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Loom and Leaf vs. Saatva Mattress Review

Heads up! Here comes another Mattress stand off. This time we’re putting the Loom & Leaf up against the Saatva mattress. Two mattresses from the same company will go head-to-head in a mattress battle. Who will be deemed the favorite child from the parent company? Continue reading below and see which mattress will be the last one standing.

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Loom & Leaf Mattress Review


The Loom & Leaf is an all foam 12″ mattress built from 4 unique layers.

  • Top layer (cooling + comfort) – 2.0″ layer of conforming gel foam. This layer works to dissipate heat from the sleeping surface. Attached to the top of this layer is a layer of medical grade spinal cooling gel. To keep it short and sweet, this is where the main cooling derives from.
  • Second layer (contouring support) – 2.5″ layer of visco-elastic memory foam. This 5 pound memory foam layer makes up the core of the mattress support. With regards to feel, this foam feels like a cross between latex and memory foam.
  • Third layer (transitional support) – 2.0″ transitional support layer. Helps to provide deep compression support. Additionally, works as a transitional layer helping the top layers transition evenly with the foundational support foams.
  • Bottom layer (foundational) – 5.5″ of high-density support foam. This layer serves as a strong base foam. Acts as a foundation, provides shape to the mattress, and is highly breathable.
Loom and Leaf foam layers (top to bottom) - 2" gel foam, 2.5" memory foam, 2" transition foam, 5.5" support foam

Loom and Leaf foam layers (top to bottom) – 2″ gel foam, 2.5″ memory foam, 2″ transition foam, 5.5″ support foam


Built from 100% organic cotton, the Loom & Leaf’s cover has a soft feel and great breathability. Quilted with a 5/8″ layer of foam, the cover has a more traditionally soft feel. Right below the quilted cover is a thin layer of natural thistle that acts as the fire barrier. This is used instead of a chemical based fire retardant or a fire sock. If ever there was a fire, the thistle acts just as a fire sock would by melting and smothering the flames.

Loom and Leaf organic cotton cover

Loom and Leaf organic cotton cover

The Loom & Leaf has a clean, traditional look and feel. The gold trim, creamy color, subtle side panel wave pattern, and sleek cover create an aesthetic that has both traditional and modern elements combined for a high-end luxury look and feel.

Firmness, Feel, & Support

The Loom & Leaf is available in two firmness levels. Ranking at a 5.5-6 out of 10 (10 being the most firm) on the firmness scale is their Relaxed Firm model. Next is the Loom & Leaf firm, which falls at an 8.5 our of 10 on the firmness scale. Multiple fitness levels is a major benefit for Loom & Leaf, as it allows them to provide an ideal firmness level for more sleepers.

Loom & Leaf firmness - 2 levels available. Luxury firm, which is 6 out of 10. And firm, which is 8 out of 10. (where 10 is the most firm)

Loom & Leaf firmness – 2 levels available. Luxury firm, which is 6 out of 10. And firm, which is 8 out of 10. (where 10 is the most firm)

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When first lying down on the mattress you are welcomed by a very soft, comfortable feel. This is directly associated with their 5/8″ foam padded cover. As I continued to lie on the Loom & Leaf, I felt great amounts of pressure relief and support from the layers below. With a 6.5″ comfort foam resting on top of a 5.5″ support foam base, the Loom & Leaf has the thickest comfort layer I’ve tested to date.

One of the most impressive feature of the Loom & Leaf is the deep compression support. With foams as thick as these, larger sleepers can rest assured knowing that their body will be supported evenly. Although the mattress does have thicker comfort layers, it still has an impressive response time. The memory foams did not make me feel stuck or trapped by any means. In a normal lying position on my back, I saw about 1-1.5″ of sinkage. If you’re a little bit larger and/or you have more weight in a specific section of your body you may find you sink a little more deeply.

