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Top 10 Tips for Saving Money this Summer

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by Mindy Laughton

Air conditioning is one of those luxuries that’s harder to enjoy when we know it’s costing us more Money than it should. We’re willing to pay the bill for routine use, but we sure hate surprises. We also don’t like the helpless feeling of a Heat wave that is running the system overtime.

Fortunately, there are ways to Reduce the demands on our air conditioning system, and consequently on our electric bill. Many of these are inexpensive. Some are short-term ideas, others will take longer. But they will all work, if done correctly, and they all make a nice part of an overall green home.

1. Take Care Of The System

When we think spring cleaning, we imagine a good airing out of the House and heavy cleaning of carpets and other floors. We don’t often get into home functionality, such as air conditioning maintenance. But making sure that this gets done annually will keep the system clean and allow you to replace failing, energy-hogging parts before they burn up too much energy–or fail in the heat of that Pacific Coast sun.

2. Insulate Everything

This is easiest done during construction, of course. Use thick insulation in all exterior walls, and consider insulating individual rooms from one another so that unused rooms don’t heat up the rest of the house. And speaking of sharing heat…

3. Close Interior Doors

Unused rooms can have unneeded input on your thermostat. A corner room with two exterior walls is particularly problematic, because it’s hotter than the rest of the house. If an unused corner room is left open, it demands more cooling work from your system–to the benefit of no one.

4. Park On Your Driveway After You Drive On A Parkway

Or any other road, for that matter. Cars get hot in the summer. If you have an attached garage, leave your vehicle outside until its engine cools. If you go straight in and close the Door, you have essentially put a heating pad on your house. And while we’re on garages…

5. Manage Your Overhead Doors

Even an empty garage can help contribute to household heat. If it’s 101 in the shade, leave your garage closed. Yes, it will gradually get hotter through the day, but if you open it during the hottest hours, it will stay hot longer in the evening. Get a thermometer and only open the garage when it’s hotter than the outdoors.

6. Mind The Blinds

The sun is a powerful source of heat. Even on a cold day, it contributes to the indoor temperature in your home. It’s natural for us to rise in the morning and open the blinds to see what Mother Nature is doing, but the sunlight streaming in all day will make the house hotter. Close blinds during the day.

7. Enjoy A Tree

It’s natural to seek the shade of a tree when we get hot. So why not do the same for the house? South- and west-facing aspects of the house can be greatly cooled if a large shade tree is growing there, so plant a nice oak or maple to absorb some sun and reduce your cooling costs.

8. Cook Cool

When you think about it, it seems a little crazy to intentionally fire up a 400-degree appliance inside your home when you’re desperately trying to keep things cool. Look at your summertime menus and figure out ways to reduce indoor cooking. Use an outdoor grill or fryer to prepare foods, and reduce the amount of baking you do.

9. Become A Door Fanatic

Some heat will always get in, but that doesn’t mean you invite it in. During warm weather, when everyone wants to be outside, keep doors closed and latched at all times. If you have young kids, install a door alarm that beeps or chirps until the door is closed. Keep the heat outside!

10. Fill In The Gaps

Homes age. Materials shrink, the building settles, and gaps form. Keep an eye out for openings around doors and windows. Utility companies will often come and seek them out for you. When you find them, caulk them thoroughly. You’ll greatly reduce the expensive seepage of air into and out of your home.

So there you have it. Two hands’ worth of ideas on how to make life easier for your AC unit and your budget. Follow these tips faithfully and you’ll see a comfortable change in your home and your bank account.

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Top 10 Tips for Saving Money this Summer


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