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How These 5 Future Trends in Home Connectivity Will Change Everything

“The Internet of Things has already revolutionized many human activities, and the next sector to feel that is home connectivity.”

The technological evolution our modern world is witnessing is a fast one, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Concepts that were merely distant dreams not so long ago – such as wearable tech and electric cars – are now turning into everyday norms. The Internet of Things has already revolutionized many human activities, and the next sector to feel that is home Connectivity. People are already using several smart devices in their homes, such as smart thermostats and lighting. Smart products are expected to become even more intertwined in our lives the near future. And that’s because these devices are growing in demand due to their ability to detect, process, report, and initiate corrective actions.

Smart homes across the globe will develop at varying rates, with factors like buying power and social cultures affecting adoption. The need for smart technologies in the home are different among consumers, and that, too, will influence smart home Trends. For instance, while convenience will drive some consumers, others may concentrate on aspects such as health and safety. Whatever the need, a few smart home trends are expected to take over the market in a matter of a few years. Let’s dig deeper into each one below.

Home Appliances

One of the biggest trends in smart home connectivity is the use of everyday appliances connected to one central system. As it stands, Homeowners have to deal with the operation of several devices in the home. You’ll notice that there’s a water heater, air conditioner, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, dryer, and oven – among others – all needing your attention. Smart connectivity, however, will allow homeowners to have all these in one hub. This hub monitors activities remotely so that, for example, even when you are at work, you can switch on your radiator, so that your house is warm when you get back.

The smart thermostat is already a reality with homeowners being able to control temperatures using mobile apps. And companies like Samsung, for example, is already leading the smart-appliances pack with its Family Hub Refrigerator which allows users to replenish groceries without even being home.

Home Security

Another part of the home that will benefit from smart connectivity is its security. Home protection measures are extremely necessary, and they range rather broadly. But smart connectivity will enable homeowners to have security devices that offer richer experiences.

Manufacturers have already started unveiling smart cameras that can differentiate between different subjects. It means that such a camera is able to detect when a person is intruding and when there’s just a pet playing in the backyard. Future security devices are expected to integrate elements like temperature, video, air quality, and voice sensors to get a comprehensive understanding of the different contexts that exist throughout and around your home.

Health Devices

In an age where seniors are spending more and more time in their homes, as opposed to assisted living facilities, medical safety and alert devices have achieved a newfound prominence in their lives. Smart homes of the future will allow loved ones to leave seniors at home without worrying about their health every minute they’re away. With devices such as heart monitors, diabetic machines, and others all connected to one center, it makes it possible to access all the necessary information in an instant.

Robots in homes, in particular, are a highly-anticipated trend when it comes to taking care of seniors. Voice activation is another advantage that the smart home technology adds to this sector. Because if a senior can sit on the couch and command appliances, it doesn’t matter as much if no one else is in the house to help them.

Car and Home

The integration of home connectivity to cars is another technology that will improve the smart living experience. Ford is already teaming up with Amazon so Echo users can access the system for their vehicles. Improving on this technology will allow people to control all other systems from their cars, which will streamline connectivity even further, as well as expand it beyond the home.

Our Need for Connectivity

With technologies such as Samsung’s SmartThings, Google’s Weave, and Apple’s Homekit, the world is not that far away from a full integration of home devices. Of course, smart home connectivity would not be possible without the vast power of the internet. Inter-operability of different platforms requires high-speed internet connectivity to allow for the streamlining of multiple devices. High-speed connections will enable consumers to interact with devices without the stress of some functions lagging behind. And that’s exactly why they’re no longer a luxury, but a necessity. From Google Fiber in USA to NBN in Australia, fast and reliable internet is becoming a reality.

As we move forward in the home connectivity arena, it’s vital that manufacturers and other players in the smart home market cooperate with each other to create new products for everyday use. Because that integration of different systems is what successful home automation is all about – and what will make it more and more of a necessity for homeowners and renters the world over.

Guest Author Bio: Philip Piletic is a freelance a freelancer, writer, and traveler who loves to share his experience with others by contributing to online communities and helping others achieve success. His primary focus is a fusion of technology, small business, and marketing.

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How These 5 Future Trends in Home Connectivity Will Change Everything


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