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Network IP Security Cameras

Network IP Security Cameras – Gain Easy Network Connectivity

Are You Maximizing Your Surveillance with Network IP Security Cameras?

Network IP Security Cameras were first introduced in the mid 90’s, revolutionizing the versatility and accessibility of surveillance data. Over the last two decades, both the commercial and residential security Camera markets have been taken over by this updated technology. Let’s take a moment to look at what makes network IP security cameras so desirable as a primary means of video security.

Network IP Security Cameras

IP stands for internet protocol. Compared to older CCTV (closed circuit television) technology, IP cameras connect over a computer network via the internet granting more accessibility and more flexibility with system setups. In the digital age, there is almost nothing (from a technological standpoint) that is more important than easy network connectivity and quick access. IP technology has brought both of those aspects to the surveillance industry, and we aren’t looking back!

PoE and WiFi Technology

Our network IP security cameras come with two primary means of connecting to your network. The first is via PoE cables. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, which is a technology that streamlines security camera setups and makes installation easier. It does this by only requiring a single PoE cable per IP camera. That cable provides power as well as data to the cameras. As a result, you only need half the cables required of older CCTV systems when you choose PoE.

PoE Camera

The other means of connecting network IP security cameras is via WiFi. As technology has progressed in the last decade and a half, more and more of our everyday technology has gone wireless.

The convenience of not being bound by wires and cabling, but still having the same network functionality is valuable to users across the board. For that reason, our series of WiFi IP network security cameras have become increasingly popular, opening people’s video security setups to an even wider array of possibilities with wireless data transmission.

A World of Scalability with Network IP Security Cameras

Older CCTV technology posed a problem for users, especially those who wanted residential surveillance that was easy to customize and replace. That simply did not exist when surveillance technology became available for homes. For the most part, you were stuck with the system you bought and the cameras it included.

Network IP security cameras have revolutionized this concept. The beauty of having a PoE or WiFi IP system is that you can easily mix and match cameras, swap units and, in many cases, expand your system to suit your needs.

A significant portion of our premade IP systems feature less cameras than the number of channels available on the NVR. This is designed to give you the freedom to add IP cameras as your property needs.

We are going to walk you through the best options for scalable network IP security cameras and systems!

Ultra HD 4K Network IP Security Cameras

We’ll start right at the top of our HD IP security system line! The 4K system we recommend here is one of our newest, with some of the best features for both capturing top-quality HD footage as well as deterring crime.

We recommend the Ultra HD 4K security camera system with PIR sensors for exception detection standards. Here is our Ultra HD 4K resolution in action:

The system uses our most up-to-date thermal technology cameras. Four of them simply detect thermal signals given off by humans or animals to improve your motion detection settings. This reduces false alarms. At the end of the day, one of the biggest functions of surveillance is to capture the activities of living beings, whether those are the movements and actions of animals or humans. This kit sharpens that ability and only captures significant moments.

When the PIR sensors pick up human or animal activity, you’ll be the first to know via mobile push notification on your app!

In the System:


6x Ultra HD 4K  PIR Cameras


8 Channel


Ultra HD 4K


Thermal Detection via PIR Sensors

Number of Free IP Channels


One of the best features of this system is the 2 free IP channels. This opens your system up to the possibility of adding on cameras of any type within our HD IP cameras. Try out some turret camera add-ons to tackle tricky mounting positions and viewing angles. Or, you can add on 4K dome cameras to guarantee a high-quality view of your faraway locations within your property. The possibilities are endless!

HD 1080P WiFi Network IP Security Cameras

Some of our best systems come in our WiFi systems category. The kit we would recommend for this would be our HD 1080P 8-channel WiFi System with two bullet cameras and two dome cameras.

This system features two cameras of each model that connect wirelessly to your existing WiFi network. The two camera types each bring their own brand of surveillance to your property. The bullets have a more commanding presence with their outward design while the domes fly under the radar and fit seamlessly into most décor.

WiFi Network IP Security Cameras

Their HD 1080P resolution provides a detailed view of your home or business while saving you money compared to some of the other options in our IP line. Beyond that, their WiFi connectivity and long-distance data transmission range allows you to place these anywhere on your property. This solves a lot of long-distance issues when it comes to set up.

In the system:


2x HD 1080P Bullet + 2x HD 1080P Dome


8 Channels


HD 1080P

WiFi Transmission Distance

150m (Uninterrupted)

Number of Free IP Channels


This system is even more scalable than the previous one. This has 4 open IP channels that can accommodate any of our WiFi IP cameras. You can fill those channels with cameras that address gaps in your coverage or add on cameras that you think will make a specific difference in certain areas of your property.

Complete Customization with Build Your Kit

LaView is the only security camera developer in the industry that promotes customization when it comes to our IP camera line. We believe in putting security in the user’s hands. We also believe in empowering business professionals within our field of security. This is why we created the Bulk Order Option option.

By choosing to go this route, you have the choice of our full suite of IP cameras to pick, one-by-one to create your ideal custom solution. That means you can pair any camera model in any resolution in any combination for this. On top of that, you can choose from various levels of NVR with multiple channel options to accommodate those cameras.

Partner with us to create the ideal solution for your clients with our range of network IP security cameras.

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Network IP Security Cameras


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