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How To Save Money on Your Move

You live in an Apartment.

But now there's an even better apartment. Maybe closer to work with a little more space and you want in.

You're not exactly rolling in cash, so budgeting how much your move will cost is a must.

Estimating the cost of your move

To move from a two-bedroom apartment to a similar place in town, you're looking at spending between $115 to $200 per hour. That will get you two to four movers and about a 25-foot truck. With a typical move taking around four to six hours, you could easily spend more than $1,000. If you're not on the first floor, expect to pay a little extra.

Also, Moving Companies will tack on fees to move appliances like your washer and dryer. Another thing to account for… traffic. That hourly rate applies to travel time from Point A to Point B, so try to make sure your movers aren't getting on the road at rush hour.

Most Moving companies also offer packing services. The movers will come to your place, pack all your stuff in boxes (hopefully neatly), load it up on a truck and take it to the new, even cooler place. You can even have them unpack it. Of course, this luxury comes with a price tag. Some places charge per box (around $17 dollars). Others will charge you their hourly rate plus the additional cost of packing materials.

Of course, the bigger your place, the longer your move will take – which will in turn jack up the price. And if you’ll be moving out of state, you can expect your costs to rise by about $1,500 to $3,000 with the amount increasing the greater the distance.

If we’ve lost you with the math, this moving calculator can help you get a better idea of your total costs.

5 ways to save on your move

The costs you’ll pay to relocate will quickly add up, but fortunately, there are a few ways you can save on your move.

1. Schedule a weekday move

Some moving companies charge less for weekday moves. You could be looking at saving around $20 per hour if you move on a weekday. Of course, this savings might be negated by taking the day off work. Run the numbers and see what works best.


If you've packed well and have everything clearly labeled, your movers won't waste time trying to figure out what goes where once they're at the new location. When packing, label your boxes not just with the contents, but exactly which room the box belongs in.

It's a good rule of thumb to put labels on the top and the side of each box so they can easily figure it out without having to hunt you down.

3. Get multiple quotes

Call around to several companies and detail your move. Let them know you are price hunting and ask for estimates to be emailed to you so you can tell other companies what their competitors are offering.

4. Get rid of extra stuff

Cutting down on the amount of stuff will cut costs dramatically. There won't be as many boxes so it will take less time for the movers to get the job done.

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5. DIY

You’ve got two perfectly good arms, strong legs and maybe a not-so-great back. All a wonderful combo for a Do-It-Yourself move.

Rent a truck, recruit a few friends (pay them well in pizza and beer) and you’ve got yourself covered. Renting a 25-foot truck for 6 hours will cost about $30 per hour plus any extra charges for miles traveled.

Pro tip: Have everything packed and ready to go prior to the arrival of your friends. Otherwise, you risk losing those helpful friends or finding all your stuff hastily thrown into garbage bags. Not a good look for glassware.

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How To Save Money on Your Move


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