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How and Why You Should Ventilate your Bathroom

Your Bathroom is a breeding ground that can become dangerous if it’s not ventilated properly. If ventilation isn’t consistently provided for this room in the home, then both humidity and odors can cause mold, mildew, and potential damage to your bathroom furniture too. Here’s how and why you should ventilate your bathroom if you haven’t already done so.

Why Is It Important To Ventilate Your Bathroom?

Humidity is produced from the daily showers or baths you take, and odor comes from doing your business on the toilet. This combination can make for a rather unpleasant experience for both your household and any guests if the bathroom is ventilated properly. Some bathrooms don’t have windows, making it even more challenging to ventilate the space. However, those with windows, don’t fancy having to leave their windows open for a cold breeze to ruin their showering or bathing experience.

From simply flushing the toilet or washing your hands, it all adds Moisture into the air. It’s important to be comfortable in the space but to also minimize bacteria growth. If ventilation isn’t provided, then this bacteria growth can be very harmful to your health. Ventilation also helps prevent mold and mildew, which isn’t a very attractive thing to see when in the space.

Ventilation can also help with condensation, meaning you can look in your bathroom mirror without having to wipe it down first. If you don’t ventilate, then you may also see bathroom furniture warping. This is due to the humidity and excess stagnant moisture in the air. Damage to your bathroom vanities, linen towers, medicine cabinets, and so on is certainly not something you want to happen, especially as it can be costly to replace.

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How Can I Ventilate My Bathroom?

So what’s best to help ventilate your bathroom? Investing in an extractor fan is the best and easiest way of helping to keep moisture and humidity levels steady. Extractor fans can come in different models and technological elements, depending on your needs. It’s important to do your research on what would fit best for your bathroom space.

If you’ve got an extractor fan already and still find it difficult to ventilate the space, then you might be due a new one, or the one you have isn’t the right one for the room. To help keep the bathroom properly ventilated, it’s good to keep the extractor fan running for at least fifteen minutes after you’ve stepped out of the shower or bath.

Regardless of whether you have an extractor fan or not, keeping your windows open can certainly do wonders for your space. An extractor fan may only do so much and can benefit from the additional aid of an open window. It’s more difficult to do this during the colder months of the year but try to do it as often as possible. Remember, the more you do it, the more you reduce the chances of mold forming.

Another good way of preventing excess moisture or humidity is by leaving your shower door open. This can help the moisture escape from the shower’s walls, door, and floor. The same goes for a shower curtain too. However, to prevent mold from forming on the curtains, create a slight gap to help the air circulate properly. This will also help dry out the curtain itself too.

And finally, if you want to go the extra mile in reducing the excess moisture or humidity in the air, then it’s definitely worth it to get a dehumidifier. This might not be everyone’s choice as the cost of purchasing one can be quite expensive. However, they can provide that extra bit of help in removing moisture from the air. It helps by extracting humidity and therefore trapping the condensation. You’ll likely to see a reduction in the condensation around the room as a result.

Removal and dilution of the room is the best way to help reduce the impact that it can have when it comes to moisture and humidity. For many households, a lot of money is spent on bathroom renovations over the course of a lifetime and so your investment needs to be worth it. Knowing why ventilation is important should hopefully inspire you to make the necessary changes to your own bathrooms.

Mold, mildew, and damage to your bathroom furniture or interiors is not something you want, so make sure you install an extractor fan and use any or all of the above methods to help keep those moisture and humidity levels down. It will surely help keep your bathroom an enjoyable space for all.

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How and Why You Should Ventilate your Bathroom


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