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Tips To Get a Perfect Shave


Shaving isn’t an art to only drag a pointy blade across your face. No wonder, men usually face issues during Shaving. It’s associated with the selection they create between razors, natural herbal products, or chemical-based shave gel and lotions. Of course, there’s no shortage of razors, tools, and grooming range to shave or progress the beard. Still, men face issues while shaving:

Razor burn – It’s so frustrating to possess razor burns after an in-depth shave. It might be a reason for dry shaving, aggressive strokes with dull blades, or shaving too fast. This Skin irritation causes redness and arrives just after the method.

Nicks & cuts – it’s the foremost common problem among men. This condition arises thanks to the shortage of lubrication, old or too dull blade, and trying hard to urge a better and cleaner shave.

Ingrown hairs – it’s one of the foremost painful problems, caused thanks to improper shaving. this example occurs when broken hair grows beneath the skin inside the follicles.

Razor Bumps – Did you recognize that razor bumps run deeper? This condition arises aftershave when hair curls and turns inward and new somatic cells grow over it. The hair traps and causes a bump with pain.

These issues during a shave are often an enormous challenge and also a reminder of a nasty job. Thankfully, adding some extra care and tips alongside the right grooming skin care products can help tons to vary your world. This post will assist you to urge the simplest shaving experience whenever. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these guidelines will assist you to understand the shortage points. Let’s skills to shave with a correct guide:

#1: Preparation
This initiative is that the key to the right shave.
It ensures the softness of facial hair. The proper time to try to prep is after a hot shower. It makes beard hair and skin free from oil & dirt. Employing a pre-shaving gel for men or lotion helps to get rid of the barrier between the skin and razor.

#2: Use shaving cream 
Go for shaving soap or gel from nature’s herbal products.
Applying a high-quality Ayurvedic shaving cream with natural ingredients helps to reinforce the lubrication between the skin and beard hair. It hydrates hairs and helps you to urge a better shave with a smooth razor glide over the skin. It controls the danger of skin inflammation, razor burns, nicks, and cuts. Confine mind, direct shave onto dry skin may cause harmful effects.

#3: Check Dull Blades & Start Shaving
If your blade or the lubrication strips look faded or dull, replace them. Always start shaving within the direction of hair grows with light, gentle and short strokes. Shaving gel or cream’s lubrication allows the razor to glide smoothly over the beard or skin. This step helps to stop razor bumps and burns.
Avoid pressing too hard or double strokes, if you’re sure that your razor is sharp and clean.

#4: Rinse the razor after each swipe
This step of shaving helps to attenuate the danger of skin irritation and inflammation.

#5: Shave Again
After a rinse, re-apply toiletry or gel on the face and shave again on the missed areas. The second shave ensures a clean, fresh look with a silky smooth texture.

#6: After Shaving Lotion
After the second stroke, you’re not done yet. Rinse your face with cold water.
Apply after shaving lotion to stop the skin dryness. It makes the skin hydrated, soothes any irritation, and prevents bacterial growth on the face.
Moisture, moisture & moisture. This is often what your skin wants.

#7: Store Razor at a dry place
It is suggested to rinse the razor and store it at a dry place in order that bacteria growth on the razor is often avoided.

Never leave your shaving razor or tool within the wet sink.

One of the most important Ayurvedic Brands in India, BIOAYURVEDA is my personal favorite that has launched a singular complete range of shaving essentials. a corporation committed to pure organics and 0 synthetics policy, it offers a plethora of herbal and natural products across care, wellness, daily essentials, and grooming products that entail premium quality ingredients that are safer for all skin types. Moreover, the corporate follows Ayurveda percepts for its formulations, and Ayurveda, being an age-old traditional science believing in holistic health and well-being of people provides many amazing solutions to modern-day concern. These products not only look out of your skin needs but also bring you closer to Mother Nature. The unique Shaving Gel, foam, and After Shave Lotion are designed to beat all those worries faced by men as mentioned above. 

The very different Turmeric Shaving Gel may be a unique blend of organic herbs, alongside vital minerals and essential & natural oils. It safeguards the skin against virulent germs, bacteria, and pathogens. Deeply hydrating and softening, it provides a smooth effortless razor glide for a clean, close, and cozy shave. Soothing and cooling, it pacifies nicks and bumps and alleviates post-shave dryness and itching. 

Again the very different After Shave Lotion is suffused with anti-septic and anti-oxidant herbs that cool and soothe skin irritation and itching. a strong natural disinfectant and astringent, it curbs minor bleeding, heals nicks and cuts, and prevents acne and breakouts. Refreshing and rejuvenating, it firms and tones the skin. You’ll easily get them organized from their official website

#8: Final step
Assemble your grooming kit and don’t forget to shop for ayurvedic products for your grooming and skincare range. If you’re brooding about the ayurvedic stores near me, then take a sigh of relief and go browsing. Pure organic brands are available online and offering a variety of natural herbal products range for men.

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Tips To Get a Perfect Shave


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