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Father Figure

Father Figure

I am truly wondering if it is in the DNA and that men are sexually deviant by genetics.  Not a day, not one day goes by where I read or hear on the radio another Story about how men in positions of authority or leadership exploit those around them for Sexual satisfaction.

First we have this story about a Father who was in charge of dozens of boys who made them "Bleed for Jesus." 

This man was and is a sadist.  When this emerged or how is something that I suspect goes back to his own puberty.  And perhaps that is why he chose to become a Minister to somehow compensate and in turn forgive himself for his sexual desires.  Where a professional sex worker and therapist might have been a better choice, he instead did to others as others did to him.

We know this from the Catholic Church scandal and the issue was well addressed in the movie Spotlight.

We have a former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, serving time for molesting boys while he was their wrestling coach and only after he was extorted by one his victims did this heinous crime come to light.  The best part of this is he wants a refund as well he did go to jail, directly to jail.

And we have Sandusky and the apple doesn't fall far from that tree as the son has been recently charged with similar crimes.  Shocking? No, not really.

And in Britain the scandals of the BEEB still are being addressed via a soap opera plot,  along with infamous football (soccer for you Americans) coaches also recruiting and abusing young men in the name of the game.

And Australia as a Commonwealth nation of England but not of its Church as the Queen would have none of that I'm sure, but the Pope on the other hand,  is also under fire for its abuse of minors. G'day!

Lastly we have the Marines again under fire for another sex scandal.  And again Facebook seems to be the prime source of internet revenge porn.  Why anyone belongs or exchanges data on that site needs to get their pussy grabbed by Trump to realize it is not in the business of giving one iota about you, your friends unless they can earn money off it.  They should just come up with a backpage Facebook for porn.

I somehow think that given the current pussy grabber in the White House the Department of Defense will not be as actively engaged in disciplining or investigating the allegations.  McMasters didn't when he was a General, why change one's spots?

And that might be the real problem, we don't understand the chemical reactions in men's brains when they are engaged in sexual pursuit, it is akin to the kill back in the hunting gathering days I guess.

Thankfully the only scandal out of Subway is the chicken is fake.  Well that is an improvement. I wonder if Jared has kept the weight off in the prison yard or is some prisoners bitch?  I am sick of women always being one.

Men you are the one's who can stop this but I don't even think you know how or even why?

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Father Figure


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