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Sunglasses Why Do They Matter?!

This is Watch Your Style. Today I’m gonna be going over a topic that since the beginning of my video series people have been sending me messages and emails talking about “What type of glasses are you wearing?” “What brand are they?” Or “Why am I wearing glasses indoors? Is it sunny like that?” So the question is, “Sunglasses, Why do they matter?” So sunglasses, or eyewear…I don’t know, or designer shades, or whatever you wanna call them. For me, it’s a very important accessory.

And the question was, “Sunglasses, why do they matter?” Well for one, it’s one of the few accessories that go direction on your face. So for me, it’s a very important thing in fashion, for men’s accessories or essentials. Yes I love watches, but I also love sunglasses. So there’s a lot of different brands that I like and throughout my video series, I’ve always worn sunglasses. I’ve gotten a lot of commentaries about that. “Who wears sunglasses in a video?” “Is it sunny in there?” “What a douche!” “I would never buy a watch from a guy with sunglasses!” Guys, relax! Do you actually really thing that I’ll sit down in front of a person face to face and conduct business with a pair of glasses on? I mean, what type of idiot would do that? This is a video series.

This is where we talk about fashion or watches and different things. Who cares if I’m wearing sunglasses? It has nothing to do with the fact. So yes, I do wear sunglasses in my video and I don’t really care. If you don’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you. But today we’re here to talk about sunglasses, not about the commentaries of other people. So with style and fashion, sunglasses are very important and I’m gonna talk about three of my favorite brands of sunglasses. So the first brand of sunglasses that I wanna talk about is Dita. Now Dita is a good brand of sunglasses and I want to tell you it’s more of the mass produced brands that I use because a lot of people have told me, “Hey, you’re the guy that wears the Ray-Bans.” Look, nothing wrong with Ray-Bans, but I’ve never owned a pair of Ray-Bans in my life. I don’t know why. I just kind of like more unique brands that don’t make so many glasses, so that I don’t show up somewhere and the guy next to me has the same pair of glasses.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, when I have a pair of sunglasses, the guy next to me will not or anybody in the whole establishment. That’s just the way I am. It doesn’t mean everyone is the same. Dita is one of the sunglasses manufacturers that I wear that tends to have a little bit more popularity and more of a mass production, but overall they do make a nice pair of sunglasses. And depending on the one it is and stuff like that, they all give a different effect. I go through different moods and just like watches, I got these times where there’s just one pair of sunglass that I just have to have and I’ll wear it for a while and just like watch, the novelty would wear off and then want to go on to the next one. The only difference is with sunglasses you can’t really trade or sell them, so I usually preserve them, treat them well while I wear the sunglasses so that they I could put them away and maybe someday resurface that pair. This particular pair of Ditas was a model that I had a for a very long time and actually I got more questions on my videos about that particular pair of glasses than any other ones in my series.

I feel like I got a thousand comments of people asking me, “What type of sunglasses it was.” I had an auto-reply set up saying that they were Dita Classe models. Classe was C-L-A-S-S-E. So Dita is a bit more of a mass produced brand. Then we start getting more into the niche brands that I like of eyewear and these are more luxury designer glasses and one good example is Mykita. Now, Mykita is a very well made product. This pair that I have right here is a very interesting pair of sunglasses. I did a couple of videos with these glasses and I call them my “Dracula shades.” It’s something you’re not gonna see around. These are very well made glasses. Most of the glasses that I will buy are hand-made because it’s kinda like watches. I kinda like the attention to detail and the quality. These are titanium, very thin. Again, a pair of sunglasses that you’re not gonna see anywhere. Glasses like this will set you back around $850.

But it’s something very unique. Low production, a very particular thing. So as you go through different moods and stuff you kinda want to have sometimes different pair of sunglasses for different outfits. Very good question people ask me, “Do you match your sunglasses with your outfit?” Yes, I obviously do. That’s why I have so many different pair of sunglasses. You’re always gonna have your go-to pairs of sunglasses, but I do match them. So you always wanna have a little bit of variety. I’m more of an exclusivity type of guy, so that’s why I like brands like Mykita.

They’re just not a lot of them. Chances are you’re probably never even seen a pair. But overall, it’s all about quality and attention to detail and that’s what I look at when I try to go for the best brands of designer glasses. So I get another question and it says, “Do you match your sunglasses to your watch?” You know, I would put that more into the category of my outfit. Sunglasses to me don’t really make a direct correlation to the watch. I guess it could in a way if you had like a pair of glasses on that had a lot of gold in the frames, then OK maybe a rose gold watch won’t be appropriate. But I don’t necessarily match it to the watch. I kind of just match it in general to everything. So the last brand of sunglasses that I wanna go over happens to be one of my favorites.

Ninety-nine percent of the videos that you’ll watch on my blog are from this bran. That brand is the exact pair that I have here and it’s Super or Retro Super Future or whatever it is that they want to call it nowadays. If you do a Google search and you put, “super sunglasses,” it’s gonna take you to their site. The official name of the brand “Retro Super Future.” But I just say them “Super,” because it’s just shorter. Super brand glasses. Now, these glasses they’re very limited. People ask me if these are a pair of Ray-Bans. They’re not. This pair of sunglasses that I have is a wayfarer. That’s a style of sunglasses. Just like Aviators and stuff like that, so yes they will kind of look like a Ray-Bans but these are not Ray-Bans. These glasses are hand-made in Italy. You cannot find them very easily and I’ve actually been using this brand since they first started. When they first started they only had about six pairs. Now if you go to the website, they’ve blown up. They got a bunch of models.

They use Carl Zeiss lenses. It’s quality, quality, quality. You know, I had a pair of these sunglasses one time that I used to use just for the boat and one day they literally got stepped on and a hatch closed on them and I said, “These glasses are done.” I pretty much just threw them away on the ground. The crazy part is is that a friend of mine actually picked them up and bent the hinge back into place and wore the damn things for another year. I mean, unbelievable! If that would have been a pair of Ray-Bans or any other brand, those glasses would have been shot. So it’s about quality. I like unique, hand-made stuff and I really like sunglasses from brands that really just make sunglasses. As opposed to some of like the high-fashion designer, Christian Dior, Gucci…they make good products. Yes, there’s always gonna be a pair that I’m gonna be attracted to, but I kind of like more like brands that just make sunglasses and that’s what’s special to me. That’s what makes it different in my opinion. So remember, sunglasses are an accessory that go directly on your face.

It’s pretty much an accessory that nobody can hide. Some people might not like watches. I get it. Everybody likes sunglasses, OK? And also it’s like a form of an expression. If you wanna wear some fishing glasses and that’s just your look, Amen to you! Everybody has a different look in fashion and styles. Mine in particular I like more luxury, designer sunglasses and they also express like a mood too, you know? Kinda like a watch. Sometimes you want to just wear something stainless steel, low-key. Sometimes you want to just go all-out, whip out the big boy Richard Mille.

Whatever you want! So keep that in mind when selecting glasses and stuff like that. For me, it goes by moods and different trends. Something I wanna point out today is that also, what watch I’m I wearing today? A couple of people have always asked me at the end of the video to mention that. I’m wearing today an AP 44-millimeter Offshore ceramic bezel. I’ve had it for about three weeks right now.

I’m not exactly sure if it’s gonna be a keeper into the collection, so right now it’s still on the trial phase. So why do I wear sunglasses? Because pretty much I just like the damn things. That and I also like to hide my eyes. Don’t ask me why. They seem to get me in a lot of trouble. So if you liked this video, please like and share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style! .

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Sunglasses Why Do They Matter?!


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