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Decorations that can make the atmosphere lively family room

Decorations that can make the atmosphere lively family room. When compared to other spaces in the home, the Family room or living room may be said to be the most lively. This is where members of the family, relatives and friends also used to gather all activism.

“That’s the beauty of the living room,” said designer Lynne Parker, of Lynne Parker Designs based in Portland, Oregon, United States, quoted by the website curbed, recently. “The family room is the space in which we do everything.”

In order not to lose the family room ‘lives,’ Lynne suggest, first of all homeowners set a vision and a plan. The second foundation of this design made the series possible in order to bring the family room which actually serves as the pivot of all activities.

The initial step turned the family room is a sofa purchase. According to Lynne, also including investment sofa. “It is important to find a sofa that last a long time and with quality.” It is better to check first few furniture stores before buying a dream sofa.

Just like clothing, sofas are also part of the lifestyle. Selection of colors, fabrics, and designs can not be ignored. Plus, if there is a pet in the house or children who like to play, then the selection of bright colors should be avoided.

Apart matter of design and durability, Lynne insists, elections need to be concerned with the comfort of the couch. Nothing wrong, before buying a sofa, first you do the test, held for a moment to ensure a comfortable or not.

After finding the dream sofa, the next task is to install lights with natural lighting. Affirmed Lynn, purchase gorgeous lamps-which supports all the arts and aesthetics-are also included investment. Unique headlight confirms charm room.

Done affairs lamps, rugs next turn. Lynne suggested, Select the size of the carpet that is wider [of the seat] in order to make the room seem more spacious. “The choice of colors, textures and patterns right carpet space capable of balancing scheme.

Up here, the homeowner unfinished task. He still has to put the table as a focal point-in addition to its primary function for a place to put food and drinks. Select the table iconic design, character and timeless.

The decor is minimalist living room-without a lot of big-sized furniture and decorated with intricate carvings-indeed make it more airy. However, according to Lynne, nothing wrong with combining different material here, from wood, metal, wool, silk and glass.

“The existence of the texture of a variety of materials in the living room] is very important,” said Lynne while suggesting the material selected should be comfortable when held or touched. By placing a variety of materials, the living room becomes more alive, dynamic.

One material, fabric, for example, can be realized through a pillowcase. “Had a great time was with a pillow,” said Lynne always advises his clients not to put a pillow that’s it. Buy pillowcases in different stores to be more varied.

Election paraphernalia is not without reason the family room or home put away. Lynne also looked at the importance of structuring the family room which suit the personality of the occupants of the house. For example, by placing their favorite books.

Elections need to be concerned with the comfort of the couch.

In addition to books, can also put the administration objects or objects nearby laden memories. “The objects such express our authenticity. Indeed, so was supposed to be home: express the occupants and the people he loves. ”

In addition to decoration, also presumably need to put air purifier appliance. Moreover, most homes today are not equipped with ventilation, such as a conventional home. Poor indoor air quality is of course very harmful to the health of occupants, as well as guests.

“The house without ventilation impede air circulation,” said Dr. Ong Kian Chung, Respiratory Specialist Mount Elizabeth Hospital, told the media in Aliwal Arts Center, Singapore, some time ago. While in the house scattered harmful pollutants.

Pollutants that come from cigarette smoke and wax, dust furniture, spray deodorant and insect, also the smell of the kitchen. Imagine how tormented lungs when inhaled air daily in the home contain harmful pollutants.

Therefore, Dr. Ong advised to close doors and windows, and installing air purification kinds Dyson Pure Cool Link. This tool sucks the smoke and pollution quickly, so the air quality is better, refreshing and healthy.

In addition to cute, modern and resilient, minimalist design tools that have similar working patterns air turbine is also safe. Without propeller like a conventional fan, the device does not harm children playing nearby.

Regardless of that, any objects in the living room, placing it usability and size should fit the space, as well of course easy to clean. Anyway, Lynne insists, this space must express the life of the residents and make happy.

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Decorations that can make the atmosphere lively family room


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