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Bring New Freshness to Your Home with These 14 Indoor Plants

After a tiring day, we wait eagerly to come back to a place that's quiet and peaceful. Home is the place that gives you that inner peace. What's even better is that you can add more positive energy into your sweet abode and life with some amazing indoor flowering plants.

The best part about these dearies are that they demand very less maintenance and bring in loads of liveliness.

And the interesting part is, these plants can be placed in decorative bamboo shoots, colorful ceramic pots or polka-dotted pots and all of these are easily available in the market. Amazing right?

Now, let's take a look at 14 of the most popular indoor plants and how to maintain them:

Chinese Money Plants

What's Special: Unusually round leaves
How to Maintain: Bright, indirect sunlight. Water thoroughly and then let it dry out completely.
Display Idea: in simple pots

Snake Plants

What's Special: Known an mother in law’s tongue, it has variegated leaves while few varieties have yellow or white edges. Small white blossoms are seen rarely
How to Maintain: Indirect sunlight. Light watering required after soil has dried fully.
Display Idea: on an elevated planter/pot


What's Special: Known as ‘Peacock plants’, the purple. green, pink and red leaves are a stunner
How to Maintain: Indirect sunlight (leaf fades in direct light). Moderately wet soil is preferred.
Display Idea: in white pots

Aloe Plants

What's Special: Long pointed leaves that are medicinal in nature
How to Maintain: A lot of sunlight is necessary. Avoid frequent watering as they prefer dry soil.
Display Idea: in tall pots.

Jade Plants

What's Special: Deep green, thick, lush leaves with red tips
How to Maintain: Bright light for a few hours during the day. Watering, once in few days, is enough to keep the soil dry.
Display Idea: Looks great in a pot with other succulent varieties

Peace Lilies

What's Special: It’s easy to grow and looks super awesome with curvy white blooms and dark leaves
How to Maintain: Low to medium light is essential. Needs water only when the top soil is dry
Display Idea: Complement with a modern planter

Fiddleleaf Figs

What's Special: Large dark green leaves that vaguely resemble a fiddle or violin.
How to Maintain: Bright but indirect light. Water only when the top soil is dry
Display Idea: Preferably in the corner.

English Ivy

What's Special: It grows super fast from cut sections and trails down furniture for an amazing effect.
How to Maintain: Four hours of direct light is a must and the remaining should be indirect. Soil should be moist with steady and regular water supply.
Display Idea: Trails down any furniture

Golden Pothos

What's Special: Air-purifying properties, absorbs toxins and formaldehyde from carpets.
How to Maintain: Bright, indirect light. Water should be moderate (never allow the soil to get water-clogged)
Display Idea: in a hanging basket or as a climbing plant

Spider Plants

What's Special: Unusual looking leaves that add visual interest to a room. Looks great as hanging plants.
How to Maintain: Bright and indirect light Water on a weekly basis.
Display Idea: in hanging planters

Rubber Plants

What's Special: It grows easily into an 8 ft. tall tree. The stems can be pruned and reshaped into shrubs. They are supposed to be one of the best air cleaners.
How to Maintain: Bright and indirect light. Water only when the soil is dry
Display Idea: Place the pot near a window where light is filtered through a sheer curtain.

Heart Leaf Philodendrons

What's Special: Perky, dark green, heart-shaped leaves
How to Maintain: Light should be bright but indirect. Water must be sufficient but the soil should not be constantly wet.
Display Idea: Place near mantles or bookshelves


What's Special: Textured, shiny and colorful leaves, can even survive under fluorescent light.
How to Maintain: Low to medium light is optimal. Water only when dry.
Display Idea: in clay pots or in dish gardens


What's Special: While the leaves can grow one foot long, the plant can grow nearly 6 feet tall, thus giving a cheery, tropical feel.
How to Maintain: Low to medium light, keep soil evenly moist.
Display Idea: Place by a curtained window

Keep few points in mind while working with indoor plants:

• Size of the house matters. If you are working with larger rooms, more number of plants would work just fine, but small spaces and large plants just do not gel.

• Place plants near a wall that has a plain background or light texture. This will enhance the overall look of the room.

• Plants need good amount of light, so place them accordingly.

• Also make sure that the colors of the flowers and the leaves of the plants you choose do not clash with your wall color or decor.

Get going, folks!

Have fun planting and potting greenery and enjoy the beauty of nature while sitting indoors!

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Bring New Freshness to Your Home with These 14 Indoor Plants


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