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Best Affordable Mattresses That Don’t Suck

Buying the best value Mattress isn’t easy. Sometimes you find yourself wanting to make sure you are getting a high-quality item without paying a hefty price. And because it will be a part of your daily life for the next several years, it is important to take the proper steps so that you will get the best mattress possible.

What do we mean when we say a cheap mattress? Although people will have a different way of defining affordability, we think that an affordable mattress is one that is in the range of $200 to $400, and this is what we cover in this review. Amazingly, there are Mattresses in this class which makes a $2,000 mattress look like a scam.

Before delving into our handpicked list of the best cheap mattresses, here are some steps and things to keep in mind.

– Determine Your Mattress Type

Before buying it is important to decide which type of mattress is best for you. Memory foam and latex mattresses are very popular, thanks to the high end features that come along with them. Many people also like the feel of higher-end air mattresses. Deciding on your mattress type is the first step in the buying process.

– Determine Your Mattress Size

Mattresses come in many sizes so it is important to find the best fit for you. Twin mattress sets are best for single sleepers. Full or double mattresses are a bit larger and can fit two people in a pinch, but are ideally made for a single occupant. Queen and king size mattresses are best for two people. The king size mattress comes in two varieties: eastern king and western or “California” king. California kings are slightly thinner and longer than their eastern counterparts. Determine how much room you would like to have so you can ensure that you are getting the best possible mattress. Knowing the mattress sizes is an important step in the buying process.

– Determine Your Budget

Mattresses vary greatly in terms of price. The consumer can get a well-made cheap mattress for several hundred dollars, or spend several thousand on a much more expensive variety. However, it is always important to keep in mind that not always will a more expensive mattress translate to better comfort or support (sometimes even the cheapest mattress beats high end mattresses). Determining your budget beforehand is an important step because it prevents you from becoming overwhelmed at the wide selection of mattresses and forces you to narrow down your focus to only the ones you can afford.

– Testing the Mattress

It is always a good idea to test a mattress before you buy. If you are looking to save some money by purchasing your mattress online, you will love the fact that most mattresses have a trial period (mostly 30 days). If you share your bed make sure your partner is with you so they can determine if the bed works for them as well. Testing the mattress is one of the most important mattress buying steps.

– Warranty

The final step in the buying process involves checking out the mattress warranty.

Most mattresses come with a warranty, but some are better than others. Be sure to check all the stipulations so you know whether or not you are covered if something goes wrong. Warranties often have a time limit so be sure to check that as well. This step is often forgotten but it can save you from a major headache in the future.

Buying a mattress isn’t hard but it does require a few very important steps. Following these steps is especially important if you are looking for a high-quality cheap mattress. These procedures protect against buyer’s remorse and will ensure that you get a great mattress.

The Best Affordable Mattresses For The Money

Without pulling punches, here are the best value mattresses that you won’t regret investing in them. They are also the best rated cheap class across dozens of major online stores.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

zinus arthritis back pain

Many people have said that this is “too good to be true” and you too would probably feel the same way too when you sleep on this mattress. Zinus has been around for some years now and they have earned themselves a good name in the mattress industry. Zinus mattresses have handed out beatdowns to many wannabe high end mattresses shaming them for their hefty price tags and Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress specifically happens to be our favorite for many reasons.

And just in case you are wondering why it is names “Green Tea”, the mattress is made using green tea extracts and castor seed oil which are primarily meant to eliminate the retard odor and bacteria that are common in many memory foam mattresses.

Most of the mattresses that we have ever tested within the price range of $200 to $400 are a mess. You will enjoy most of them for a few months before they become a lumpy mess and sagged all over. The good news is that Zinus is far from this and you can count on it to deliver in almost everything that a modern $1,000 mattress would.

Talk of design and technology used in this mattress and you will realize that every inch has been woven and gone through solid engineering to output a product that offers universal comfort. It is 8 inches in thickness and is built with pressure relieving materials and airflow technology is well in place to ensure a cool night. Its base support with high density foam is also something worth a mention.

Not only do we think you will fall in love with this mattress for its dirty cheap price, but also for the phenomenal high end comfort and support you will enjoy over years to come.

Designing a mattress that offers the kind of quality comfort and support you find in Zinus is not a small achievement and controlling the prices from flying over the roof is another thing that makes it stand out.

You Will Love This Zinus Mattress If;

-You are looking for an ideal mattress with affordable mattress below $300. Although it is not the best mattress in the world, it is the best in its price bracket.

-You are looking for a pain relieving mattress, thanks to its unique structure which also augments support giving you a restful night and a jovial morning.

-You weigh anywhere between 100 lbs to 190 lbs. At least this is what we have learned from our in-depth research.

Frankly speaking, you will hardly come across an inexpensive mattress that comes close to this Zinus mattress.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate

coolgel affordable mattress

Another mattress that has inspired positive reactions amongst users is the Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate mattress by Classic brands, a company that has earned itself a good reputation in the mattress industry over the years. Pricewise, it is closely matched with Zinus Green Tea mattress which tops this list. The classic brands is 14 inches thick making it one of the thickest mattresses around. And it’s not a pile of junk- Every inch of the mattress is quilted professionally for a purpose.

