and it is ready for use


  • Sleek and sturdy design which means it cannot tip over easily
  • Small but powerful
  • High efficiency


  • Not ideal for rooms above 150 square feet
  • The thermostat does not function unless you are run the space heater on high.

  1. Lasko 754200— Most Energy Efficient Space Heater :Ceramic Heater

Most energy efficient space heater Lasko 752400

This silver color 1500-Watt heater at 120-Volt furnishes you with ample heat and it is designed for quiet operation.

Efficiency features

For ease of use, the efficiency controls are placed on top of the home heating unit. You can set this space heater to any of the three settings (High / low /a fan-only) depending on your warmth needs.

In addition, this electric heater comes with an adjustable thermostat to assist maintain your desired room temperature.

Safety features

Lasko 754200 has an automatic overheat protection plus a non-slip base. IT is also ETL listed for safety


Did you note the carry handles on the picture for easy mobility? Add that to its small size and you are good to go…


This home heater comes with a durable plastic construction that will last long


  • Budget friendly costing around 20 bucks
  • 3 heat settings + an adjustable thermostat.
  • Cool touch exterior and automatic overheat protection for safety


  • Takes long to heat
  • Lower front gets hot
  • The ‘white noise” may be annoying for some people

3.Honeywell HCE840B HeatGenius-Most Energy efficient Space Heater

Most energy efficient space heater Honeywell HCE840B

Efficiency  settings

This space heater is certainly designed for high efficiency. Think of these features

  • Easy to use digital controls with LED display
  • Programmable thermostat
  • 6 heat setting options that allow you to set your desired body, room or floor temperature:
  • A HeatPhase Timer. This timer is designed to adjusts heat down a level every 30 minutes over a  2 hour period until the heater goes off. However, if you do not want to take too long to shut down the heater, you can start it the Heat Phase timer at your desired time.
  • You can set this space heater on a quiet Mode. You are then set to enjoy soothing warmth on low setting with the fan speed producing a gentle “white noise” to sooth your ears

Safety Features

  • Fancy this 4-way, tip-over protection which automatically shuts the room heater off if tipped in any direction
  • In addition, it has a Cool touch handle and housing, an overheat protection, a high quality, heat resistant plastic and  a sturdy stable, base


  • Programmable timer
  • HeatPhase timer


  • Some people may find the noise annoying

4. DeLonghi TRD40615E Most Energy Efficient Space Heater: Radiant Heater


This radiant heater produces 25%more heat as it is designed with extra-large fins resulting in a 40% more heating surface

Efficiency features

This heater is designed with Patented Thermal Chimneys which is engineered to maximize heat flow

Included is a Programmable 24-hour Timer that will allow you to set certain desired temperatures for different time periods throughout the day or night.  When you combine the timer with the inbuilt ECO function, this space heater will search for a comfortable temperature and that results in more energy saving.

You can also prevent freezing via the anti-freeze setting which will automatically turn on when the room temperature falls below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the inbuilt adjustable thermostat will allow you set and maintain the room temperature as desired

You also get to choose heating power at  Three Heat Levels -700W, 800W, 1500W.


You will love the silent operation and the digital controls.

The anti-freeze feature ensures that your pipes do not freeze


No Assembly Required: Patented Smart Set Wheels.

Safety Features

This efficient room heater boasts of a thermal cut-off function which is permanently sealed with pure diathermic oil to assist in lowering the surface temperature.

The heating element is also fully enclosed.

Moreover the room heater has extra wide feet for stability.

This space  heater will also automatically switch off automatically if it tips over.

If your room drops below 41 degrees Fahrenheit it will switch itself on to prevent the pipes from freezing.


  • Many energy saving  features
  • Tip over auto shutoff
  • Anti- freeze
  • Portable
  • Three levels heating power


  • Though generally quiet, some people find the noise a little loud

  1. DeLonghi EW7707CB ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator

Most energy efficient space heater DeLonghi EW7707CBThis 1500 Watts DeLonghi EW7707CB ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator heater will efficiently heat your 150 square feet room using little energy. It is a slow to warm up, slow to cool room heater. This efficient heater can also operate on 1000 watts.

Efficiency features

The energy saving heater can save up to 30% on your heating bill through the  ComforTemp setting which maintains room temperature between 68 and 70 degrees F.

The heater has three settings, high low or auto.

You can start enjoying heat for a long time once the oil in the sealed fins heat up. This oil is pure diathermic oil and it does not require refilling.

The heater continues radiating heat   and as such you continue enjoy comfortable heat even after shut down or lowering the heat settings

It can detect low temperatures and automatically switch on

You can make use of the thermostat to regulate room temperatures

Safety features

Automatic shut off if it overheats or tips over

Thermo slots prevents the surface from getting too hot to touch


It has an easy control panel that you can easily understand and use.

