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Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Cameras – Watch Your Valuables Remotely

Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

Wi-Fi outdoor security cameras represent some of the top options when it comes to outdoor surveillance coverage. Our previous blog on the best outdoor security camera systems cited Wi-Fi security as one of the 5 best options in the category. With that, we gave a brief detailing of the advantages of Wi-Fi outdoor security camera systems and why they can make all the difference for your safety.

Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

We want to take this concept further by eliminating any doubt you have about these premium cameras and systems. Some installers and integrators prefer hard-wired security camera solutions based on the reliability of having data transmitted via cables.

This concern is outdated as our Wi-Fi outdoor security cameras are quickly becoming the new standard for quality, versatility and reliability among our surveillance solutions.

LaView is constantly striving to produce the top security camera solutions for anyone, regardless of location or economic means. Whether you are looking for quality Wi-Fi security for your business or home, we have conceptualized some feasible situations where our solutions would come in handy.

Wi-Fi Security Cameras Ensures Package Delivery

The world of ecommerce has grown beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. In recent polls, research found that just over 50% of all Americans prefer to shop online over in-store. If you segment that just into millennials, that number surges well over 65%.

This trend of buying online has made front door Wi-Fi security cameras a necessity. With a significant amount of delivery traffic approaching your door every week, you have to think about the best way to protect your investments. This is particularly true considering that those potentially high value items haven’t even entered your home yet.

Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

With security, we often think about securing the perimeter of your property to keep the interior safe. But the average working person leaves for 8 hours a day, meaning your packages may be sitting there on your doorstep for several hours. Here’s where the Wi-fi security camera solutions come in.

Picture This Wi-Fi Security Camera Scenario:

You are a collector of rare Fabergé eggs. You won an auction on Ebay for the perfect one to complete your collection. YES. The only trouble is that you are at work during normal business hours of the day. That means regardless of the shipping service, you aren’t going to be home to receive the package and ensure its safety.

Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera Solutions:

ONE Peek Peephole Camera

  • Full HD Video
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Mini Touchscreen Monitor
  • Built-in Mic and Speaker
  • Customizable Motion Detection
  • Micro SD Slot up to 128GB
  • Cloud Storage Option
  • Recharge Able Battery
  • Remote Viewing via LaView ONE App

Peephole Doorbell Camera

The ONE Peek Peephole Camera is LaView’s new top option for front door Wi-Fi security. It seamlessly installs into your front door’s peephole with a mini monitor on the interior of the door for convenient viewing. With that, you get full HD viewing and a slew of other customizable features for full front door coverage.

For many homes, this has an advantage over doorbell cameras in that if will give you a front-and-center view of your doorstep. In the case of your gorgeous, rare Fabergé egg, you will want to make sure that the delivery guy treats the package with care. You already emailed the seller about 5 times making sure they stamp “fragile – handle with care” on the package. From here, you need to go the extra mile to make sure your package is safe and sound.

The key functions here are the remote viewing and the two-way audio. You can set your Wi-Fi outdoor security camera to begin recording on motion detection. That means when the delivery person approaches, you’ll get an instant push notification to your phone. That will give you the option to begin live-viewing your full HD footage. From there, you can use your mobile device and the LaView ONE app to speak to the delivery person. Tell him/her to hold it right there (!) before they punt your precious egg onto your doorstep from the driveway. Along with that, you can tell that delivery person exactly where to hide your egg for extra safety.

Read more about the ONE Peek Peephole camera:

Peephole Doorbell Security Camera

HD 1080P Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Doorbell Camera

  • HD 1080P Doorbell Camera
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Built-in Mic and Speaker
  • Customizable Motion Detection
  • Hard-Wired Power Source
  • Remove Viewing

The other option for your front door security coverage is our HD 1080P Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. The idea is the same here. You’ll want to monitor who is at the door, whether you are home or away. This Wi-Fi outdoor security camera brings a slight upgrade to your viewing quality, with crystal-clear HD 1080P resolution. With that, you’ll get even more detail of the person delivering your goods or visiting your house. The basic idea is the same as our ONE Peek here. This is a good option for those without a peephole, though.

Doorbell Surveillance Camera

Whichever you choose, protect your front door with our high-quality Wi-Fi outdoor security camera solutions and ensure your packages arrive safely. Remember, not all Fabergé eggs are created equal. Protect yours.

Picture this Wi-Fi Security Scenario:

You own a business. It is your sole responsibility as an owner to protect your property, your patrons and your employees. That’s a lot of weight on your shoulders. If you have a multi-building property with a store front and a warehouse (or any other combination of buildings), you will need a long-distance security solution.

Running wires over long distances can be a daunting task. In certain situations, it may be impossible getting around having more than one system in each building. With our Wi-Fi outdoor security camera solutions, you can cover all of your property.

Think about someone using the cover of night to sneak in. They park their truck at the far end of the parking lot. They sneak around, casing the building. It’s clear that they’re looking for easy access and weak points in your buildings.

If this occurs at your business, you are experiencing a common occurrence. Business burglaries happen all the time across the United States, with a particular surge in small business break-ins in the last 2 years.

Here’s a look at one of our clients, that had his small business broken into:

The Solution:

HD 1080P Wi-Fi Security Camera System

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 150 Meter Wi-Fi Transmission Range (undhindered)
  • 100ft Wi-Fi Transmission Range (with walls)
  • IP67 Outdoor Weatherproof Rating
  • 90° Wide Viewing Angle
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • Customizable Motion Detection

Wi-Fi Outdoor Bullet Camera

You need quality a quality Wi-Fi outdoor security camera system. You need an HD 1080P security camera system. Our systems come in a variety of channel and camera combinations to provide you coverage on any scale.

Imagine the situation above. If the exterior of your business is armed with our Wi-Fi security camera system, you’ll have all the coverage you need to provide the proper authorities the information they need. Their wide-angle view in conjunction with the 100ft IR night vision would help you see their car, license plate, and the clothes they are wearing, making it easy for you to track their movements. This even has the potential to help you prevent a break-in or catch a person in the act if you react quickly to mobile push notifications. Trust a LaView Wi-Fi outdoor security camera system to be your eyes when you are away!

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Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Cameras – Watch Your Valuables Remotely


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