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Organize This With Style! (aka Org This) Blog
This blog contains organization tips and style/fashion comments. Organization is how to store/display your stuff. Style is more personal - who you are or how you look/feel. Fashion is what you wear - old or new is it you?
Those Cute Beads Are Too Tiny
2023-02-01 14:00
I bought this really cute 100-inch 2mm black spinel and 5mm pearl long endless necklace from a mail order site.   I thought it would go great with other black jewelry. The first ti… Read More
Making Jewelry Tassels
2023-01-21 19:56
Tassels have made a resurgence in jewelry!  To get the vintage feel of a tassel pendant, you can make your own or buy finished ones on-line.  Thread tassels are big for light… Read More
Holiday Baking For Buffet Or Brunch
2022-11-13 17:38
Was watching a YouTube video and another video showed up from a German baker.  So I watched the 100-year-old recipe from the grandmother for a strawberry pudding-based sheet cake turned… Read More
Quotes On The Foundation Of America
2022-07-04 11:00
Below are a few quotes by four of America's forefathers related to the Christian foundation of the United States of America (USA).  These are often abbreviated. distorted, edited… Read More
2022-06-27 21:39
Is the 1st amendment dead? Do news sources now twist and distort selected information to match a political or ideological narrative rather than strait-forward fact research and reporting? Ma… Read More
Common Sense On Abortion Alternatives
2022-06-26 19:07
Is abortion a constitutional issue or a health issue?  Is the issue about federal direction or state legislation?  Or is the abortion question more about perception vs. common sens… Read More
2022-04-30 13:00
Do sift posts - see what might be missing from blog 1st.Then do SIFT in May and SIFT 2 in June - b4 book published Read More
Dividing And Planting Daylilies
2022-04-02 15:14
Plants that like to be divided are crinums, irises, and daylilies.   Iris and daylily are easily divided as they grow very near the surface.  For this reason, you can have the… Read More
Planting And Dividing Bearded Iris Corms
2022-04-02 04:40
There are multiple varieties of iris, some are water plants (aka flags) and others are garden plants that are fairly drought tolerant.  The most well-known variety in the USA is the bea… Read More
2022-03-22 13:00
Whether you believe in extraterrestrial beings or not, you probably are aware of stones falling from the sky to earth.  These stones have attracted interest of both rock collectors and… Read More
Grandma's Recipe Box: Dr Pepper Cake
2022-03-08 14:00
As you may notice on recipe card, my Grandma credits this moist chocolate cake to Mrs. Kennedy.  She also notes the cake tastes great without frosting, but you can top with the chocolat… Read More
2022-01-29 16:11
In America,  we believe everyone has the right to make decisions regarding their own health.  No one should be forced to take pills or have surgery against their will.  So it… Read More
Ugly Christmas Sweater Sing-a-long
2021-12-08 20:01
 I do not often share music videos on this blog. but this one is just so cute!  So let us all put our Christmas sweaters on and sing-a-long with Michael Buble's new Christmas song… Read More
2021-03-04 21:48
Across America, lessons were being learned about our neighbors and ourselves during the big freeze of February 2021.  So what were a few of the things we learned, good and bad?We learne… Read More
Pennies From Heaven
2021-01-28 21:24
My brother likes to tell the story of his pennies from heaven.  As he tells it, several times after our Dad died, he found pennies on the ground when he was feeling low.  Finding a… Read More
2020-12-15 14:00
You may want to take time with the kids to decorate traditional sugar cookies using frosting for Christmas.  That takes a long time but is lots of fun for your and them.  However… Read More
2020-12-10 14:16
Below are 2 recipes fro coconut macaroon cookies.  The first is typical meringue-based cookie.  The second recipe is from my high school days in home and family economics class.&nb&hell…Read More
2020-12-03 14:00
Believe it or not, when me and my cousins were young, one of our favorite snacks at Grandma 's house was to eat her raw oats!  She would give us a small cup of oats and send us out of t… Read More
2020-11-19 15:43
Pecan pie is a southern staple for Thanksgiving and Christmas family holiday gatherings.  Since Mom made many pies for holidays her pie crust pastry (from Grandma) made enough for… Read More
Grandma's Magic Pumpkin Pie Recipe
2020-11-10 14:00
Pumpkin pie is a traditional dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays as that was when pumpkins were harvested.  With canned pumpkin, this pie can now be made at any time of the… Read More
What Will Happen To The Stations Garden?
