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What To Do If Your Apartment is Too Cold

The winter can be grueling in many places in the U.S. Unless you're living in sunny California, having Heat in your Apartment is vital to get through the winter. Old houses and apartments may have issues that won't keep the heat inside your place.

There could be several different things making your apartment cold. Some may be quick fixes that your landlord can take care of, but you may need to get creative with ways to keep your apartment Warm this winter.

Here are seven things to do if your apartment is too cold.

1. Insulate windows

A common way apartments get cold in the winter is drafty windows. They can make for an expensive heat bill. You turn up the heat, the heat escapes, so you turn it up even more. The cycle continues and your apartment never stays cold.

You can break the cycle by making sure that your windows are properly sealed and insulated. One option is to purchase a window insulator kit, which are inexpensive and easy to install.

You can also buy a draft blocker, which is stuffed fabric that stops the cold from seeping in windows and doors. Additionally, you should keep drapes and blinds closed, except when the sunlight is directly shining through your windows.

2. Check your radiator

If your radiator is making a “hiss" sound, that's a sign it's broken. It's likely you're hearing air escaping from the pipes. You want to be sure your radiator is tilted back slightly toward the pipe it's connected to.

If this is broken, you should contact your landlord immediately to replace it. It's a quick and easy fix, but as a renter, you shouldn't have to worry about replacing it yourself.

3. Focus the heat

If your apartment is cold, try to focus the heat in the room that you're in. At night, you should try to trap heat in your bedroom and throughout the day, in whatever room you're in. This saves energy and keeps you warm. Try closing the vent in spaces you aren't using, so the heat goes into the rooms you're in often.

4. Dress warm

This may be obvious, but you should keep yourself bundled when your apartment is cold. Break out your favorite sweatpants, sweaters and socks. Keeping yourself warm will also save money and energy since you won't need your space to be as toasty.

5. Cover cold surfaces

Hardwood floors are wonderful for many reasons, but keeping you warm isn't one of them. Rugs and carpets can help to trap heat. Rugs double as great decor, so find one you love that will keep you warm and tie your room together.

If you aren't interested in investing in a rug, you can also use towels or blankets to cover the floor when it's especially cold.

6. Keep your fan on

Having the fan on may seem counterintuitive, but it actually helps to keep your apartment warm. Reversing the direction of the fan can help to bring the warmer air down to where you're cuddling up on your couch.

7. Electric space heaters

Space heaters aren't exactly energy or cost efficient, but they're helpful in a last-resort situation. If you absolutely cannot get your apartment warm enough, investing in a space heater can help.

You can move it to any room you're using and it will surely keep you warm. They also have potential to be hazardous. Remember to never leave a space heater unattended and to turn it off before leaving a room or going to sleep.

Photo by Talgat Baizrahmanov on Unsplash

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What To Do If Your Apartment is Too Cold


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