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Creative Works EMEA featuring Studio Blvd, Ogilvy Cape Town, R/GA and more

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Studio Blvd: River Island 'Labels Are For Clothes'

Agency: Studio Blvd
Client: River Island
Date: February 2018
River Island stands against societal labels in its new SS18 campaign, created by integrated agency Studio Blvd and produced by sister company JN Production. The ‘Labels Are For Clothes’ ad campaign runs from 6 February across TV, VOD, out-of-home, press and social with influencers Daisy Lowe, Chanel Iman and Zack Miko. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the outdated and irrelevant labels people are given.
Shot by renowned photographer Richard Burbridge and Director Lacey, the characters in the campaign are shown to be much more than the labels they have been given. The cast that feature in the campaign were found from around the world and all have suffered at the hands of negative labels. The campaign reflects the breadth of diversity and inclusive mind-set shared by River Island’s audience, who no longer care about outdated labels.
Model and body confidence activist Sabina appears with the message ‘DO NOT SHRINK’, while committed couple Charlie and Bella are represented with the line ‘DO NOT SEPARATE’. Born male, the glamorous Stav Strashko makes no bones about the fact she is ‘100% WOMAN’; Zara is of Pakistani heritage and Muslim, but born and made in Britain, she asks that you ’DO NOT STEREOTYPE’. Proving that age is but a number, Steven Lyon owns it as a 56-year-old ‘MADE IN 1961’ and Asianna who models both as man and a woman is ‘100% GENDER FREE.’
Studio Blvd. - Agency
Jamie Brunskill - Creative Director
Jen Cox - Copywriter
Callum Walker - Art Director
Jamie Brunskill - Designer
Paula Barrera-Fermin - Account
Alistair Green - Chief Strategy Officer
Ross McGeown - Digital Producer
Ross McGeown - Producer
Joy Hart - Producer
Richard Burbridge - Photographer
Lacey - Director
Benedict Spence - DP
Josie Cartridge - Client
Rebecca Doherty - Marketing Production
Angela Asiedua - Head of Social Media
Tags: UK, advertising
Labels Are For Clothes

Filmmaster Productions: Toyota 'As I Really Am'

Agency: Filmmaster Productions
Client: Toyota
Date: February 2018
A new campaign for Toyota features World champion wheelchair fencer, Beatrice 'Bebe' Vio. Over the course of the spot, Vio talks to viewers about human strength and determination.
Produced by Filmmaster Productions with The&Partnership, the film aired on 28 January and is part of Toyota’s international 'Start Your Impossible' campaign in collaboration with the International Olympic and Paralympic Committee.
Director: Philippe Tempelman

Production company: Filmmaster Productions
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis
DoP: Pat Scola
Producer: Nicole Lord
Editor: Johan Wik

Agency: The&Partnership, Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Fabrizio Caperna
Business Director: Cristiano Casassa Mont
Art Directors: Giambattista Menna, Eugenio Chiapparelli
Copywriters: Roberto Ottolino, Luca Scarponi
Planning Director: Erwin Corio Flores
Agency Producer: Cecilia Barberis
Music: Håkan Eriksson
Colorist: Tom Poole, Company 3
Production Design: Francesca Di Mottola
Stylist: Daniela Ciancio
VFX Supervisor: Peter Marin, Swiss
Sound Design: Joakim Kristensen, Red Pipe
Color producer: Alexandra Lubrano, Company 3
VFX Producer: John Thorstensson, Swiss
VFX Executive Producer: Erik Holmedal, Swiss
VFX Artists: Marcus Krupa, Jon Wesström, John Svensson, Johan Vikström, Swiss
1st AD: Miguel Lombardi
Production Manager: Alessandro Cesaretti
Assistant Producer: Martina Mangiucca
2nd AD: Elena Casnati
Unit Manager: Dino Qualiano, Andrea Verolo
Filmmaster R&D Department: Michelangelo Rosselli, Francesco Del Core
Focus puller: Martino Tagliaferri / Emanuele Leurini
Gaffer: Alessio Bramucci
Tags: Italy, advertising
Toyota - As I Really Am

The Full Service: Coco De Mer 'Eroticism in Art'