2020-10-08 13:57
Not far from my home is a lovely Catholic church sitting on the corner.  The church has done well and the members are building a larger place to move to.  When the congregation mov… Read More
2020-08-27 13:00
I thought I would post another family favorite recipe from my grandmother.  This is a cake that she always seemed to have on hand when someone came to visit.  If she did not have t… Read More
Grandma's Recipe Box: Bacon And Beans
2020-08-20 13:00
Here is another recipe from my Grandma's recipe box.  Try this recipe for your next barbecue as a smaller serving (makes 4-5) replacement for a big pot of baked beans.Bacon and Bea… Read More
Grandma's Recipe Box:  Strawberry Pie
2020-08-12 18:12
My grandmother and my mother were both known as excellent cooks and avid recipe collectors.  Before my grandmother passed away in 2006, my mom and her sisters cleaned out her house.&nbs&hell…Read More
2020-07-23 13:00
Below is my own version of spinach (or verde) soup made more flavorful while remaining low calorie.  Do not let the title fool you, the ham is not green.  Since the spinach turns t… Read More
2020-07-16 17:23
I was putting my hair up before going outside to do yard work.  After I was done, I glanced at the mirror and for a second I thought I saw my grandmother's face framed by streaks of gre… Read More
Be Considerate, Wear A Face Mask
2020-07-16 16:30
Here is an infographic from the University of Nebraska Medical Center showing health risks of wearing/not wearing face masks during a pandemic.  Below is a video by a health professiona… Read More
2020-07-06 14:19
In the current state of fear caused by national health and violent riots, I was inspired the write the below poem.  I believe it expresses the opinions and feelings of the majority of A… Read More
2020-06-18 18:09
Stone, metal wood are inanimate objects incapable of emotions.  The purpose of art is to invoke emotion and of teaching history is to promote thought.  Art can be used to prot… Read More
2020-05-21 13:00
Have you noticed how many men and women walk around the grocery store in their pajamas in recent years?  What about sweats, yoga pants, too-snug tights, or torn pants at the stylish dep… Read More
2020-05-07 18:01
Men's Bolo TieIn the last few years, you may have heard the term bolo in relation to a bracelet or necklace.  You may wonder how "be on the look out" team applies to jewelry?  Or y… Read More
The Proper Way To Wear A Face Mask
2020-04-30 14:14
With the current health crisis, I have done posts on making, tightening, and cleaning face masks.  It never occured to me to do a post on how to wear a mask since it has been demonstrat… Read More
How To Clean Your Reusable Face Mask
2020-04-23 16:12
I posted on how to make face masks. As a result, I got questions on how to make masks fit tighter and how to clean masks for re-use.  There are a lot of different opinions out ther… Read More
2020-04-13 01:30
1st Easter Egg HuntThis year community or church Easter egg hunts have been called off.  Parks are closed so no family gatherings or games can be held.  For the sake of everyone;s… Read More
2020-03-17 13:59
Due to the current pandemic causing pandemonium and empty shelves at grocery stores, social media is covered with promotion of the "elderly hour" (#elderlyhour)  Considering the story o… Read More
How To Fold Almost Anything.
2020-02-06 14:00
I shared a great video for folding sheets in the past.  The 2-minute Fixology video below not only better explains how to fold the fitted sheet (see first video for storing method), it… Read More
2019-12-10 14:00
I'm a #TexasGirl, so I wrote this poem as a holiday warning to package thieves (aka #ChristmasGrinch or #PackageThief or #PorchPirates).  This is just meant to be funny - I am not advoc… Read More
2019-11-21 14:00
Have you ever heard "if it is too cold for you, it is probably too cold for your pet?"  There is more to protecting a pet from cold weather than just determining if you personally need… Read More
Birthstones By Day Of The Week!
2019-10-10 13:00
Almost everyone is familiar with their birthstone, which is traditionally assigned according to the month in which one is born.  A few people may know that they can instead choose to us… Read More
Simple Sugar-free Pecan Pie Recipe
2019-09-26 20:19
One of the most popular southern desserts is pecan pie, which originates from Texas.  It is popular year-round in the south, but graces many tables in the USA during holidays of Thanksg… Read More
2019-08-15 18:14
What makes this 6-8 serving recipe a quick one is it is made with a store-bought rotisserie chicken, which already has flavor to it.Quick Chicken Chalupa CasseroleIngredients:  2 lbs co… Read More
2019-07-19 03:51
Woman's Day cover July/August 2019 issue In the July/August issue of Woman's Day magazine, they have the cutest N0-Bake Summer Fruit Tart where they make fish and turtles out of fr… Read More
Misrepresenting History Of Freedom?
2019-07-02 13:45
Why is the USA being lead away from their history by those who either do not know it or purposely twist it into something wrong?  Many monuments have been removed in recent past due to… Read More
Summer Fashions Make Awesome Outfits
2019-06-27 13:00
Good HousekeepingJube 2019 CoverBeen looking at a lot of magazines for May and June that are touting the new summer fashions?  I like when summer comes - the weird and wild looks go awa… Read More
Three Days Of Dieting To Lose Ten Pounds?
2019-06-10 18:49
Phase-2 Knee BraceIn a 6-exercise video post about possibly gaining weight and not being able to exercise because of long-term knee injury, I mentioned I was going to try the so-called … Read More
2019-05-16 20:58
Ruffle A-Line Mini DressRuffles and bows or the romantic look were in some years ago.  Romantic meaning major florals (typically small prints, sometimes with a few large in the mix) in… Read More

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