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Best Mattress for Back Pain – A Closer Look At The Best Back Pain Relieving Mattresses

Some people go their whole lives sleeping on mattresses that does more harm to their back rather than pampering it. Bad choice of a Mattress can be the one reason that your back pain is giving you sleepless nights, worsening, and just won’t seem to go away. A mattress that lacks support will only support bad sleeping posture, leading to muscles being strained, and misalignment of the spine. It’s no wonder that lower back pain seems to be one of the most common bodily pains, almost seeming like an epidemic.

How Does The Right Mattress Help My Back Pain?

There are a number of things that should be put into consideration when you are shopping for that perfect mattress to help relieve back pain. Medium firmness for support and overall comfort for you. This is because a firm mattress can help relieve back pain, but a mattress that is too firm can cause pain for other ailments (such as joints and pressure points). Medium firmness provides a great balance that allows the back to be supported, while allowing the body’s natural curves to exist. Though every person is different, this is just a general guideline that works for most people.

How Do I Choose the Right Mattress?

Sure, it doesn’t sound too hard to find the right one for you, but the mattress market is HUGE, meaning it can get tough to make a final decision. Luckily for you, this is why we came up with a list of the top 10 best mattresses for back pain, so you don’t have to waste your time doing research on the hundreds of other brands and models out there. This list is based off of scientific studies, as well as customer feedback.

Keep in mind, the best mattress for you will be different than the one for your best friend. It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to choosing from the following list. We’ll be going over each mattress, it’s features, and in no particular order. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The Leesa Mattress

If you’re someone who likes to try something out before making your final decision, then you’ll get to enjoy The Leesa Mattress for up to 100 nights before becoming ineligible for a full refund. To start off, this mattress would be considered a 7/10 on the firmness scale. While that sounds a bit firm, it actually is suited for the average sleeper. However, if you’re someone who prefers a bed that is either soft or firm, then The Leesa won’t do it for you.

One of the first things you’ll notice about The Leesa Mattress is that it has a sleek design. Of course, this is only a cosmetic feature, and it won’t matter much once you put your own sheets on it. This mattress is constructed of three different layers. We’ll break them down for you:

 Comfort Layer – Avena Foam (2 inches): This is a polyurethane Foam layer. It is springier and cooler than foam and is even more durable than latex material.

 Support Layer – Memory Foam (2 inches): Memory foam has always been a good option to help with sleep posture as well as provide comfort.

Foundation – High Density Support Foam (6 inches) – A thick base layer to provide a strong foundation.

The Leesa Mattress can’t be found in a store near you, because it is only available online. It comes with a 10 year warranty, and the 100 night return policy is very attractive. The only reason you might not like this mattress is if you happen to be on the heavier side (you’ll need a thicker mattress), if you prefer spring mattresses, or if you have a preference for firm or softness.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid

Just like The Leesa Mattress, you get a 100 night trial with the option of a full refund if you are not satisfied. What makes The Alexander Signature Hybrid stand out is it’s combination of copper infused foam, and individual coils for “extra edge support”. When it comes to it’s firmness rating, it’s about a 6.5/10. Because of it’s design, many people would consider this mattress to be a great balance between a memory foam mattress and an innerspring mattress.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid is said to have more of a foam mattress feel rather than an innerspring. This is mainly because the comfort layer consists of foam, being the direct absorbent of your body. Remember the “extra edge support” mentioned a bit earlier? This gives you the ability to sleep closer to the edge without feeling like you’re going to fall off. The construction of The Alexander Signature Hybrid is as follows:

Comfort Layer – Cool Stretch Fabric Covering Soft Quilted Foam (2 inches): This layer is constructed to stay cool and comfy, is breathable, and is ergonomic. Get comfortable sleep no matter what season it is.

Support Layer – Copper Infused Gel Foam (2 inches): This unique foam layer is innovative due to it’s antimicrobial properties as well as it’s ability to pull heat away from the body, keeping the comfort layer cool.

 2nd Support Layer – SmartFlow Foam (2 inches): This layer is a highly advanced foam system that allows maximum airflow with breathable layers.


Foundation – 5 Zoned Edge Support Pocketed Coils (7 inches): Provides the sleeper with a still sleep surface that also helps support the back with ease.

All in all, this mattress is a great option for reliable support. With 13 inches of thickness, the Alexander Signature Hybrid can handle any sleeper with ease. If you’re looking for more of a spring mattress feel, then this one might not be the best one for you.

The Purple Mattress

This mattress is literally named “Purple”. If that sounds luxurious to you, then this just might be the one. The Purple is only available online and comes with free shipping. While many of the mattresses we are going over in this list focus on airflow, the Purple boasts of the opposite, suggesting that a true mattress should be heavy (which the Purple is). Another neat aspect is that this mattress is constructed of food grade material, advertised to be non-toxic.