The mattress is of high density which makes it a medium firm and highly supportive. The cool gel memory foam technology used in the design also ensures that you get good support while also eliminating heat, this giving you a good night’s sleep.

This gel infused mattress is not only well-knit with waterfall edge, but every other aspect to ensure the sleeper enjoys a cool night has been put in place.  The high density but plush memory foam also ensures that one enjoys good pressure relief and support through the night.

And if you are keen on what you lay on, just like we do, you will love the fact that this mattress has been tested and has passed the CertiPUR-US. So you know that you are not sleeping on a cloud of toxic materials and chemicals. It is also resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites

If you have an adjustable base, this is arguably the best affordable mattress that you will come across for your bed.

Another solid reason to love this mattress beyond its bargain price is that is durable. And furthermore, it comes with one shredded pillow.

Pursaleep Mattress

purasleep mattress review

Among the bottom bargain mattresses that will amaze you and leave you wondering how they are different from a $1,000 mattress is Purasleep mattress. It isn’t the best mattress and neither can you compare it with Tempur-pedic mattresses but there us a reason why we have recommended this mattress over and over on this website. First up, the price tag is a steal for what you are getting.

Unparalleled comfort, high end support, pressure relief and a good value is all we look for in a mattress and purasleep has got you on this. The materials and design of a mattress is what defines its quality and performance and there is nothing not to love with the design and structuring of the Purasleep mattress.  Also with a CentiPUR-US certification that assures you that you are not sleeping on harmful chemicals, your sleeping experience couldn’t be any better.

With a high recommendation rate and raving reviews from real users who have used this mattress, we have no doubt about it and we would recommend it without a doubt.

Purasleep mattresses are among the few mattresses that offer top notch comfort and support. Given the price tag of this mattress, you will be making a good investment with this mattress.

Notes To Take

From the days of the down and feather filled mattress to today’s technology of NASA inspired foam, the argument about which is the ideal affordable mattress type has continued unabated. The ultimate answer is going to be what’s best for you and is within your budget .A mattress buying decision shouldn’t be taken lightly, as you’ll have to sleep on it for years to come. Become familiar with the various types of mattress available before making your purchase.

The most common, and perhaps the least expensive mattress for sale is the innerspring, or coil spring mattress. These mattresses have been the standard of the industry for almost a century, but despite constant improvement, sleeping on a group of coiled steel springs is not necessarily comfortable.

Innerspring mattresses derive most of their comfort level from layers of padding applied to the outer surface of the mattress. Although the arrangement and number of springs within the foundation have a definite effect on your sleeping experience, ultimately you must rely on the depth, construction, and durability of the outer padding for your comfort. Manufacturers will often use confusing terms for the composition of the padding, making it difficult to decide on an innerspring without considerable research.

The segment of the industry that is growing faster than any other over the last few years is the one that includes latex, memory foam, and inflatable beds. Although they differ greatly in their construction and heritage, whether derived from the lowly blow-up air mattress or developed for astronaut comfort, they all have one common attribute, they are comfortable to sleep on without the addition of layers and layers of padding applied to a steel core. While these mattresses vary a great deal in their approach to providing sleeping comfort, they are all inherently comfortable without a lot of additional padding. Anyone who has tent camped on an air mattress or slept on the foam slabs common in a recreational vehicle can attest to this.

Latex mattresses are an up and coming alternative to conventional innerspring mattresses, especially for those desiring a firm sleeping experience with a lot of comfort. Made from various layers of natural and synthetic latex, these mattresses present a comfortable and ecology friendly sleeping alternative at a reasonable price, and have the added benefit of being hypoallergenic. Although not necessarily a cheap mattress, latex can be found in many economical forms suitable to almost any budget.

Air beds have come a long way from the blow-up float you once placed under your sleeping bag or lounged on in the swimming pool. With electrical firmness adjustments and dual chambers to individually suit each partner, the air bed is as sophisticated and comfortable as any available alternative. Many combine a thin memory foam mattress topper for comfort while allowing the inflatable part to regulate the firmness.

Air beds are also available in smaller sizes that can be folded and stored in a closet. These can be brought out and inflated to use for occasional guests or an impromptu children’s sleepover. They make for a cheap mattress alternative when a seldom needed place for guests to sleep is a consideration.

Probably the most popular modern mattress is the memory foam, or viso-elastic foam mattress. These were originally developed by NASA as a way of helping test pilots and astronauts endure the extreme g-forces they encounter during high speed flight or lift-off into space. Memory foam mattresses have multiple firm layers topped with a softer topper layer that conforms to your body when you sleep. Considered by many as the most comfortable mattress available, these are a very popular alternative.

Knowing about the numerous types of mattresses available will help you to make an intelligent and informed decision about what mattress to select. Do your research and ask questions to learn more about what mattress is suitable for your needs.

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Best Affordable Mattresses That Don’t Suck


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