Loom and Leaf mattress - King size on platform bed

Loom and Leaf mattress – King size on platform bed


Twin XL$799
California King$1,399

Other Details

  • Shipping – $99, white glove delivery service, will setup the mattress in your home (not compressed in a box)
  • Warranty – 15 years
  • Trial Period – 75 nights
  • Returns – 100% money back guarantee, very easy refunds within the trial period

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Saatva Mattress Review


Saatva is a bit different in terms of design. This mattress is built with 2 layers of steel coils and varies in height (11.5″ or 14.5″) based on sleeper’s preference. Known as a hybrid mattress, this coil-on-coil build assists in improving comfort, support, and longevity.

  • Top Layer (euro-style pillow top) – made from organic cotton, highly breathable and soft. Inside the cover is a euro-style pillow top adding comfort, softness, and a clean aesthetic.
  • Second Layer (lumbar support) – next in line is a thin layer of memory foam. Adds lumbar support.
  • Third Layer (foam encased contour coils) – 4″ of individually foam encased coils serving as the comfort and contour layer. In the Queen size Saatva, there are a total of 884 foam encased coils.
  • Fourth Layer (edge support system) – designed to improve sitting or sleeping on the edge,  this layer sits between the top and bottom layer of coils in addition to running along the edges of the mattress.
  • Foundation Layer (hourglass steel coils) – made up of traditional hourglass shaped steel coils. A total of 416 coils and 7″ of thickness provide the shape and foundation for the Queen size.
Saatva layers (top to bottom) - euro-style pillow topper, 4" foam encased coils, 7" high-profile support coils

Saatva layers (top to bottom) – euro-style pillow topper, 4″ foam encased coils, 7″ high-profile support coils


As the maker of Loom & Leaf, Saatva also utilizes a 100% organic cotton cover as well as a euro-style pillow top for added comfort and softness. Once again, the euro-style pillow top is inserted underneath the cover and seamlessly aligns to the mattress. Unlike traditional pillow tops, the euro-style does not lose its shape over time.

Saatva mattress organic cotton cover

Saatva mattress organic cotton cover

Aesthetically, this cover looks very similar to the Loom & Leaf cover. The Saatva’s cover is a bit more white than creamy. Additionally, the pillow topper and toned down style give it a much more traditional aesthetic in my opinion.

Firmness, Feel, & Support

The Saatva mattress is available in 3 different firmness levels, soft, medium, and firm. The soft version of the Saatva, aka the Plush Soft, is a 3.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm). The Saatva medium, aka the Luxury Firm, is a 6 out of 10. Lastly, the Saatva Firm mattress is an 8.5 out of 10. Having 3 different firmness levels is tremendously helpful as it opens the Saatva up to many sleeping preferences.

Saatva firmness - 3 options available, plush (3 out of 10), luxury firm (6 out of 10), and firm (8 out of 10)

Saatva firmness – 3 options available, plush (3 out of 10), luxury firm (6 out of 10), and firm (8 out of 10)

When you first lie down on the Saatva you’ll immediately notice the euro-style pillow topper. It creates an immediate softness and great pressure relief. I personally love the look of euro-style pillow toppers, especially compared to traditional pillow tops. You get all of the softness, but without a gigantic ugly pillow affixed to your mattress.

In addition to the feel, you’ll likely notice the great bounce and support from the pocketed coils. Bounce and great push-back are perhaps the biggest reasons you may prefer a hybrid / coil mattress vs. foam. This is especially important with regards to amorous activities. Having a mattress that works with you can really help to improve love making.

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The final noteworthy attribute of the Saatva’s feel dynamic is the edge support. Saatva has an advanced edge support system encased in foam that helps to create strong supportive edges. This improves edge performance for both sitting and sleeping, giving you a larger surface of the mattress that’s usable.

Saatva mattress - King size on platform bed

Saatva mattress – King size on platform bed


Twin XL$699
California King$1299

Other Details

  • Shipping – $99, white glove delivery service, will setup the mattress in your home (not compressed in a box)
  • Warranty – 15 years
  • Trial Period – 75 days
  • Returns – 100% money back guarantee, very easy refunds within the trial period

Read the full Saatva mattress review here.