Purple mattresses put emphasis on maintaining the alignment of your body and spine, as well as temperature control to keep you comfortable while you sleep. On the firmness scale, the Purple would be placed around a 6/10, making it one of the softer mattresses on this list. The layer breakdown of it’s construction goes like this:

Comfort Layer – Hyper-Elastic Polymer (2 inches): This is one of the most innovation mattress materials in the market. It provides a cool sleeping environment and is built in a “smart grid design” to lessen pressure, while at the same time providing maximum support.

 Support Layer – Polyurethane Foam (3.5 inches): A polyurethane foam layer is for additional support, especially for heavier sleepers, and helps absorb movement to lessen disturbances for others using the mattress.

 Foundation – Polyurethane Foam (4 inches): An additional layer of polyurethane foam is the Purple’s foundation.

The Purple mattress is the most futuristic constructed mattress on this list and has a more “plush” feel. If you’re someone who prefers firmness, then this mattress might not suit you. Overall, the Purple is considered a favorite among sleepers.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

The Tuft & Needle Mattress is one of the most affordable mattresses out there to help combat your back pain. Rather than focusing on the fancy sciences and specifics, this mattress brings it to you with simplicity and is extremely reliable. The firmness of the Tuft & Needle is around a 6.5/10, making it a pretty universal mattress. While this mattress is one of the cheaper options, it does not provide the best in terms of comfort. However, it still does great when it comes to back support, but may not follow through as well with those who are heavier.

With only two layers of foam, Tuft & Needle does lack when it comes to longevity. Over time it may start to sink more, so this might be a deal breaker for you. However, it is fairly lightweight for a mattress and is cost effective at that. The two layers are broken down like this:

Comfort Layer – Polyurethane Foam (3 inches): This top layer does a good job at keeping the sleeper cool, and it provides a pretty nice level of comfort.

 Support Layer/Foundation – Polyurethane Foam (7 inches): Made of the same material, this is the base of the mattress that provides additional support.

When it comes to the Tuft & Needle, it’s not the best one on this list. The main reason it made it to the list is because of it’s simple design and affordability.

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel Pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

One of the greatest benefits that you get with the Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel Pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a 25 year warranty. Aside from that, it is said that this mattress provides some people with the best sleep they can get. Firmness of this mattress ranges from a 5.5-6/10, being ideal for most sleepers, while also being a softer choice for those who are looking to fight off back problems. It is said that the Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel Pro Mattress makes it feel as if the sleeper is resting on a cloud, hence the name.

You get 4 layers of comfort with this mattress, making it nice and supportive of correct alignment, as well as soft enough to prevent pains from unnecessary pressure. Especially for those who are on the heavier side, it is highly recommenced to go with the Perfect Cloud Mattress for a good night’s rest. The four layers are constructed as follows:

Comfort Layer – HD Air Infused Memory Foam (1 inch): HD air infused memory foam helps sleepers stay cool at night and is extremely comfortable. At the same time, it gives support to help the back stay in good alignment throughout the night.

 2nd Comfort Layer – Air Infused Memory Foam (1.5 inches): Another layer of air infused memory foam is implemented for extra comfort.

 Support Layer – Gel Pro Memory Foam (2 inches): This abstract gel memory foam layer is used for additional comfort, advanced support, and to absorb movement throughout the night.

 Foundation – HD Base Support Foam (7.5 inches): The thick foundation is a provider of firm support to keep those on the mattress from sinking too deep into the cloud.

For the most part, the Perfect Cloud Mattress might be one of the most comfortable mattresses on the list in terms of softness, but may sink too much for some people. If you like firm, then this one won’t be for you. All in all, this mattress system is great for all kind of sleeping positions and has a great warranty length.

The Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress

For a customized sleeping experience, you should go with the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress. Depending on your desired firmness or softness, you can decide this aspect of the mattress yourself before placing your order. The 3 inch comfort layer was made to adapt to your body’s curves, while also providing relief from pressure.

The mattress was made to be hypo-allergenic, as well as antimicrobial to keep it generally clean and easy to maintain. The ergonomic design is also appealing when it comes to style, making it a beautiful piece to have in your bedroom. It also comes with a bamboo cover that is biodegradable. This mattress’ structure is broken down like this:

Comfort Layer – Super Soft Reflex Artificial Foam: Provides the user with comfort and a cool night rest. No overheating, no matter what the weather is.

 Support Layer – Talalay Latex (3 inches): Latex works to conform to the body, allowing curves to exists naturally and not become strained through the night.

Foundation – High Density Convoulted Base Set Foam: Aides in conformity and benefits air flow.

The only negatives to say about this mattress is that it isn’t as long lasting as some of the other mattress we have on this list, and it’s bamboo cover is not so easy to wash. Also, if you or someone in your home is allergic to latex, then you shouldn’t use this mattress.

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva Mattress is one of the most highly renowned beds out there to help with persistent back pains. It boasts of highly Eco-responsibility, being made of organic cotton and construction. This luxury mattress is a coil-on-coil system that also implements memory foam. Having one of the most intricate designs (which we will go over shortly), there is no wonder why so many people love this bed.

