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9 Best Mattress in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to know about the best mattress in India? Then, make sure to check out this article to learn a lot more than that!

After a stress-filled and anxious day at the office, we all do require a little bit of sleep to reinvigorate ourselves. However, the quality of rest would primarily depend on the bedding that you use. Yes, you’ve seen it absolutely right! A good Mattress can reduce your bodily pains and help you to enjoy a proper good night’s sleep.

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Conversely, a wrong one might make the whole thing a complete disaster. So, to help you to buy the most suitable product for yourself, we’ll be providing a list of the best mattress in India. Afterwards, we’ll also offer you some information that you need to know before buying the beddings. So, make sure to read the whole article thoroughly. Let’s get started!

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Best Mattress in India of 2020

Here are nine of the best mattresses in India that can be found in the Indian market.

1. SleepX Dual mattress – Medium Soft and Hard

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SleepX, the most popular brand of Sleepwell, has been ruling over the market of beddings since its inception. So, we will be starting off our review by talking about one of its most popular offerings, the Dual 5 model.

SleepX Dual mattress - Medium Soft and Hard

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  • Has a 6-inch of thickness.
  • Premium mesh fabric offers more breathability.
  • Neem Fresche Technology provides a clean and fresh sleeping experience.
  • Made with rebounded foam material.
  • Reversible design for more convenience.

As you can understand from the name, the bedding, in essence, has two different sides. One of them has a hard surface, while the other one is relatively soft. So, as per your requirements, you can always change the sides.

But wait, it’s just the start. We have a lot more to tell you about the product.

Widely considered as the best mattress in India, this model from SleepX is made of foam. Hence, it will offer optimum comfort to your hips as well as legs. If you do sleep on the harder side, then it will, in turn, be beneficial for your neck.

Also, this particular mattress can be extremely beneficial for you during the winter season, as it can properly maintain your body heat. So, if you do live in the colder regions of India, then this one should be ideal for you.

Another remarkable feature of the bedding is the availability of air-mesh fabric. It is breathable, which, in turn, helps stay and smell fresh for quite a long time. Additionally, the layer of fabrics makes the mattress quite durable and makes it last for a prolonged period.

However, there is a hitch.

Like everything else in this world, the SleepX Dual Mattress is not perfect in every way too. For starters, the retention of body heat on the softer side can be a little bit problematic during summer.

Secondly, if you do use the softer portion of the model too much, then it might get saggy within only a few months of usage. But, there’s no need to worry about it as such, to be honest. The outer surface of the bedding is pretty durable. So, it will not get torn up that easily.

  • Does not make much vibration while turning.
  • Comes in an assembled form.
  • Dual-side technology is extremely well-suited, especially from a seasonal perspective.
  • Does not require much maintenance.
  • Available in four size options.
  • The softer side gets saggy too quickly.
  • It is pricey.
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2. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

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When talking about the brands that prominently make high-end mattresses, the first name that comes to the mind is Wakefit. Since the beginning, Wakefit has offered a lot of amazing products to its customers. However, as we can’t review them all, we’ll talk here about Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress, which comes second in our list of the best mattress in India.

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft

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  • Comes with two thickness options – five and six.
  • Both sides of the mattress are usable.
  • High resilience foam offers more durability.
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Has a non-removable cover.

Just like the previous mattress on the list, this one, too, is a dual-side model. Yes, you’ve guessed it – the drill stays the same. One side of it is pretty hard, which can be perfect for the winter season. On the other hand, the softer side would be perfect for summer nights.

Still not convinced why many people consider it as one of the most sought-after mattresses in India? Well, then, let’s move on to the next point.

The best thing about the mattress is obviously its weight. As per reports, the product weighs around 11kg or so. Hence, you can easily handle or turn it from one side to another pretty comfortably.

Wait up; we are not done with it!

The model comes with a three-level breathable fabric, which is situated in its upper section. They, in turn, enable the bedding to enjoy a free flow of air even when you are sleeping on it. Moreover, they do increase the overall durability of the product as well.

The Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress comes with a non-removable cover with it. Thus, as you can understand, you can’t remove it while washing. It might also delay the overall drying process of the bedding to some extent.

However, it can also protect the layers from liquids and a few other things that can hamper the quality of the mattress. Last yet not least, the offering of Wakefit also comes with a whopping 7-year warranty, which assures the quality of the product more prominently.

  • It comes with a plethora of size options.
  • Its fabric is highly breathable.
  • Does not make any sounds even when another person is continuously tossing and turning on it.
  • It is quite durable and lasts for many years if taken proper care.
  • Comparatively, it is quite less expensive than others.
  • The softer side of the product is way too soft.
  •  Non-removable cover can be a little bit problematic in some aspects.
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3. Sleepyhead Sense Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

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Just like the first mattress on this list, the PCM cooling mattress from Sleepyhead, too, is a foam-made product. However, in other aspects, it is quite different than the former. For starters, unlike the other one, it boasts the latest PCM technology. It helps the bedding in absorbing and, then, redistributing body heat. So, with it, you are never going to feel even a tinge of discomfort.

Sleepyhead Sense Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

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  • Made with memory foam material for more comfort.
  • Features two different thickness options.
  • Weights around 13kg, which should be perfect single users.
  • Comes in a fully assembled form.
  • The PCM technology offers a proper heat distribution.

Also, there are several size options and two thickness options available for the mattress. So, you will surely find the one that suits you perfectly.

Another factor, which makes everyone consider this product as the best mattress in India is its 3-zone orthopaedic support system. It does not only provide a decent balance to your body but also keeps the vital pressure points in proper shape. Hence, if you do sleep on it, then it might eliminate the pains from your body as well.

However, the features of the bedding do not end here.

Unlike a few other products on our list of mattresses, this one features the coveted memory foam technology. Therefore, no matter how much you use it, the bedding will not get saggy anytime soon. Besides, it will offer you optimum comfort as well. The fabric of the upper surface of the body is pretty breathable too, which is yet another notable point of this product.

Last but not least, the mattress also boasts a beautiful bouncy system and does not make much vibration while tossing and turning. So, with it, you would not have to wake up every time your partner turns from one side to another.

Nonetheless, as the density of the mattress is somewhat high, you may face some issue while washing it.

  • Due to its three-layer setup, it is pretty durable and provides optimal comfort.
  • Does not get sagged that quickly.
  • It is a perfect value-for-money option for smaller families.
  • Comes with reinforced edges for better performance.
  • Its breathable fabric keeps everything cold and fresh, even during the uncomfortable summer nights.
  • Misses out on the reversible feature.
  • Its edges are prone to lose balance.
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4. The Sleep Company 2.0 Smart Grid Mattress

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Are you looking for a more durable and luxurious option than the other alternatives that we mentioned here? Then, you can always opt for this grid mattress from The Sleep Company. The upper surface of the bedding is pretty soft. So, it should be a perfect option for such a hot country like India.

The Sleep Company 2.0 Smart Grid Mattress

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  • Free Air Flow technology offers more breathability.
  • The Smart Grid feature provides more support and sustain.
  • Viscose cotton material renders a decent amount of comfort while sitting or lying.
  • Adaptive technology provides excellent body support.
  • It is available in four different size options.

As you can understand from the name, the model has been integrated with the grid technology. Therefore, it can provide you with almost double the support that a foam-made orthopaedic mattress can offer. Additionally, the bedding also features around 2,500 different air channels in it. So, its breathability and heat distributional ability is, in a way, unfathomable.

As if that wasn’t enough, The Sleep Company has also included organic cotton material on the upper section of the model to make it even more breathable. It offers an excellent sense of comfort, as well. Also, contrary to popular belief, the model does not weigh much at all. So, you can comfortably flip it from one side to another without sweating.

But wait, there’s more!