Silent operation


Take special note of the snap down wheels that assists you to move the heater along. The wheels are wide enough to prevent tipping over.


  • Radiates heat long after switching off
  • 30% Energy savings on Comfortemp setting
  • Three temperature settings Thermostat  at low/ high/auto
  • No more freezing as the Antifreeze setting turns the heater on if the temperature falls undesirably low.
  • Surface does not get too hot due to the Thermal slots
  • Reasonably priced


  • Takes time to warm up

  1. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Most Energy Efficient space heater: Panel Heater

Most energy efficient space heater Delonghi Mica Panel

Could you be searching for a sleek, modern design efficient heater?  In comes the DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater to furnish you with the desired warmth and aesthetics.


The space heater comes with the added option of mounting it on the wall if need be.

This electric heater has an auto tipping shut-off

In case of overheating, the thermal cut-off triggered by an internal switch kicks in.

 Portability features

The heating unit is lightweight and it comes with a carrying handle and caster wheels.

Takes very little space

Efficiency features

You can set this electric room heater to high (1500Watts) or low (750Watts) settings. Alternatively, set the thermostat to your desired room temperature.

Consistent multi-directional heating through the mica-thermic technology


Very thin and thus takes very little space


  • This is a Safe heater which means the elderly, children, or pets are safe around it.
  • Highly efficient
  • Takes little space


  • Thermostat performance. From this heater’s thermostat, you cannot set the temperatures you want as you choose a value between 1-6. Unfortunately there is not much heat difference between the different values.
  • Inconvenient as it has no remote

  1. Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Most Energy Efficient space heater: Radiant Heater

Most energy efficient space heater Mr. Heater MH9BX


Propane heater

Efficiency features

This high efficient heater will warm up rooms up to 225 square feet. You can set it on low (4,000 BTU) or high (9,000 BTU per hour). The heating unit has single control start knob


Simple. Just connect the swivel regulator to a 1 pound cylinder. However should you need to connect to a 20 lb. cylinder, you will need an optional hose and filter. You can then rotate the knob and then the inbuilt Piezo igniter will light the room heater.

 Safety features

Accidental tip-over safety shut-off

When in use indoors, the oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) will pick up on low oxygen levels.


Get a hold of the fold down handle and move it to the next destination


You can use it outdoors


Safety enhanced with the  tip over shut off and Oxygen depletion sensor

Portable heater


May not light if placed on uneven surface

Take care to disconnect the gas tank after use

  1. Honeywell HCE200W—Most Energy Efficient Space Heater: UberHeat Ceramic personal Heater

 Most energy efficient space heater Honeywell HCE

What if you could get a stylish heater that looks like a stereo speaker? Then the Honeywell HCE200w is just the right electric heater for you.  This stylish 1500 Watts heater is ideal personal heating to place on desks and table tops in small spaces

 Efficiency features

2 heat settings high and low depending on your needs

Adjustable Thermostat to control temperature

Safety features

It has a tip-over shut off switch and over-heat protection

This space heater has a cool touch housing that is safe for you or the desk/table top you place it on.


Set it on the lowest setting, place it on desk or table top next to you and enjoy the warmth without inconveniencing others in the room

3 year limited warranty


  • Stylish
  • Heat control via settings or thermostat
  • Convenient heat on desk/table top


  • A little noisy though tolerable

9. Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK- Maxwell Most Energy Efficient space Heater: Electric Stove with Heater

Most energy efficient space heater Duraflame

What if you are searching for a heater that has a nice antique appearance? Then the Duraflame Maxwell Electric Stove is the heater for you.

Efficiency features

Produces up to 4,600 BTU of warm air, this room heater can heat up to 400 square feet of space.

You get a thermostat to control room temperature. The heating power ranges from 1000 Watts-1500Watts


Comes fully assembled  and  ready to heat with no need for venting or gas lines


This heating unit is freestanding and thus can be moved from room to room


Though lightweight, it is constructed of metal with an operational door. Even though it’s lightweight, the construction seems durable


The flame effect generated from this electric stove is realistic and relaxing

Furthermore the flame can be operated independently from the heating which means you get to enjoy the ambiance all year round.


The heater’s surface stays cool to the touch when it’s working, so you can use it when children or pets are in the room.

This high efficiency heating unit is UL safety listed


  • Nice design, finish and the flames look real adding ambiance and charm to your room
  • Safe cool to the touch which makes it safe for kids and pets


  • Short power cord which means you may have a buy a longer  heavy-duty extension cord, but that costs extra so that you can place it where you want

10.  Dr. Infrared DR968 – Most energy efficient Space heater: Infrared Heater


Though this heater is a small little robot lookalike, it will quickly and efficiently heat your 1000 square feet large room

Efficiency features

This space heater combines PTC and Quartz Infrared elements to generate high heat transfer rates and thus saving on the heating bill. Combine this with a high-velocity fan that quietly distributes the heat to the whole room and you get high efficiency you desire.