Loom & Leaf vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the Loom & Leaf vs Saatva mattress:

 Loom & LeafSaatva
Layers2.0" conforming gel foam, 2.5" visco-elastic memory foam, 2.0" transition loft pad, 5.5" support foam7" hourglass steel coils, 4" contour comfort coils, 5/8" soft foam layer, 3/8" visco lumbar pad
Height12"11.5" or 14.5"
CoverOrganic cotton cover, 5/8" comfort foam, natural thistle flame retardantOrganic cotton cover, natural thistle flame retardant, euro-style pillow topper
FirmnessMedium or FirmSoft, Medium, or Firm
SupportVery goodVery good
Motion TransferVery minimalSlight
Price - Queen$999$899
Price - King$1,399$1,299
Warranty15 years15 years
Trial Period75 days75 days
Shipping$85-$99, 7-15 days, white glove delivery$85-$99, 7-15 days, white glove delivery
Refunds & ReturnsYesYes

Should I Buy the Loom & Leaf or Saatva Mattress?

At last it has come down to the final question, which mattress should you buy, the Loom & Leaf or the Saatva mattress? Fortunately, this mattress battle is pretty easy. Both of these mattress choices offer excellent quality, materials, service, and performance. However, they are both quite different in terms of design and material construction, giving them each a unique feel, likely making one of these a better choice based on your preferences.

I would recommend the Loom & Leaf mattress to those sleepers who:

  • Want memory foam contour & comfort – the Loom and Leaf strikes a beautiful balance for memory foam mattresses. The 6.5″ comfort layer + 5.5″ foundation base create a delightful feel that creates a moderate level of hug and contour around sleepers. You can expect 1-1.5″ of sinkage / hug for average weight sleepers. If you’re a bit heavier you may see sinkage in the 2″ range.
  • Want a traditional padded quilted cover – L&L has a traditional quilted padded cover that’s 5/8″ thick. This gives it an immediate softness and provides extra pressure relief when you first lie down. The padded cover makes L&L a great compromise for sleepers who aren’t necessarily ready for an ultra thin cover and direct foam contact.
  • Want memory foam hug + good cooling / responsiveness – compared to the universe of other memory foam mattresses, Loom & Leaf is leaps and bounds ahead of the curve. Their foam comfort layers have excellent responsiveness and rapidly change with your movements during the night so you never feel stuck. Additionally, the top layer of spinal cooling gel works together with breathable foams to improve airflow and overall cooling on the surface of the mattress.
  • Want great deep compression support – the L&L’s 12″ thickness gives it great deep compression support. This is especially important for heavier sleepers.

All things considered, my personal favorite between L&L and Saatva is the Loom & Leaf. Saatva is an excellent mattress, but there’s just something about the Loom & Leaf’s hug, comfort, and support that just crushes it out of the park for me.

For more information or to buy the Loom & Leaf mattress visit

I would recommend the Saatva mattress to those sleepers who:

  • Want a traditional, but luxury coil feel – Saatva’s coil-on-coil design creates excellent support, response, and bounce. If you prefer the traditional feel of coils / springs, or you’re afraid of the hug / contour that the Loom & Leaf or other memory foam mattresses create, the Saatva is an excellent choice.
  • Want a stylish pillow top – one of the most striking aspects of the Saatva is the euro-style pillow top. Having the pillow top material stuffed within the cover, as opposed to being affixed to the top, gives it a much cleaner look while providing excellent pressure relief and comfort.
  • Want optimal bounce, cooling, and edge support – there are some areas that coil / hybrid mattresses just really cannot be beat on…the three most prominent are bounce, cooling, and edge support. If these features are critically important to you then the Saatva is probably going to be the better choice over Loom and Leaf (and most other foam mattresses).
  • Want a very soft feel – Saatva is offered in soft, medium, and hard firmnesses. Loom and Leaf isn’t offered in a soft firmness, so if you are very sure you want a very soft mattress, the Saatva’s Plush Soft option is probably going to be your best bet.

For more information or to buy the Saatva mattress visit

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Loom and Leaf vs. Saatva Mattress Review


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