Unlike some other options on this list, this one is entirely non-toxic and hypoallergenic. So, you would not have to keep it in the sun for a few days before using it. Also, as it comes in a pre-assembled form, you won’t have to do any works upon it.

Lastly, the model comes with the coveted Adaptive Technology. With it, the mattress can understand the shape of your body almost in an instant and caters to you accordingly.

  • It is completely hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
  • Does not cause enough vibration and its related sleeping issues.
  • Helps in catering to back and neck pain.
  • The upper section of the bedding is very soft and plush.
  • It does not weight much, which, in turn, makes it highly portable.
  • The cost of the mattress is pretty higher than its rivals in the market.
  • The foam of the product is not organic at all.
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5. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft

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If you are looking for the best value-for-money mattress in the Indian market, we suggest you opt for this model from Wakefit. But why are you saying so about it? Well, for starters, within this price range, no other model comes with so many features just like this one. Moreover, design-wise, it is pretty much high-end as well.

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft 02

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  • Features the reversible design for more efficiency and convenience.
  • The mesh-made fabric of the product is quite breathable.
  • Has a supportive layer for offering more durability.
  • The bedding comes with two different thickness options.
  • Has a whopping 7-year warranty period.

To begin with, the comfort mattress from Wakefit comes with two different layers. Each of them offers a different level of firmness altogether. So, you can use the firmer side during winter to get more warmth, while the softer side can cater to you during the uncomfortable summer nights.

Additionally, like many other products on our list of the best mattress in India, this one, too, features breathable fabric. So, it can offer an optimum level of air circulation throughout the whole time. Also, to put it mildly, the cover of the mattress is pretty durable. Therefore, it will not get torn up that easily.

Still not convinced?

The best thing about this mattress is that it is available in a plethora of sizes and two thickness options. Besides, it also comes in a pre-assembled form. So, you do not have to assemble it again. There is also a massive 7-year warranty available in the model, which showcases the confidence of the manufacturers in their product quality.

But, here’s the thing.

The cover section of the mattress is non-removable. So, you may find it difficult to wash it properly. Moreover, it might also take quite some time to dry off properly. However, it does save your mattress from stains and other damages. Thus, it can be pretty beneficial in one way.

  • It does not require any assembling works.
  • The harder side of the model is pretty durable.
  • Because of having high-resilience foam in the bottom section, it offers excellent support to your legs.
  • Its overall design and quality are absolutely top-notch.
  • It is hypoallergenic and does not cause any infections.
  • Its non-removable cover can be a problematic issue in some cases.
  • The softer side tends to get a little bit saggy.
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6. Emma Mattress – Comfort King Size Memory Foam Mattress

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Available in around eight different size options, the memory foam mattress from Emma is truly a spectacle to behold. It features a unique German build quality, which makes it quite long-lasting, even in the harsh Indian weather. Moreover, as it is, in essence, a memory foam mattress, it can adapt to your body quite capably.

Emma Mattress - Comfort King Size Memory Foam Mattress

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  • Comes with eight different bed sizes.
  • Has several distinctive spine structure zone for better weight distribution and balance.
  • The mesh-made outer layer offers high-end breathability.
  • Features a 3-layer foam design for more comfort.
  • Boasts a removable covering system.

One of the most remarkable things about the product is its layer system. It is, indeed, triple-layered and features seven different spine supporting zones. They provide optimal weight distribution and relieve the pain related to your hips and lower back. But that’s not all. The softer side of the product is quite efficient as well and can shape up your neck section perfectly.

Widely accounted as the best mattress in India, this product from Emma comes with a breathable top cover. So, your backside is never going to feel hot while you are lying on it. Moreover, the model also does not make that much noise or vibrations, even if you keep tossing and turning continuously.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Unlike the previous mattress on this list, this one comes with removable covers. So, removing them from the product won’t really be a big deal for you.

Also, the bedding comes in vacuum-sealed packaging and does not weigh much at all. Hence, you will be able to transport it from one place to another without any issues.

The product comes with a warranty period of 20 long years. If you want to, then you can also use it for trial. It comes with a 100-day trial period, which should be perfect for you.