At 7 inches long, the blower inside the Dr. Infrared Heater is more than double the length of most electric heater blowers.  Moreover, while it creates lots of pressure and moves lots of air at a slow speed, it still operates quietly.

You can choose from three options to set your desired heating- at high, low or auto.

It also has an electronic thermostat that allows you to choose temperatures between 50-86 degrees

You can program the temperature ranges on a timer

You can set this energy saving heater between 1000 and 1500 watts when it is running but it transfers more heater than your regular average 1500 watt brands.


There are no heating elements are exposed and the surface only gets warm while this home heater is in use

This space heater is UL listed


This room heater has been engineered to keep you comfortably warm for roughly 80,000 hours. That’s great service.


Make use of the caster wheels to move this portable heater


  • Energy saving from the Dual heating system for energy savings… it is said to deliver 60% more heat than similar heaters
  • Efficient temperature control
  • Quiet
  • Quickly heats large spaces -1000 square feet
  • Great pricing for the great quality


  • Thermostat not very precise. It may start or stop the heater at temperatures close to the one set
  • Heard of a heater remote turning on your TV? That is the possible conflict

Best way to use your Most Energy Efficient Space Heater

To keep all your house warm, you can turn up the heat on you central heating of get a space heater for every room. However, this is certainly neither efficient nor cost effective.

What about you maintain your central heating thermostat at a certain temperature but then you bring in the most energy efficient space heater to warm up the room you want?

And that’s zonal heating which saves energy efficiently, eases pressure on your central heating system and convenient for various users at home.

Get more from your most energy efficient space heater- How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Your most energy efficient space heater will not work well if your home is not energy efficient. So, here are a couple of things you can do to save energy

Comb your home for any holes and seal them up. Pay special attention to windows and doors. By the way, is your chimney open and letting out that much needed warmth while letting in cold drafts?

Do you have any doors or windows open as your space heater works so hard to crank up the heat? If yes, you will soon find out that even the most efficient space heater will be rendered powerless if the heat is not confined inside the room.

Has your Central system been inspected this year? Get this done to ensure that the system is running smoothly.

Has the Central system vents been cleaned up or dirt/ dust has accumulated in the vents?   Clean up and the same goes for the space heaters you may have in the home.

Keep your central heating Thermostat at the lowest possible temperature  and use a space heater where you immediately need more heat

Learn how to use the most efficient space heater effectively. You can move it closer and lower the temperature setting instead of heating the entire room at a high setting

Dress warmly then you do not have to turn up the heat. What about covering up with a blanket could keep you warm when watching TV?

How long has that thermostat been in use? Is it still performing optimally? You may consider replacing it with the newer  smart thermostats that will allow you to precisely program the  heater depending on need.

Whereas insulating your home is an expensive affair, consider  the long term benefits derived from an insulate home.

What about making use of portable heaters?  You may not need many space heaters but a highly efficient heater that you can move around.

How Much You Likely To Spend On Your Most Energy Efficient Space Heater Every Month

Liquid propane

1 pound cylinder at the lowest setting =4 hours of use. You can now multiply this by the cost of each cylinder


Electricity Rate (1) x Operating Time (2) x Kilowatts Per Hour (3) = Your Daily Operating Cost

The Electricity Rate = charges per kilowatt hour of electricity

Operating Time= how many hours your heater will be in use per day Kilowatts Per Hour =Heater Wattage divide by 1000

Once you get the daily cost, multiply by 30 to calculate the possible monthly bill

Important Safety Tips When Using Your Most Energy Efficient Space Heater

Make sure that you read the safety instructions that come with your room heater. However, below are some of the basic instructions;

  • Do not place it in areas that have high traffic. Even though the home heater may have a tip-over safety switch, the person tipping over it may get hurt.
  • Some of the electric heaters come with short cables. It is critical that you get professional advice when adding extension cables or avoid them altogether
  • The heaters consume a lot of power. Don not plug in other electrical devices while the heating unit is in use.
  • Test your Smoke Alarms weekly– You do not know when they may come in handy.
  • Desist from leaving your room heater Unattended. If you must step out of the home for longer than a few minutes, switch if off.
  • Be proactive -Inspect your heater before each use
  • Make sure that the home heating unit is placed on a flat surface- Any uneven surface may cause it to tip over

Final Thoughts

There you are. You now have information that should assist you in making a choice of your most energy efficient space heater. Moreover, you also have got factors such as space size, efficiency and safety features to consider before zeroing in on a particular mode.

Now, get your most efficient space heater, making sure your home is energy efficient and chase out the cold while welcoming the much desired warmth.

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