The 2016 updated cover has a pillow top in the euro-style which helped improve the mid-section support and spinal alignment even further. There are 3 different firmness levels available – 3.5/10, 6/10, and 8/10, so all kinds of preferences are taken care of. Here is how the layers work:

Comfort Layer – Euro-Style Pillow Top (1/2 inch): A pillow top is provided for comfort while sleeping. It is breathable and extremely soft.

 Support Layer – Memory Foam Lumbar Support (1/2 inch): This layer is to provide support for the body and is also thin enough to keep from heat becoming trapped.

 2nd Support Layer – Contour Coils Wrapped in Foam (4 inches): Coils wrapped in foam are for contouring the body and absorbing motion. Comfort is provided for all types of positions with this system.

 Foundation – High Profile Steel Coils (7 inches): This is the supportive base. It’s a source of great support and adds shape to the mattress.

 Edge/Bottom Layer – Edge Support System (5 inches): This layer of foam all around the coil layers helps protect the coils and provides support along the edges.

The Saatva Mattress is amazing because of it’s versatility. Not to mention, the extensive design shows how much effort the creators put into the design. Get a 15 year warranty when you order your Saatvva and sleep in luxury. This can arguably be the best mattress on this list.

Amerisleep Revere Mattress

Being a less-firm and thicker mattress, this is a good choice for those who like the “cloudy” feeling on a bed. Being a well-trusted mattress provider, the Amerisleep Revere is a go-to for many who are looking to help ease back pain. It doesn’t focus much on an extensive design like the Saatva, but rather brings you simplicity with two layers.

With 12 inches of thickness all together, two layers of foam are great at providing support. The firmness level is at around a 6.5/10. We will now go over a bit more in depth about these layers:

Comfort Layer – Bio-Pur Foam (3 inches): This layer gives you pressure relief upon lying down, cools you at night, and is a very comfortable memory foam. It’s specifically designed to bring heat away from the body.

 Support/Foundation Layer – Bio-Core Foam (9 inches): The bio-core foam provides additional support and deep compression support.

Both comfort and support is provided with this mattress, making it a great option for a good night’s rest. The only thing someone might not like is if they prefer a firmer mattress, this one is pretty average.

The Helix Mattress

Enjoy a completely customized sleeping experience when you choose to go with the Helix mattress. When you place your order online, you get a more personalized mattress by taking a short survey. This asks things such as what positions you like to sleep in, whether you get hot at night, if you’re aware of pressure points, as well as your desired firmness level. There are very few mattress providers who go to this level of personalization.

Aside from being completely customize-able, it’s mainly the science of the layers the Helix Mattress has that provides ultimate comfort. Here’s how they work:

Comfort Layer – Helix Dynamic Foam (2 inches): This foam is fairly similar to latex, meaning it has bounce, is cool, and responsive. Depending on your survey answers, this layer varies in firmness.

2nd Layer – Micro-coils (2.4 inches): These micro-coils are a source of pressure relief, softness, and add bounce as well. With well over 1,000 coils, the Helix gives you a bit of a spring mattress feel.

 Support Layer – Polyfoam Transitional (2 inches): A polyfoam layer gives comfort and deep compression support.

 Foundation – High Density Support Foam (4 inches): This is a strong supportive foundation that also provides deep comfort.

The Helix Mattress is the most customize-able experience on this list. It’s definitely recommended if you’re picky about your mattress. With all the options, it’s very hard to go wrong with this one.

The Bear Mattress

The last mattress on this list, The Bear Mattress is a Graphite Gel-Memory Foam mattress. You get a 100 night trial with full-refund if you’re not satisfied as well as a 10 year warranty. This mattress was specifically designed for those who are physically active on a regular basis, though it doesn’t mean it won’t suit you if you aren’t. The Bear Mattress promises to provide you with a good night’s rest that is healing and restorative.

When it comes to how firm it is, the ranking is at a 6/10, which is fairly average. There is very little sinking and the mattress itself is quite durable. The 3 layers add up to be 10 inches and are constructed like this:

Comfort Layer – Graphite Gel Infused Memory Foam (1 inch): The unique gel foam gives a cool sleep surface that is more efficient than memory foam. It’s also nice for added comfort.

 Support Layer – High Responsive Memory Foam (2.5 inches): Highly responsive memory foam is extremely adaptive to the body’s curves and movements, meaning it adjusts rapidly. It has bounce and absorbs movement.

 Foundation – High Density Support Foam (6.5 inches): This layer provides shape and support for deep compression in the body.

If you’re an athlete, then you might want to consider the Bear Mattress, since it was made specifically for you. However, if you like your bed to be nice and firm, you might want to go for something more like the Saatva or Helix – you get to choose your firmness with those mattresses.

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Best Mattress for Back Pain – A Closer Look At The Best Back Pain Relieving Mattresses


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