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Home Maintenance: How to Stay on Top of Important Home Repairs

Your home is likely the largest purchase you will ever make. Most homeowners expect to pay their mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utilities when they purchase a home. Something they may not consider is the cost of home repairs and home Maintenance.

Home repairs are going to be needed occasionally, as they are a normal part of home ownership. Home repairs also tend to be unexpected and expensive. With that being said, how does a person stay on top of home repairs? The answer is quite simple; preventative home maintenance.

Preventative Home Maintenance

Your home has to be maintained in order to protect your investment. When you don’t protect your home from Damage that happens over time, you may be forced to pay for expensive home repairs. Replacement of damaged parts for your home is significantly more expensive than routine maintenance.

The following are some of the things you should look out for in order to repair issues quickly and prevent costly damage to your home.

Water Damage

Water damage is a common cause of damage to the average home. All of our homes are exposed to water daily, whether it is part of the plumbing or due to the weather. Simply Justice states that 40 percent of homeowners claim to have suffered financial loss from water damage to their home. This makes it the second most common home insurance claim filed. The truth is almost all of water damage is preventable, so you much stay on top of any potential water damage issues.

Natural Sources of Damage

Once or twice per year you should check your home for water leaks and repair them as needed. We recommend cleaning your gutters regularly and checking for leaks in the attic several times per year. This will help you prevent problems from occurring and will allow you to repair problems before serious damage occurs.

If you have a basement, you should also check your sump pump and backup sump pump twice per year in order to make sure that it is operating correctly. If it isn’t, have it serviced. The cost of having your sump pump repaired is significantly less than the water damage caused by sump pump failure.

Plumbing Issues

Twice per year check all of your water fixtures and appliances for water leaks. A broken water heater, for example, can result in significant damage to your home. Washing machines and dishwasher can also flood your floors. Any time your flooring is exposed to a significant amount of water, it can bow, warp, or rot. Mold is another potentially expensive and damaging issue that can result from water damage.


Appliances can result in significant repair costs if they are not inspected regularly and maintained. Keep a list of your appliances and include the brand, model, and serial number zo you can check for recalls on these products a couple times. If a recall is announced, follow the steps listed on the recall to repair the issue.

Check the manuals for your appliances and set up a regular maintenance schedule based on the recommended maintenance for each appliance. Change the air filters in your air conditioning unit monthly and have the HVAC system cleaned and maintained annually to keep it running efficiently.

Semi-Annual Inspections

Inspect your home a couple times per year on the interior and exterior. On the exterior, if paint is chipped or damaged, repair or paint your home to protect it from the elements. Ask your lawn care service to report anything they might notice when it comes to the outdoor of your home and landscaping. They may notice maintenance issues that you might overlook.

Check for any cracks in the foundation or problems with windows. Inside, inspect the home for mold, water damage, cracks in the drywall, and other issues. Repair these issues as needed to prevent more costly damage.


Preventing damage to your home is the best way to protect your investment and stay on top of home repairs. Regular inspections and repairs can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Guest Author: Carol Evenson

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Home Maintenance: How to Stay on Top of Important Home Repairs


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