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Find The Best Peavey Practice Amp Money Can Buy

Choosing a good kind of an amp to practice with isn’t as easy as some people would have you believe. Depending on what kind of a guitar you are playing – it may be anywhere from a walk in the park to an entire searching mission to get the perfect one.

If you want to make sure you are always going to be getting quality, it’s important to start with the right brand. Peavey is just the first one that comes to mind, seeing as they’ve blossomed into today’s standard for quality and durability.

So, where to start? What to pick?

Take a look below to get your hands on the best Peavey amps for your needs today!


* Peavey ValveKing II Micro-head

Here’s the best of the best you can hope to get from Peavey at a really good price. Although this one may not offer a whole lot of effects and perks, you’ll still find that it deserves the number one spot for a good reason.

This is as close as you can get to a versatile amp. Of course, this is thanks to the fact that you can easily switch between 20 watts, 5 watts, and 1 watt for just about any occasion. These different settings will make it perfect for practice, but if you need to rock out with more power, you can easily get a whole lot more of a kick in a split second.

If you’re a big fan of studio recording, thanks to the Peavey MSDI technology, you can get your amp to send out its signals out to your mixer or a recording device without the need to edit anything later. Just get the live effects of your instrument hooked up to the mixer and you’ll have the complete package.

Peavey is famous for their all-tube circuitry and they have an entire series evolving around this concept. This model is powered by EL84 power tubes and a handy USB recording output. Although it is sturdy and built well, the downside is that it still weighs about 18.01 pounds, making for a not-so-compact choice. Although it might not be that perfect for quick movements between gigs, you can easily set this one up in your room or studio to get some good practice out of it.

* Peavey Delta Blues 115

Now here’s a choice you don’t get to make every day. Although this one is a bit on the pricier side of things, you will find that it is absolutely worth every last cent. You might be wondering what’s driving the price up so high. It all starts with the premium quality Celestion Fullback speaker that’s going to make sure any sound coming out is as clear as day.

Coming with banging 30 watts of power, this one also comes with a channel switching foot switch to help you change between effects like the reverb, the boost and a sweet tremolo that is guaranteed to run the crowd wild. It has a 2-channel preamp and an external speaker jack to let you hook up an additional speaker to cover big venues or just enjoy the blasting power of your music.

This model has been built flawlessly for durability in mind. A strong chrome-plated chassis is wrapped in Classic tweed covering, making for an overall stylish and sleek look, but still an amp that can hold its own. Now, what really makes this amp stand out and be perfect for practice is the effects loop. Not only can you set up a great starting point for your latest jam using this, but you can also use the loop to enhance your gigs with amazing effects that are going to blend in seamlessly.

Even if your practicing days are behind you and you are looking to start your first gig – this is the amp that will have you covered. It offers pristine sound and stability at a price that you won’t find that easily. Not for that kind of quality.

* Peavey Vypyr 15

Lastly, although this one is exclusively for electric guitar players only, unlike the previous two, this is the one you’ll want. The entire Vypyr series has been built for power and nothing but sheer performance. Using the patented TransTube Peavey has been known for, this is the amp you’ll want to choose for just about any occasion. Let’s not forget that this very model won the 2010 MIPA Best Guitar Amp Combo award. Why? It had everything guitar players around the world could ever ask for in an amp.

Although it is packing only 15 watts, you will find that this is quite enough power to handle practicing and street performances. When it comes to venues, this one could cover a smaller venue. What it lacks in power most players would look for, it certainly more than makes up for in effects!

This one features a 24 amp channel model and a total of whooping 11 editable post-amp rack effects. This baby will make you feel thing about global delay and reverb that you’ve never felt before. The SHARC processors that crown this series of amps will make the output sound on point and sharp each and every time. You’ll also have access to 12 preset slots to save your favorite settings, just to make sure you won’t have to manually tweak them every time you want to play.

For the price and keeping in mind that this amp is only for electric guitars, this is pretty much the best you’re going to find if you are looking for a Pevey amp. With all of these effects and presets, you can really make a difference and make every one of your jams memorable. This is definitely a top choice if you are looking for a good quality amp that is going to last you for years. Go for this one and you’ll be set for quite some time.


Good amps for practice are sadly not that common anymore. Most of them are focusing on performance and studio quality. If you can pinpoint the fine line between really cheap and not reliable and the slightly more expensive but definitely suitable choices, you will be able to get what you are after.

The above choices are the best Peavey has to offer for casual players and serious performers alike. Although they are perfect for practicing because they come chock full of effects and features you can play around with, they can handle a performance just as well.

Just be sure to pay close attention to what you need out of this amp. Keep in mind that one of the choices listed above is best suited only for electric guitars, which may seem like a limitation for all of the bass and acoustic players out there, but on the flip side – it’s incredibly hard to find an amp that will support the electric guitars along with the other two. As long as you know what kind of a sound you are looking for, one of these will be a great choice for you.

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Find The Best Peavey Practice Amp Money Can Buy


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