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Covid Chronicles Week 3000

Covid Chronicles Week 3000

Well it may as well be as this is Thursday and the week is nearly over if one cares about such things, I have rarely and now don't as it is utterly irrelevant. I simply note the days in which to follow the TV schedule of the few shows I still watch. And even then I am DVR most of them to pick up later. This last two seasons of the Real Housewives of New York and Beverly Hills have finally embarassed me to the point I cannot watch in real time and tweet about them, as why does anyone give a flying fuck about these Bitches? An the same for Below Deck or well anything on BRAVO anymore? Podcasts are by far more interesting than watching Selling Sunset which is Million Dollar Listing only with Women instead of asshole white boys shoving over priced real estate down our throats versus their dicks. And, no I don't swallow for whatever they are selling. 

Instead of this I am vested heavily into true crime and of course that includes sex trafficking, cults and other bizarre stories about white men who rape,kill or manipulate women out of millions and then fuck them just to make sure the deal is closed. I was so relieved to see equality on Netflix, however, with the Bikram Yoga documentary about that crazy psycho and his co-option a 2,000 year old Indian philosophy and practice into a chain of studios while of course taking a few moments in between downward dogs to shove his dog into the nubile flexible bodies that were twisted before him. He is not the first Guru or the last to pull this shit, if you are curious listen to the Podcast Guru, The Dark Side of Enlightnment on Wondery. This is another one of Oprah's favorite things a false prophet who largely manipulates women, defrauds them and lets them kill themselves or die due to his arrogance and lack of respect for life of others. Sounds very male. 

And speaking of that, I am watching the Vow on HBO about Nxivm another pyrmaid scheme/cult where the two founders of this look and act like odd Middle School Teachers who came up with some Bullshit and peddled it like Amway to many frustated and isolated wealthy white women and some idiot men who had small dick issues. This is priceless and it too has Podcasts about the group as they got woke when the FBI arrested their guru in Mexico for of course sex trafficking and tax bullshit. He just did not quite get up to Jeffrey Epstein level wealth to have a private island in which to hide the sex slaves but watchigh this dumpy idiot play volleyball and make up the biggest bullshit I have ever heard is fascinating; well until you listen to Guru or watch Bikram. And throw in the Oregon cult and well you have a full weekend ahead of you to binge and think well at least I am not that stupid. So how about stupid? Well Crazy Dopey Grandpa admitted on tape to a journalist that yep he knew about Covid in February. I suspect CDG knew as early as December and possibly Novemenber when the virus emerged in China and thought that this was a great little gift in which to wreak havoc. If one notes the personnel switching most happened in the CDC in Janurary right before the first outbreak in Seattle and then of course the weeks that followed with nothing until March when shit and fan met. 

 As we enter fall we are now going to see the return of the lottery numbers and of course a potential lockdown mandate right before the election which Trump will use to barricade himself in the White House to challenge the outcome. He is insane and dangerous much like McCarthy was in the late 50's/early 60's with regards to Communism. They parallel each other so significantly it is not surprising that dead Roy Cohn was a prominent figure in both lives. Roy dying of antoher virus he was in denial about, a coincidence not lost. If you must read something do read The New Yorker story on McCarthy and what he was like during his tenure in Congress. We can only hope Trump ends up the same, soon. So why do women fall for men like this? I am assuming cash or a big dick. Well we know that Trump has neither and another woman has come forward to share her tale of assault by the hands of CDG and she will be evicerated like many women, the slut shaming,the victim blaming and the overall dismissal of her claims as a fame seeking whore.

  Yes that is my dream and this is how any sane woman should pursue it by accusing a famous powerful man of rape, it always works out. Oh wait. But there is a cult like vibe one gets from the MAGA set and when you watch shows regarding said cults it is usually women who gravitate to these weird men who seem to make promises to amend their lives and offer them hope. The of course the demands for money and later pussy follow and for some as in the case of Nxivm were willing to brand themselves to prove worth shows that baby we have not come a long way. 

