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The Trump Effect

The Trump Effect

Yesterday our Il Douchebag in Chief arrived in Nashville literally blocking major highways, shutting down a major transit terminal and adding chaos and confusion to commuters leading to literally a Government shutdown with municipal and federal offices closing at noon to accommodate this needy needy man to campaign endlessly to build his ego.

Anyone who thinks these are missions to sell up a program or policy such as the new Ryancare as we know Trump had nothing to do with it, does he have anything to do with anything in that Administration? It only received a passing mention in that constant manner of half campaign talking points and blather masked in a rant about how everyone is against him but present company excepted of course. Then promptly points out a protester and has them escorted out. Again it is him against the world and he will save us from the Zombie Apocalypse, Kim Jong Un and evil Mexican immigrants with bad Muslims thrown in.

Listening to that 40 minute diatribe made me laugh as it reminded me of how at my family dinners we would go around the table and well rant for an allotted time about whatever was bugging us and then move on. It was utterly disjointed and perhaps contributes to my bizarre way of segueing into non-sequiters and snark as a way of moving on past anything that might truly evoke anger, rage and tears. Anyone from dysfunctional homes would recognize this mode of communication.

And no one does dysfunction better than Trump and no one buries facts and honesty better - other than Southerners. So when I heard praise for Southern Hospitality I busted out laughing as that is about as non-existent here as healthy eating. One thing Southerners are good at is saying something to your face and talking shit behind your back. Any ugly truths are swept up under the rug, if not by a slave anymore by a low wage worker.

I felt truly at unease yesterday as I knew immediately after this nonsense the moronia would hit the streets that are lined with bars and drink themselves to further idiocy. I was impressed that the protesters were there and in equal number of Trumpkins and they were dignified and present. Of course the reality of that is our local news barely covered it nor showed the truth of a half empty Auditorium and the lines that were purposely kept outside through a convoluted screening process that is run by Trump's campaign group and not the White House. Again that is one thing consistent - sloppy workmanship.

And while this bizarre self talk (truly that is what it reminds me of shit Therapists say do in front of a mirror to build self confidence, self esteem and well look idiotic) was going on, the real budget was released and it was deep in cuts. The same fat mentally ill poorly educated that Trump loves who were sitting there self masturbating to the rants and raves of a lunatic who should have stayed in the fringe, will be the most hard hit by it.

To understand Nashville is to understand Tennessee as our numbers with regards to comparison of of the rest of the United States over issues that are related to costs of living, health care, education and overall quality of life show much lower numbers or higher numbers dependent upon the classification. So in the case of health care, we are above the United States with access to health care but lower in actual usage of the same. We have access to Education but we are the lowest in attaining it.

To understand Nashville you must learn to speak Southern and everything here is county talk. We talk and refer to places by County and not by the largest cities or towns that dominate. In the Northwest we would actually refer to the town or the city by name regardless of County and that where it was located within respect to the County was irrelevant but to Southerners they are the main identity source and in turn divide and segregate within them. It is a great way to bypass facts and truths that again they are very good at here. That is one constant.

This report is solely about the quality of health and it comes from the major health providers here that discusses the stats behind Davidson and in turn Nashville, as it relates to the overall quality of life here in comparison to Tennessee and in turn the United States and it is not good. Not good in the least. Did not hear that last night no you would think this place is fanfuckingtastic!

So when I looked at the budget I was not surprised given what we knew where we were heading under the Bannon plan. This is Reagan not lite but overkill. It makes that doddering asshole seem generous. I lived through that too. I said that this would be a combination of the 70s with the paranoia and a touch of the 80s with the budget and doddering old duffer faking it. Well welcome to the 20th Century we have traveled back in time.

This budget hurts the poor and working class more than any other group. The very group sitting in that auditorium and the larger group outside. They can't read and even if they do they can't read well and their math skills are elementary level which makes this even tougher to grasp.

Be afraid be very afraid the Trump Effect is science fiction.

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The Trump Effect


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