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Best LED TV Under Rs 50000

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Within a budget of Rs. 50000, you can comfortably buy a 4k Ultra HD TV with Screen size ranging between 43 to 55 inches. While brands like Sanyo and Vu offer 55 inch TV at less than Rs. 50k, ones like Sony offer 43 inch TV which has enhanced features and superior performance.

In this article, we take a look at the best LED TVs under Rs. 50000 from the more established brands as you can be rest assured of performance and durability.

Here is a quick look at top picks.

Our Recommendation
Out of the choices, we highly recommend LG 108 cm (43 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 43UK6780PTE. Though the screen size is just 43 inches, it offers excellent display and audio quality, making it worth the money spent. Also, LG’s smart TV features are improving by the day. With numerous in-built apps, Magic remote with voice recognition and AI ThinQ, you can be rest assured that this TV will serve you well in the long run.

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Best LED TVs Under Rs. 50000

Samsung 125 cm (50 Inches) Super 6 Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA50NU6100 (Black)

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Samsung UA50NU6100 series, launched in 2019,  has been receiving rave reviews. With UHD display, decent sound output and lag free smart experience, this TV is truly a delight for all. Let us take a look at the details.


As mentioned, the Samsung UA50NU6100 TV with 50 inch screen size has 4H UHD display of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
In addition, the TV also supports HDR content in HDR10+ and HLG format. This means that the TV has capability to display wider range of colors and has better contrast, which results in more life like display. But that it doesn’t have local dimming is unfortunate.
Note that, you will need high definition HDR content to really enjoy the outstanding display of this TV, which you typically get on Netflix, Amazon and Blu-ray discs.
We also recommend that you upgrade to HD set top box as you can’t really enjoy the real display prowess of this TV with standard definition content.

As with most TVs available in India, the refresh rate is 60 hz which is fairly decent for fast action movies and sports. Samsung also claims that you can enjoy lag free gaming with this TV.

Overall, most users are highly satisfied with the display quality of this TV.


The audio has standard 2 channel 20 W output. It supports Dolby Digital Plus, which means you get better surround sound immersive experience provided the content too supports it.

The sound experience is quite good for content from Netflix and Prime. But for standard cable TV content, owing to moderate content quality, you might not be able to have a real immersive experience.

The TV can also be converted to a virtual music system whereby you can play your favorite play lists.

Smart Features & Connectivity

The Samsung UA50NU6100 TV comes with Tizen operating system. Being custom made for Samsung devices, they are quite lag-free and seamless, provided your internet speed is good.

There are a lot of in-built apps including entertainment streaming apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube. But as it is not an Android TV, you won’t have access to limitless apps that Play Store offers.

The TV also facilitates screen mirroring from laptop and mobiles phone. You can also store content on Samsung cloud and play them on your TV.

By installing SmartThings app, you can facilitate all smart features easily. It can also be used as your TV’s remote control as the one that comes along is too old fashioned.

Talking about the drawbacks, as mentioned, the remote looks quite boring compared to the TV. When LG provides voice control smart remote control, you can’t but feel Samsung’s remote to be grossly inadequate.
Next, the TV doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, which again means you can’t connect to your Bluetooth earphone or wireless-ly connect to external sound bars.

In terms of connectivity, the TV has 2 HDMI port and 1 USB port. So, take a count of what all you intend to connect to your TV to check if it will suffice or whether you will have to frequently meddle with the wires.

Though the TV has a few drawbacks, considering the amazing price, top quality display and smart features, it really is a worthy deal to check out.

LG 108 cm (43 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 43UK6780PTE (Black)

best led tv under 50000Find latest price

Though the screen size is less than the former Samsung TV, it has some really cool features that makes an option worth considering. And to top it, the price comes to just about Rs. 45k only.


The TV comes with 43 inch screen size and 4K ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It supports multiple HDR formats like HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro. So, the contrast is better and wider color range is displayed too, provided content is supported. As of now, only Netflix and Prime provides HDR content. HLG Pro is actually HDR for broadcast television. But unfortunately, none of the Indian channels support it.
A few users suggest that the blacks are a bit muted as the TV doesn’t have local dimming capability. But even so, its display is quite vibrant and vivid.

As with most LG TVs, the display is IPS panel. So, a wider viewing angle is possible. This feature is not seen in the previous Samsung TV.

The refresh rate of this TV is 50 hz which is a tad lower than the former Samsung. Even so, you don’t really find much lag while viewing high speed action or movies.

Most user reviews rate the display of this TV as above satisfactory.


The audio quality of this TV is a notch above the rest. With 35 watts sound output and built-in woofer that amplifies the sound and bass, the audio quality is best among the lot.

Also, LG uses the DTS Virtual X technology.  Essentially, what it does is that a few speakers sound like a lot of speakers, thus providing multi-dimensional surround sound experience.
In fact, with this TV the sound experience is quite immersive that you don’t need to invest in an additional sound bar.

Additionally, the TV also supports 2 way Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can connect various devices including ear phones and home theatre system wirelessly using Bluetooth.

Smart Features & Connectivity

The smart features of the TV are quite a delight. The WebOS is fairly lag free, provided internet speed is good. Moreover, the AI ThinQ with Google Assistant recognizes voice commands fairly well. It can recognize English pretty well, but when it comes to regional language, there definitely is a scope for improvement.

