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Diwali 2020: How to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali?

This happy time also resembles the significance of inner illumination to remove the negative thoughts, conquer the darkness, and connect humans with nature’s peace. Luxurious Ayurveda’s holistic approach not only keeps the Human health fit but also helps provide them a new way of living with positive prospects. This connection between Ayurveda and human life brings a responsibility to protect the environment from the fumes and smoke of fireworks. Let’s know the approaches that will help us to connect with nature without exploiting it:

  1. Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali With Natural Tactics

Go for Oil Diyas or Earthen Lamps Instead of LED Lights - Diyas or earthen lamps are the symbol of positivity and bring magnetic changes in the atmosphere. In Luxurious Ayurveda, it has been found as an eco-friendly way to lighten and kill the bacteria, germs from the environment. It also supports improved blood circulation. Handmade earthen diya or lamp are earth-friendly and doesn’t cause any pollution. Also, it reduces the cost of electricity. Chemical smeared colorful painted petroleum-based candles are harmful to humans and also affect air quality.

Use eco-friendly Decorations - Organic colors, flowers, and leaves are the best materials for decoration rather than plastic flowers and chemical-based colors. In ancient times, these were the decorative materials used to beautify the home and palace. Rangoli is the traditional form of decoration which Indians do during the puja and festivals. It is also a symbol of auspiciousness. Herbal rangoli colors are safe and non-toxic for human health & the environment too. Using rice paste or dry flour in Rangoli becomes the festival feast of ants and birds. 

Reduce the Use of Plastic Bags - No doubt, Diwali is the festival of shopping. Everyone gets excited and go shopping for new cloth, home decoration, foods, sweets, or home essentials. Harmful plastic bags are used to carry things and cause environmental pollution in the long run. Say no to plastic bags and go for the paper and cloth bags for shopping. Encourage yourself to buy fewer things and use eco-friendly carry bags.  

Buy Eco-Friendly Crackers Instead Of Toxic Fireworks - Fireworks are liable for extensive air pollution, harmful toxins and chemicals, smoke, and leave metal particles in the air. Diwali celebrations cannot be imagined without crackers, especially for kids. Today, there are many eco-friendly crackers available in the market. Kids can even go for some natural way that brings the same joy as fireworks do. Blowing up paper bags and bursting them by jumping on them can make the kids cheerful.  

  1.  Ayurvedic Practices to Awaken Your Inner Peace

Today’s hectic modern lifestyle pressurizes an individual’s mental health that ahead affects his physical health, professionalism, social and personal relationship. Ayurveda offers a new way of living for people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. An age-old lifestyle with traditional resources allows having a new way of life with nature’s presence.  

Meditation: It connects you with your soul - Meditation used to be an approach to connect with the sacred and mystical forces of life. Today, it has been adopted as a natural way to relieve stress and anxiety. It provides a deep state of relaxation and calms the mind. You need to focus on the attention and control the stress-causing jumbled thoughts. Practicing meditation brings a sense of calm, peace, and balances the emotional well-being.

Aromatherapy: Relieve your mind with candles & essential oil - Luxurious Ayurveda considers aromatic plants as prevention and healing of many ailments. Derived from flowers, woods, barks, leaves, roots, and fruits, essential oils protect the vital forces. This holistic method promotes mental well-being and gives relaxation. Lavender, cedarwood, chamomile, grapefruit, jasmine, and sandalwood are some of the essential oils that calm the mind and deliver a soothing feeling of well-being.

Avail of the benefits of herbs to strengthen your brain health - No doubt, our lives are just juggling between personal and professional life that cause too much stress and anxiety. Herbs for brain health are known as adaptogens that promote balance in the overall system. Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Nervine, Lemon Balm, Brahmi & Bhringraj are some of the ayurvedic products, available at online and offline Ayurvedic Shops in Delhi and India. These herbs are well-effective to manage the stress hormone (cortisol) and promote relaxation.

I hope, this blog will help you to celebrate Diwali in a natural way that connects you with nature and enables you to live a healthy, safe, and sound life.

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Diwali 2020: How to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali?


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