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What Is The Difference Between A Mole And A Vole?

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A beautiful home and a beautiful Lawn go together, that's why we work so hard to keep our lawns looking healthy and green. But it takes a lot of work to get that envied front-lawn look: hedge trimming, lawn mowing, mulch laying, flower planting, and more. And after all that hard work your lawn will be the envy of all your neighbors, so it is worth it, right? Well, nothing can ruin that work faster than voles and moles. There is nothing quite as frustrating as waking up to find dead brown veins running through your turfgrass or raised tunneling and dirt mounds.

What Are Voles?

A vole is a rodent that can be found throughout Eurasia and North America. It is usually brown or grey and ranges from 4 to 8 inches in length, depending on the species. It has a round snout and rat-like tail. Though it can burrow, it mostly travels above ground.

What Are Moles?

A mole is a burrowing mammal with a pointed snout, sharp claws, and short, hairless tail. It has a velvety coat that is usually gray. It prefers to be underground and loves the dark--but is not born blind as many people believe. It has the ability to see, though not very well.

What Damage Do Voles And Moles Do?

Both of these animals can cause Damage to your yard. The damage moles do to a lawn is mainly the raised tunnels they create underneath the surface of turfgrass as they search for worms, grubs, and other sources of protein. Because moles do not eat plants, they cause damage only by creating these tunnels. Voles are herbivores. Therefore, they can cause much more damage than just ruining the grass in your lawn. Voles will chew on the bark of trees and damage the roots of plants, causing them to collapse. If you have a garden, voles will also eat from those plants as well. Nothing is safe. All the hard work you've put into your lawn, garden, and ornamentals can be lost when these pests invade. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Adam's Pest Control deals with voles and other pests in an environmentally friendly way, finding the best solution to eliminate or prevent insect and rodent problems. You deserve to have the best lawn in the neighborhood, and we can help with that. Reach out to Adam's and get the assistance you need to protect your lawn from the harmful influence of voles, moles, and other lawn pests.

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What Is The Difference Between A Mole And A Vole?


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