As with most smart TVs, it facilitates screen sharing, cloud storage of photos and videos. Additionally, you can watch TV and have an in-screen display of your mobile too on TV screen to multitask.

Talking about entertainment apps, the TV has apps like Netflix, Prime, YouTube etc pre-installed. Plenty of other choices are available on their store too. In fact, the TV is Netflix recommended.

Something that you would really want to take note is LG’s Magic remote with pretty smart features. In addition to voice recognition, it has pointable mouse and click wheel. It looks pretty sophisticated too. But note that it costs about Rs. 7-8k. So take care while handling. It is also suggested that you buy this cover specifically designed for LG Magic remote.

Talking about the connectivity, the TV has 3 HDMI port and 2 USB port which is again better than previous Samsung TV.

Overall, given the price and if you are OK with 43 inch screen size, we highly recommend you to consider this TV. The after sales service of LG is also quite good in most cities.

LG 123 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 49UK6360PTE (Black) (2018 model)

best led tv under 50000Find latest price

The features and functionalities of this LG TV is quite similar to the previous one. It has a larger screen size of 49 inches and price is also obviously higher. But the catch is that its sound output is 20 W only, which is a tad inferior to the previous one.
But if that doesn’t matter much and you are more interested in a larger screen, you could definitely opt for this TV which comes with an amazing price tag.

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Sony Bravia 108 cm (43 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD-43X7002F (Black) (2018 model)

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With superior display and audio, Sony is the most reputed brand in the television segment. Let us take a look at its features in detail.


Sony KD-43X7002F has 43 inch screen size and 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It also has HDR technology which shows wide range of colors and better contrast. This ensures better life like visuals.

In addition, the 4K X-Reality Pro technology enhances each pixel thereby improving the overall picture quality.

The refresh rate of the TV is 60 hz. But Sony uses its proprietary Motionflow XR technology whereby it adds additional frames for smoother display without any blur.

The combination of these technologies make Sony display notches above the rest.

The TV also supports HDR gaming through Play Station 4.


Though the sound output of this TV is 20 Watts, Sony uses numerous technologies to enhance the audio quality. The bass reflex speaker provides rich, deep sounds that have enhanced clarity and bass. Next, the clearaudio+ technology provides better differentiation between dialogues and background music for better clarity. All together, the surround sound effect and clarity provides quite an immersive experience.

Yet another unique feature of this Sony TV is the utilization of DSEE ( Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) technology which enhances the quality of audio received through internet which usually doesn’t sound great. Thus, no matter the source, you can be rest assured of the audio quality of this TV.

Smart Features

The linux based OS of this Sony smart TV is fairly good. Lags are minimal and the inter phase is overall seamless. Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Big Flix and Sony Liv are in-built. In fact, the remote has dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube. In addition, you can install various apps through their Opera Store too.

Internet access is available through in-built wi-fi and you can also connect from your mobile network by USB tethering.

As with all smart TVs, options like screen mirroring is available and it is pretty much glitch free too.

Talking about connectivity, there are 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports which is pretty sufficient for plugging in all external devices at a go.

Other Features

A few other remarkable features of this TV include clean cable management whereby the cables are neatly arranged in a channel to avoid dangling wires between your TV and stand. Also Sony’s X-Protection Pro technology protects your TV against power surges and excess humidity.

Though expensive, this TV is quite worth it considering the superior display that Sony Bravia is known for.

Panasonic 123 cm (49 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV TH-49FS630D (Silver)

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While rest of the TVs in this list have 4K resolution, this offering from Panasonic is a full HD only. But what made us add this to the list is the amazing reviews it has been garnering. Let us delve in to the details.


The Panasonic TH49FS630D has 49 inch screen size with full HD resolution. As it has IPS panel, you can be rest assured of a wide viewing angle, making it apt for wide living rooms.

Additionally, the HDR technology improves the contrast and displays a wider range of colors, thus ensuring better life like visuals. Also, the Hexa chroma drive pro technology displays CMY ( Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) in addition to primary RGB ( Red Green Blue) colors, thus being able to recreate real colors better.

Panasonic claims BMR ( back light motion rate) of 800 hz. This in no way should be compared to the refresh rate ( which usually falls in the range of 50-60 Hz for most Indian brands). That being said, blurs or lags aren’t found in this TV even while  watching fast action movies or sports.

Though a Full HD, users are quite satisfied with the picture quality of this TV. Moreover, if you look at it, most DTH provide just full HD content. So, even if you don’t have 4K Ultra HD, you are not at much loss.


With 35 watt sound output and a powerful woofer, you can be assured of top notch sound quality. The woofer is able to recreate deep bass that results in excellent sound reproduction. Clarity and differentiation between dialogues and BGM is also pretty good.

Also, thanks to Bluetooth Audio link, you can connect to earphones or devices of your choice without having to meddle with wires.

Smart Features

The smart features of this Panasonic TV include Swipe and Share, screen mirroring etc. Apps like Netflix, and YouTube are pre-installed. Additionally, you can download various apps too.

For connecting to external devices, the TV has 3 HDMI port and 2 USB ports.

Overall, it is one of the smarter choices you can consider within a budget of Rs. 50k.

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Best LED TV Under Rs 50000


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