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Best Practices to Wash Fruits & Vegetables Naturally


But what if they are carrying germs, microbes, or pathogens? 

Since our childhood, we are taught to wash fruits & vegetables before using them. It is required to eliminate the unwanted residues from their surfaces. No doubts, the upper surface of fruits & veggies carry germs, viruses, pesticides, and chemicals. These pollutants are a threat to human health. It may affect an individual’s nervous system, digestion system, cardio health and even cause cancer. These risk factors emphasize the practice of fruit & vegetable wash. Rinsing them before eating ensures safety from fatal health issues.

“Did you know that every year around 48 million people get sick due to contaminated food with germs and pathogens?”

Tips to Wash Fruits & Vegetables Before their Consumption

#1: Wash your hands with soap or hand wash before rinsing fruits & vegetables 

This step stops the transference of fatal viruses and germs. Hence, one must ensure that the hands are clean.

#2: Wash Fruits & Veggies in Running Water

Rinsing them under the running tap water and rubbing with hands will help you to remove physical dirt and bacteria. This step is necessary before peeling and chopping vegetables & fruits. 

#3: Never use soap or detergent to wash them

Washing vegetables and fruits with soap or detergent is just a myth among the people. Using these substances to wash veggies & fruits can bring negative effects to health.

#4: Use a soft brush or scrub to clean dirt from fruits & veggies

Root vegetables like carrot, potatoes, onions, turnips, ginger must be washed with a vegetable brush or sponges. This action is required to remove all physical dirt and soil particles.

Is Running Tap Water Enough?

“Did you know that some chemicals and pesticides on fruits & veggies cannot be removed from tap’s running water?”

Rinsing with water just gives the satisfaction that they are clean and ready to use. People conscious about maintaining hygiene usually ask for extra precautions. And, we can say it a good habit to ensure proper cleaning before using fruits & vegetables. Today, a range of fruit & veggies cleaners are available in the market. These rinsing liquids of the best Ayurvedic brands ensure optimum cleaning and protection from dirt, wax, pesticides, germs, virus, and pathogens. It prevents toxins & dangerous microbes to spoil our lives. They are quick, easy, and safe to use for raw vegetables and fruits. 

But, beware of the chemical-based vegetable washer which contains chlorine, bleach, dyes, and preservative. They may cause adverse effects.  

Health professionals also recommended avoiding the commercial chemical-based cleaners as it may cause dangerous outcomes for health. Therefore, it is suggested to go for Ayurvedic products like BIOAYURVEDA’s 100% Natural Fruit & Veggies Anti-Bacterial Rinse. Herbal vegetable and fruit cleaning liquids & washes are safe and do not deliver harmful effects like chemical-based ones. Prepared with pure herbs and organics, these herbal cleaners have proven effective as they don’t contain harmful preservatives or ingredients.

Why Should We Buy Ayurvedic Fruit & Vegetable Wash Liquid?

Prepared With Pure Organics – These cleaners or liquid wash are prepared with herbs & essential oil, enriched with antibacterial, anti-microbial, and antiviral properties. These compounds cleanse them properly and make them ready for cooking.

Disinfect Fruits & Vegetables – Buy Ayurvedic products to cleanse the germs and other harmful substances help naturally to eliminate the dirt along with pesticides, wax, and microbes.  

Lowers The Risk Of Foodborne Illness – A proper cleansing with veggie & fruit rinse liquid helps to maintain hygiene before use and ensures no transference of viruses or germs.

No Harmful Preservatives – Herbal fruits & veggies cleaners ensure 100% herbal ingredients. The absence of harmful preservatives in these cleaners helps to avoid the side effects on human health.

Affordable, Safe & Easy to Use – A range of luxurious Ayurveda cleaners for fruits & veggies are available in the market, which is easy to use, safe on foods, and affordable. An individual can find them on the online stores and Ayurvedic shop in Delhi & India.

Being an integral part of cooking or eating fruit, this safety practice with the herbal cleaner is important to follow. It not only prevents fatal foodborne sickness but also helps to live a healthy life. This practice allows the family to avoid sensitive stomach issues and allergies. Washing raw fruits & vegetables makes sure no residue left before entering the kitchen. This proven way of cleansing with natural cleaner has allowed us to get rid of unwanted residues from the fruits & veggies.

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Best Practices to Wash Fruits & Vegetables Naturally


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