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Gun vs Car

I cannot stress enough that the reality of our criminal justice system and the need for reform is absolutely necessary and in turn absolutely impossible.  The players in this kabuki theater have too much vested, too much at stake and in turn it will cost more money and time than anyone is willing to provide.  Most people don't even have time to wait for a bus let alone take on an institution as vast as the Judicial one.  We can't save our Schools, do you honestly think we will our Courts?

I am deeply pessimistic, angry and utterly frustrated with how ignorant most are with regards to the system and how it works and how they inadvertently contribute to it by voting in Prosecutors, Judges, Sheriffs, and Legislators who have neither interest nor inclination to change a system that is awash with campaign contributions and wealthy ad hoc lobbyists that actually write the laws that they simply sign on to.

Why do we have several laws regarding Manslaughter? Ask a Lawyer and they will give you the regular bullshit response that is about pleas and level of crime.  No it is about ways to prosecute and persecute people dependent on the relationship the Prosecutor has to the Attorney, to the Community or their superiors.  

 So why is Defendant X charged with 1 degree over another? I have no fucking clue is one meaner than another. The same with sentencing.  Why is it a minimum and maximum sentence for one crime over another?  Who knows that shit was pulled out of the ass of a legislator who was given that figure by a lobbyist for private industry that claims that is the average time one needs to "rehabilitate.' What.the.fuck.ever.

Even Lawyers admit it is all bullshit. They have no clue as half of this shit is based on junk science and the other half emotional Politicians pandering to the victims or eponymous acronym group that gets in front of the media in tears demanding JUSTICE. 

Funny when it was the Mothers of victims of gun violence I only heard words of forgiveness, understanding and the need to work together to change and stop this from going on. No off with their heads, JAIL THEM or any cry for vengeance.  Each party seems to have a different demand depending on who they think is breaking the law.

When a person is beaten, raped, killed or harmed they are just that and nothing will change that. Charging an individual with a different charge or code doesn't change that reality. When a man beats his wife how is it any different then him assaulting his best friend?  It is all assault except to the law and then suddenly the same crime means different time? Huh? 

Kill someone drunk at home with a gun versus kill them drunk in car well they are still dead and still the victim of a crime.  But one is manslaughter as you were drunk so it is not murder really is it not murder. Then you get behind a car after a few drinks and that is vehicular manslaughter.  But wait it is now a DUI with much more serious consequences, but you were drunk so it is worse in a car but not with a gun?  Really? 

Hire a prostitute of legal age and agree to pay them well you are now a Sex Trafficker vs just an idiot who committed a crime and you go on sex registry.  Really you do unless of course your Attorney pleas that down and the issue is not one the media is blaring about.  Versus a rapist who abuses a woman, harms her and manages to somehow plea his down to assault and he on the other hand avoids that life sentence. See the logic?

These are our laws, convoluted, bizarre, and all with exceptions and demands that somehow do what? Stop and prevent these things from happening? Well that is working out clearly.

So when a person commits rape you lock up the rapist right? Well no there are again exceptions to that rule.  Read and weep, I did.

Rape Survivor Sues After Texas Authorities Jailed Her For A Month

Guards watch over a single cell area in an acute unit of the mental heath unit at the Harris County Jail in Houston in 2014.
Guards watch over a single cell area in an acute unit of the mental heath unit at the Harris County Jail in Houston in 2014.
Eric Gay/AP

A rape survivor is suing Texas' Harris County after she was jailed for more than a month and subjected to beatings and "psychological torture."

According to court documents, she had suffered a mental breakdown while testifying against her rapist, and authorities checked her into the general population at Houston's Harris County Jail because they feared she would flee before finishing her testimony.

"Jane Doe found herself hopelessly trapped in a bizarre plot pulled from a Kafka novel," the court documents read. She "was imprisoned in the hellhole of the Harris County Jail for no reason other than being a rape victim who struggles with a mental disability."

The anonymous woman was raped in Houston in 2013, according to court documents, and was cooperating with prosecutors when she suffered a breakdown while testifying in December 2015.

She has bipolar disorder and was admitted to a local hospital for mental health treatment when the judge ordered a recess for the holiday break until January 2016.

According to the documents, authorities were scheduled to be on vacation and "did not want the responsibility of having to monitor Jane Doe's well being or provide victim services to her during the holiday recess."

The complaint alleges that the district Attorney's office obtained an order from the Harris County sheriff to take the woman into custody so she would not flee before completing her testimony.

The employee booking her into Harris County Jail identified her as a "defendant in a sexual assault case, rather than the victim." That impacted her treatment from jail staff, as the complaint reads:
"The Harris County Jail psychiatric staff tormented Jane Doe and caused her extreme emotional distress and mental anguish by further defaming her, falsely insisting to her that she was being charged with sexual assault, and refusing to acknowledge her status as an innocent rape victim."
Doe also suffered beatings from other inmates and from a guard, who then requested assault charges to be filed against her "in an attempt to cover up the brutal abuse," according to the complaint.
The complaint also alleges that the jail failed "to provide Jane Doe's prescribed medications."

She eventually testified against her rapist, and a month after she was imprisoned, the district attorney's office dismissed the felony assault case against her and ordered she be released as a material witness.

The Harris County district attorney's office did not immediately respond to NPR's request for comment. The Harris County sheriff's office defended its actions in a statement to The Two-Way.
"The request for detainment was made by prosecutors at the Harris County District Attorney's Office," it said. "When so ordered by the court, the Sheriff's Office had no authority but to follow the court's order to detain Jane Doe."

The complaint notes that her "rapist was also an inmate in the same facility" and treated more humanely. "Her rapist was not denied medical care, psychologically tortured, brutalized by other inmates, or beaten by jail guards," it reads.

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