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3 Ways to Stay Safe This National Preparedness Month

Some disasters are inevitable, but those who survive them best are those who’ve prepared best for them. As President Obama himself said when he announced the beginning of National Preparedness Month 2016, “Americans have been tested by trial and tragedy since our earliest days — but year after year, no matter the hardship, we pull through and forge ahead” – because we’ve prepared ourselves for them.

And in the name of surviving such tests, the president has dedicated the 30 days of September to encouraging everyone across the nation to take important steps toward preparedness. These include such activities as assembling emergency supply kits, making family emergency plans, staying informed about the different emergencies that may affect you, and becoming both trained in and engaged in community preparedness and response efforts. And, to help you pull it all together, here are 3 quick ways you can prepare your home for any disasters that Mother Nature may throw its way.

These Will See You Through the Storms

As President Obama went on to note in his proclamation, “Preparing ourselves to meet the unknown challenges of tomorrow is a duty we all share, and when confronted with crisis or calamity, we need to have done everything possible to prepare.” And during this National Preparedness Month, even the smallest of changes can make ourselves, our homes, and our neighborhoods more resilient. So look below for 3 different devices that you can pick up to stay one step ahead of any disaster that may strike.

#1) Philips Imageo CandleLights

imageo candlelight
Philips 818655 Imageo CandleLight

Remember the last time the power went out on you unexpectedly? What’s the very next thing you did – grabbed a bunch of candles, placed them around the house, and lit them all to bring some light back to your storm-darkened home, right? But, let’s stop to think about that for a second – you just planted a bunch of little fire hazards in every corner of your home. And should anything knock any one of them over, well, your power outage problem just got a whole lot worse. But with a set of these Philips Imageo Candlelights, you can have the light without the flame.

The warm glow and gentle flicker of these battery-powered candles set the mood and give the feel of a classic candle without the hazards of an open flame and hot wax. That’s because the Philips Imageo CandleLights are cool to the touch, making them easy to use in places where it would otherwise be impractical to have real candles sitting around. Plus, unlike regular candles, these CandleLights will never burn out or get blown out by the wind.

“Even the smallest of changes can make ourselves, our homes, and our neighborhoods more resilient.”

Each pack comes with three, 8W LED candles that can operate for up to 20 hours on a 10-hour charge, providing far more than an evening’s worth of light. And they’re also easily rechargeable using the included wireless induction charger base. You simply set the CandleLights in each charge circle on the base, and they start charging – no plugging in the lights or dealing with a jumble of wires. And when the CandleLights aren’t in use, the convenient charger base also doubles as a storage unit for the lights.

But here’s something even cooler, the CandleLights have a convenient and innovative on/off switch; simply shake, tilt, or tumble to bring them to life! There’s no open electricity, making them both waterproof and weatherproof, as well as fitting for both indoor or outdoor use. With no switch or button, you won’t have to worry about hiding the controls, and it’s easy to flip them on or off with just a flick of the wrist.

Plus, they’re also great to use even in non-emergency situations. The frosted glass votive lends a little more elegance than a cheaper, plastic alternative, thus helping to create a unique ambiance around the home that’s both decorative and enchanting.

#2) Safemore Smart 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 4-USB Output Power Strip

safemore smart 8 outlet with 4 usb output power strip
Safemore Smart 8-Outlet with 4-USB Output Power Strip

During a strong thunderstorm (or a tornado, or even a hurricane), hundreds of lightning strikes can barrel down toward the earth. And it takes only one to hit a power station, line, or transformer for an entire neighborhood to section of the city to lose power. And when your home loses electricity, it’s usually accompanied by a huge surge of power, which has the potential to damage every single one of your electronics plugged into a wall outlet.

However, with the Safemore Smart Surge Protector and Power Strip, you can keep every piece of your vital electronic equipment protected. The Safemore power strip features 8 outlets, 4 USB ports, and a 6.5ft power cord – all in one unit – bringing more convenience to your life. Plus, with its tower design and spacious socket holes built into different surfaces, you can get power at any angle you want (even with those space-hogging power blocks). And, this design lets you charge all your devices more freely, no matter if they’re small home appliances, electronic office equipment, or general household electronics.

Safemore uses the highest quality copper conductor to ensure smooth conduct; as well as premium plastics that are high-temperature resistant, flame-resistant, fire-proof, and even water-proof. Plus, the three silver plating switches (two on the top for the outlets, one on the side for USB ports) give the device anti-oxidation protection, and even double as handy power switches, making it easy to turn off several electronics at once when not in use and ensuring energy savings.

And if you still aren’t convinced, Safemore even offers a 12-month, worry-free product guarantee with each surge protector, and they couple that with friendly, easy-to-reach support as well. Because Safemore is offering more than a regular power strip – this is an innovative gadget that keeps you and your electronics protected and prepared for whatever may come surging through your power lines.

#3) Netatmo Personal Weather Station for Smartphone

netatmo weather station for smartphone
Netatmo weather station for smartphone

If you’re good about keeping an eye on the weather, then you’re familiar with how inaccurate any forecast can be – especially for your individual home – mainly because the atmosphere is constantly in flux. But with the Netatmo, you’ll have a weather station of your very own, one that constantly monitors the weather conditions surrounding your home, and reporting them directly to you.

The Netatmo Weather Station takes armchair meteorology to the next level. Its modules are capable of monitoring things like temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide, and even noise levels – both inside and outside of the home. And with the rain and wind gauges available for additional purchase, you can gather even more atmospheric data to analyze at your fingertips.

The outdoor sensor is water-resistant, and the module runs on two AAA batteries that will keep everything powered for a year. And since the Netatmo gathers the detailed data and shares it via a Wi-Fi connection, that means you’ll be able to monitor all of it on your phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere, at any time, with real-time notifications and graphs of data history. It will also automatically send you an alert in the case of a “Special Weather Event” near your home – letting you know when any sort of storm is to begin, and end as well.

This device is especially useful if you live in a rural area, where location-specific weather information can be hard to come by, or if you need to monitor the conditions around something specific, such as a cabin or second home. Add in full-scale integration with Apple’s HomeKit or the popular online automation service IFTTT to make the most of this gathered data, and you’re suddenly looking at one of the most well-connected weather trackers on the consumer market.

At its core, Netatmo is real-time weather information that matters to you, because it’s gathered right at your doorstep. It’s like having your own, little weatherman – forecasting just for you.

So as you’re packing your emergency preparedness supply kit this summer, be sure to include these 3 vital items and check here for even more tips on how to be better prepared so that, as President Obama says, we can “ready ourselves and our communities to be resilient in the face of any emergency we may encounter.” Because you never know what may come rolling in on the waves and winds of a storm, and one of these smart pieces of technology might just save your life.

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3 Ways to Stay Safe This National Preparedness Month


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