Agency: The Full Service
Client: Coco De Mer
Date: February 2018
Sotheby's – the international and globally renowned auction house – is holding a London exhibition, showcasing a diverse selection of erotic work, containing pieces by artists including Picasso, Richard Avedon, Tracey Emin and Rankin, as well as showcasing a film created by The Full Service, together with the iconic Coco de Mer, set to coincide with London Fashion Week.
Coco de Mer chief executive, Lucy Litwack, said:"The theme of Erotic: Passion and Desire seems custom made for us. It's everything we work, design and create for, so we simply had to get involved. I'm thrilled with the result, it's a work of art in itself."
The Full Service team made sure that the real star of the show is the artwork. Throughout the film viewers can spot some seminal pieces, teasingly placed in an abstract style to draw the eye and make the audience look just that little bit closer.
Director: Rankin
Executive Producer: Nicola Kenney
Producer: Joshua Parsons
Full Service
Creative Director: Russell Weaver
Creative Team: Zish Alexander & Ant Jackson
DOP: Tony miller
Hair: Nick Irwin
Make up: Marco Antonio
Styling: Anna Hughes- Chamberlain
Models: Tatiana @Profile models
Hassan @Body London
Tags: UK, @Rankinarchive, @CocodeMer
Eroticism in Art - Coco de Mer X Sotheby’s
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Publicis : Renault 'The Postman'

Agency: Publicis
Client: Renault
Date: February 2018
A budding romance between a postal carrier and one of his delivery patrons is thwarted by a pesky, protective dog, until his delivery vehicle goes electric. That’s the concept behind a short animated advert by Renault promoting its electric autos, timed for Valentine’s Day.
In its first animated movie, developed with the Publicis Loft, Renault centered the action around love and the silence of EV vehicles. ‘The Postman’ tells the romantic and comical story of a postman, Lars, and his troublesome pursuit to get closer to his crush. When Lars meets a girl, Karen, on his daily postal round, he instantly falls for her. The only problem? His puttering, noisy vehicle keeps disturbing her small-but-vicious dog, who blocks him from getting anywhere near the woman. The Postman endures multiple comical attacks from the possessive dog, until finally, he is given a set of keys to a new Renault Kangoo ZE, allowing him to silently approach his crush, showing that romance – or anything – can start with an electric moment.
The accompanying ‘Making of The Postman’ film shows the process of creating the film, from conception to the final product. The film was created by The Loft Publicis Conseil, directed by Akama, produced by WIZZ and animated by NKI.
Global Content and Media Director: Carine GAILLIEZ
Brand Advertising Manager: Giovanni COSTA
Project Manager: Sara Rosenberg
Publicis Conseil (The Loft)
Executive Creative Director: Marcelo VERGARA
Creative Directors: Yves-Eric DEBOEY, Mathieu DEGRYSE
Copywriter: Raphael PORCHERON
Designer: Anthony Maztrone THIEBAUX
Strategy: Neil TAMZALI
Account Managers: Patrick LARA, Melanie HUGHES, Silvia STAHLIE
Production coordinator: Nathalie BOUSQUET
Production Director: AKAMA
Production company: WIZZ
Producer: Amanda STUBBS
Post-production: NKI
CG supervisor: Wacyl DJENDER
Post-production director: Emilie NICODEX
Track: Love’Z at first sight
Composer: Sixième Son
Publisher: Sixième Son
Tags: United States
Show me entity :: 17995

Whisper FIlms: BBC SPORT 'Women’s Six Nations 2018 Opener'

Agency: Whisper FIlms
Date: February 2018
BBC Sport’s trail for the Women’s Six Nations features the rugby tournament's captains fiercely lip-syncing to Lorde’s dark cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World.
Created by Whisper Films, the spot highlights the physical dedication of female rugby players through close-up shots of intensive gym sessions, intercut with shots of impressive yet painful-looking tackles on the field. 
Lorde’s slowed down, minor key cover of Tears for Fears’ 80s classic provides the soundtrack, while the final third of the 60-second promo sees all six women’s team captains join in as a choir in darkness
Execs: Mark Cole and Sunil Patel
Film Producer/Director: Richard Gort
DOPs: Chris Dunford and Carly Brown
Camera Assistant: Dan Donovan
Production Manager: Jamie Macintosh
VT Editor - Amrit Fox-Bharry
Tags: UK, Ad of the Day

: Kayak 'Mattias Klum x Kayak'

Client: Kayak
Date: January 2018
Kayak has kicked off 2018 with new creative, setting out to show that planning is the most important part of any journey, and that by making travel decisions you trust you can confidently embark on your journey and get the most out of every trip.
To build on this approach, Kayak has filmed a new TV advert with award-winning Swedish photographer and filmmaker, Mattias Klum. His photos have been published by National Geographic, The New York Times, and Stern. The advert shows Klum at work as he captures incredible moments with wildlife in South Africa. 
Doug Perkul - Director - Kayak
Tracey Gudwin - Head of Production - Kayak
Tobias Kaufmann - Director of Photography - Kayak
Dylan Haigh - Editor - Kayak
Stefan Petzinger - SVP Marketing EMEA - Kayak
Maria Sirvent - Brand Manager - Kayak
Media Buying Agency - Blue449
Tags: United States, KAYAK Hotels, Confident Travel
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Ogilvy Cape Town: Volkswagen South Africa 'Red Flashy Thingy'

Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Client: Volkswagen South Africa
Date: February 2018
This new spot from Ogilvy Cape Town, created for the new Volkswagen Polo, warns drivers that with great confidence comes great responsibility.
Based around the notion that the new Polo's host of features will make drivers feel more confident than ever before, the ad shows the consequences of what too much confidence can bring.
The 60-second spot shows an unfortunate intern (and owner of the latest Polo model) whose first day of work at a commercial spaceflight company sees him accidentally catapulted into board meetings, leadership positions and eventually outer space itself, as his unbridled confidence convinces co-workers and astronauts alike that he can command any given situation.
Product: New Volkswagen Polo
Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Case
Executive Creative Director: Tseliso Rangaka
Associate Executive Creative Director: Nicholas Wittenberg
Creative Director: Mike Martin
Creative Group Head / Copywriter: Alex Goldberg
Creative Group Head / Art Director: Ryan Barkhuizen
Agency Producer: Claudia Hall
Client Service: Vicky Buys, Chris Spencer, Loren Westoby
Strategist: Jayne McElwee
Client Representative: Meredith Kelly, Bridget Harpur, Loryn Symons
Production Company: Romance
Director: Greg Gray
Director of Photography: Rory O’ Grady
Producer: Helena Woodfine
Art Director: Chris Bass
Editing: Deliverance
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Sound Design: Produce Sound
Sound Engineer: Louis Enslin
Post Production: Bladeworks
VFX: Jean Du Plessis (Bladeworks), Rob Van Den Braght, Tiaan Franken (Chocolate Tribe)
Tags: South Africa, advertising, Red Flashy Thingy, Ogilvy Cape Town, BewareTheConfidence, Greg Gray, TV Advert, volkswagen, New Polo, Branding
Red Flashy Thingy

TOAD: UK Parliament '#YourStoryOurHistory '

Agency: TOAD
Client: UK Parliament
Date: February 2018
To celebrate the women’s vote centenary, creative agency Toad has partnered with UK Parliament to create a video that shines a light on the impact legislation has had on women of colour.
The video features Tobi Oredain, a 28-year old journalist and founder of Black Ballad, who speaks candidly about her experience voting, reflecting on the progress we’ve made towards female empowerment and addressing how far we still have to go.
This video is part of a campaign – 'Your Story, Our History' – created by Toad for UK Parliament. This series of films feature Britons from different backgrounds talking about the real-life impact that British legislation has had on them and their communities, including Jake, who explains how the passing of the 2004 Sexual Recognition Act helped shape his gender identity.
Tags: UK
100 years later, what does voting mean to women today?
How the 2003 Female Genital Mutilation Act can protect women at risk in the UK
How do UK Parliament's healthcare Acts affect women's rights?
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Show me entity :: 18027

R/GA, Ridley Scott Associates: 'Malaria Must Die – So Millions Can Live'

Agency: R/GA, Ridley Scott Associates
Date: February 2018
David Beckham has braved a swarm of mosquitoes for his latest promotional campaign, a bid to raise awareness of malaria among global leaders by Malaria No More UK.
Malaria Must Die – So Millions Can Live saw the footballer turned model locked inside a giant glass box with nothing but a swarm of mosquitoes for company. A pensive-looking Beckham can be seen eyeing up his hungry roommates as the insects buzzing and numbers grow steadily to reach a crescendo.
At the end of Beckham’s ordeal the box is revealed to be mercifully mosquito free but, as the campaign makes plain, the same cannot be said for the world outside where the disease still claims an estimated 445,000 lives each year.
Championing renewed global vigour in combatting the disease the campaign, filmed by Ridley Scott Associates and R/GA Creative, it presages a meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government in London this April.
Beckham, a founding member Malaria No More UK leadership council and goodwill ambassador for Unicef, commented: “As the mosquito film shows, these insects are annoying in places likes the UK but in many parts of the world, a mosquito bite is terrifying and deadly, leading to malaria and the loss of a child’s life every two minutes. This is totally unacceptable, especially when we know how to prevent and cure it.  
"That’s why I’m standing with the millions who live with this threat every day. I urge Commonwealth leaders to be ready to take bold action when they meet in London in April and to unite to stop this disease in its tracks.”
R/GA will support the film with an integrated communications and advocacy roadmap over the next three years.
Mosquitoes recently swarmed the logo of the Discovery channel to advertise a new documentary examining the history of the pervasive pest.
CG ARTIST James Coore, Dan Baiton, Aaron Masih
EDITOR Tom Boucher
2D LEAD Ben Robards
2D ARTISTS Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Jack Kennedy
MOTION GRAPHICS Ric Comline, Sean Cooper, Mo Orekan
Tags: World
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Creative Works EMEA featuring Studio Blvd, Ogilvy Cape Town, R/GA and more


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