  • Has a 100-day optional trial period for customer convenience.
  • Made with eco-friendly and healthy materials.
  • Due to its top-notch breathability, the upper surface of the bedding always stay cool.
  • Provides excellent spine support.
  • The harder side is perfect for neck and shoulder pains.
  • It is expensive.
  • Its thickness can be an issue.
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7. SleepyCat Latex King Size Mattress

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Are you thinking about buying a more durable latex option rather than going for a softer foam-made one? Then, we would suggest you buy this king-size mattress from SleepyCat. Made with a natural latex material, this particular product is completely hypoallergenic. Furthermore, it is equally non-toxic as well. So, you can use it right after opening up the package.

SleepyCat Latex King Size Mattress

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  • Comes with four different layers for more convenience and effectiveness.
  • The overall thickness of the mattress around 7 inches.
  • It is available in three different size options.
  • Features the 7-zone support technology.

The base version of the bedding comes with a thickness of seven inches, which should be pretty decent for you. In addition, like the previous model on the list, this one, too, has the same 7-zone support system. Hence, it can perfectly cater to your backside, especially your lower body, quite perfectly.

However, these are not the only features that make it the best mattress in India. There’s a lot more to it.

The inner cover of the bedding is, without any exaggeration, pretty breezy as well. The mesh-made exterior section also does its job quite excellently. It makes everything a lot cooler and fresher than usual. There is also a smart zipper cover available in the product, which can be removed almost anytime, anywhere. Also, the product does not weigh much, which, in turn, makes it pretty breathable.

But wait, we are not done talking about it.

The mattress from SleepyCat comes with four different layers, including the base section of course. The outer section or layer of the model is filled with smaller air pockets, which offer brilliant breathability from the core. A quilt foam layer has been provided under this section, which makes them whole mattress a lot softer and comfortable to sleep.

The base variant of the mattress comes with a warranty of ten long years. However, as the overall quality of the product is quite top-notch, you would not really have to care much about it.

  • It is a suitable option for people of almost all the ages.
  • The mattress is completely non-toxic and does not cause any skin issue.
  • It is highly durable and does not encounter saggy issues anytime soon.
  • The availability of the zipper cover makes the product a lot more convenient.
  • Offers comprehensive support to the thighs and lower back section.
  • Prone to dust accumulation.
  • It is a little bit costlier than its rivals in the market.
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8. Springtek High-Density Foam Mattress

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In essence, this high-density mattress almost seems like any other foam-made product is the market. However, actually, it is not true. The bedding comes with a lot of features, which makes a lot better than its competitors and prompts many users to consider it as the best mattress in India. So, shall we get started with it?

Springtek High-Density Foam Mattress

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  • Its pocket springs offer a rather bouncy feel.
  • Made with high-density foam material for more durability and convenience.
  • It is a 4-layer based mattress.
  • Has three different thickness option.
  • 7-zone foam support.

For starters, the mattress offers a medium to firm level of feel when you are lying down on it. That, in turn, can be decent for your neck as well as the shoulder. It may also reduce the severity of pain in these areas. The overall level of firmness makes it an excellent option for older individuals. However, younger adults can also get benefitted from it.

Secondly, just like the offering from SleepyCat, this one, too, comes with a four-layer structure. It makes the product a lot more durable and long-lasting. However, it does not feature any reinforcements around the borders. Therefore, it might get saggy after a few years of usage. Nonetheless, as the layers are protected with a premium-class quilt, the day of sagging would not come that quickly.

The fabric of the model is quite breathable as well. It will keep everything cool and fresh, even during the season of sweaty summer. Moreover, even though the product is highly dense, it still is pretty soft, to say the least. So, you will not feel any bit of discomfort while using it. Nevertheless, you might feel a little bit cold during winter.

  • It does not require any kind of assembling.
  • It is available in several different size options.
  • The product is both non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • It is perfectly suitable for everyone.

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9 Best Mattress in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


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