The women of Epstein served as conduits to lead other young girls into the den of depravity and in Nxivm they actually humiliated and abused women who did not wish to scar themselves for their fearless leader who used Master/Slave as actual names and identities. My favorite was his clearl handling of men with their own group called Society of Protectors. Well seeing the men in that little cohort explains why they failed so dramatically, one not even beleiving his wife over the lunatic Keith Ranniere. What the flying fuck is it? Again they don't have big dicks, they have their hands out and women of education, with careers walked out of their mainstream lives to follow that? And the Guru the same even after serving time. And there are endless stories with Dirty John's one after another despite the stories, podcasts and books on the subject. Wow you must be that stuipd. We have all been fucked over once but you are usually in your twenties and don't know better but when you have picked up the tab, they have taken your credit card on one spree that should be the sign. Twenty years ago we did not have the media we do now so really I get culty Oregon - then - now no. And as for Bikram Yoga, go onto the Facebook page say anyting about their Guru and well there is Namaste there for you. I have said repeatedly that Yoga folks get caught up in a bullshit frame of mind that is so white, so privileged that I often think that they have never had pain in their life so they think substituting physical pain is the same. No. 

And that brings me back to the MAGA set. We know that they are largely white males and some misguided other people who are faces of color who must hate themselves to even associate with that racist asshole makes me sad for them, Herman Cain, rest in peace. But women are truly a revelation as it proves that had they met Keith Renniere or Jeffrey Epstein, Bikram, Ted Bundy or some other charlatan sooner we might not have Trump as president. 

Women do hate women, there is little more I can say about that. They are raised to be cum dumpsters and those who come from educated families are allowed to have other doors open to them, but they are equally treated as an object to sell themselves to the highest bidder in which to keep the gene lines tight, like of course their pussy's agumented by some nutfuck treatment to have with their face lifts (watch the Housewives to learn all about that) and in turn keep their man close and his wallet closer. The current state of American women are divided by what civil rights are and the role of women in our society. And that was what led them to vote for Trump? Really? I believe Hilary was a problem but that was the possession of a vagina first and it made it easier to dismiss her. No one wanted Kamala Harris as President, her campaign floundered and I feel it was less about race but more of gender as the other Women also were kicked quickly to the curb in the pursuit of a white male leader. Why Elizabeth Warren is not there is beyond me. Age? She is only a few years younger than Biden, Klobuchar had no chance and the other women remember them? Two of them.. name them? I can, can you?

Now Ms. Harris will I assume the Presidency as it is unlikely Biden will finish his first term and for that I am fine with regardless as we cannot have CDG any longer. His raging mania is well just that. So as we wind down this week more Covid stories continue as we have to mask or not to mask. Vaccine or no? And of course the Covid theater of temperature taking and other bullshit we are doing to stop the spread. Wash your hands, six feet not enough, 15 minutues not 30 for close contact and of course what constitutes a crowd? All of these have come of issue and my favorite is the bullshit temp taking which has meant nothing not ever unless well you are sick and if you don't know that and have a hairdresser tell you then die already and save us time. Or my spa which makes you bag your shoes upon entering. How aobut I take them off and with me to the sauna? Which sheds more, my shoes or me? Honestly each week a new saga/drama/bullsht begins anew. And the endless clearning which is Covid theater at its finest. Well I am a clean freak so have at it. 

  And here we have tickets being issued if we are not wearing masks on public transport. So yesterday on the PATH we were delayed which means crowding, longer exposure and frankly having an agent walk through does little to nothing as as soon as they left the stuck train got more passengers and one black man, the largest cohort with the virus, gets on mask off. I got off immediately. Sorry but one minute of exposure is one minute too long, so all the posturing does nothing if it cannot be consistent. I loved when DiBlasio posed with State Traffic to watch bridges for out of state crossing into New York. How long was that for? As long as the cameras were on. The same with the bullshit curfew. One of the drama queens here claimed to be stopped repeatedly when coming to work but another man who also works graveyard never laid eyes on them and well we never heard it was over and then it was. When there are no restaurants or bars open what is the point again? There is none other than theater. 

More is coming as the virus continues its death march until well into next year and a proper vaccine is found to work. And again that will be trial and error. But if CDG is gone less likely on the error as Biden has wanted to be president for a long time and even for the short duration he will be president he will be cautious and responsive. Two things we don't have. But hey we have Jared!

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Covid Chronicles Week 3000


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