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Shame Shame Shame

Today I worked at the School mentioned in the article below. The irony was today was a lockdown drill day. The reality is that I have no keys so I could not actually lockdown anything. Not that anyone checked nor cared. Then as the day progressed I saw children so ill prepared and again so lacking in basic skill sets that the behavior issues seemed mundane in comparison and then came the last period of the day.

Somewhere in between the singing and dancing (yes this is an entertainment school but this was an English class) I saw a red beacon of light trained on me. When I realized it was a laser I was unclear where it was coming from and whom was directing it at me. But immediately I was afraid, very afraid and I stayed calm as the kids kept asking me who was lasering me. I turned at looked out the window as if to see if it was coming from outside knowing it wasn't but then I quickly pivoted and saw a device being exchanged hands. I walked to the phone and then called security saying I was afraid.

The security took me to an office but not until I insisted I get my bag and stuff despite the statement that the kids wold not touch it as they had security in the room, I knew I was never setting myself back there again.

Then I sat waited and no one came by but the Secretary who earlier wanted my contact info and another VP who also wanted that walked by whispered to another Secretary about why I was there and they quickly left. Finally the end of the day came after me waiting 30 minutes and the Secretary goes maybe you should head to the office for an interview. She took me to a Vice Principal waiting for buses outside, and her patronizing and condescending manner said more than her dismissal of my concerns. Did I think it was a weapon? I have no clue but to focus a laser on any individual is intimidating and frightening which she did not acknowledge and then said I should probably jump on the bus, with the very students who had just intimidated me. I don't think so. I walked around the building and decided that if I followed Albion I knew it would take me to Tennessee State University but then a quick look around the hood said, call Lyft. I texted the Lyft driver and said I was a legit passenger a Teacher from Pearl Cohn but I was waiting in an empty lot by the school for security purpose. It was now about 2:45 and he arrived as I had not texted he would not have come. He said that neighborhood was not safe and he normally did not pick people up but given time of day etc and that I was willing to pay a bonus charge for such he would. He had lived in Seattle and said that he cannot wait to leave. The Lyft driver from this morning also has lived here two years and will leave he figures in the next year. I agreed and said I have a 3 to 4 year plan and I will be leaving. The insidious racism has led to an odd mix of co-dependence and resentment that results from that type of relationship.

Funny the first school I subbed at was down the road from this high school and the Teacher who gave me a ride warned me about the park and the neighborhood and said that it was a racist system and town and she too was a black woman who moved here two years ago. I thought it was odd that she was willing to teach in a school yet deride the system and the area when she could easily leave and return to family. But then again that takes money and therein lies the problem.

So when I got home and read below I cancelled all my future jobs in the area and plan never to return to that area. It is unsafe and why pretend otherwise. To risk being called a racist vs being dead or hurt I will take the former. This is a sick culture and this is not going to change - EVER.


1 killed after 2 shot in Hadley Park area of North Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – One person died after two were shot in the Hadley Park area of North Nashville Wednesday afternoon.
It happened about 3:20 p.m. in the 2400 block of Booker Street, not far from Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School.

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)
The victim’s identity has not been released at this time. The circumstances of the shooting remain unclear.
Metro police are investigating.News 2 has a crew at the scene waiting to gather more information.

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Shame Shame Shame


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