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Amla – A Translucent Fruit With Nature’s Healing Therapy

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is packed with essential nutrients and delivers nature’s goodness for hair care, skincare, and detox the body. This Fruit is known by different names i.e. Aamalaki, Aovla, Amalika, Emblic, Myrobalan, etc. Enriched with great nutritional value, this fruit is considered as a complete nutritious fruit. Indian folks consume this fruit raw or in the form of murabba, juice, candy, or Amla capsule. This small size round shaped green berry with translucent skin tastes tart to sweet.  

Amla is a powerhouse of vitamin C? 

100 gm amla is contained of 600mg vitamin C while 100gm oranges contain only 30mg. The nutritional value of the Amla Capsule or fruit form contains vitamin C 20 times higher than an orange. Being a great source of antioxidants, it contains a range of polyphenols antioxidant properties that prevent the body from cancerous and cardiovascular diseases. Packed with minerals and fiber such as chromium it helps in insulin production. Hence, it is effective for diabetic patients. The presence of vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B complex make it wonderful fruit to add in the diet.

Nutritional composition of Amla Per 100 gms 

Energy – 50 kcal

Carbohydrate – 13.7 gm

Protein – 0.5 gm

Vitamin c – 600 mg

Calcium – 50 mg

Phosphorus – 20 mg

Iron – 1.2 mg

Fat – 0.1 mg

Did you know that Amla is a winter season fruit?

Yes, it is a winter season fruit, but can be found in the market easily during the summer season too. It is available in capsule, choorna, murabba, candy, and juice form and can be acquired throughout the year. This attribute makes it an awesome treasure from nature to humans. Amla capsule has been the most convenient way as it doesn’t let you feel sour or bitter taste during consumption. Whether its online store, Ayurvedic shops in Delhi, or other regions of the country, Amla products can be acquired easily over the year in any season. 

Packed with Medicinal Properties 

No doubt, the high nutritional value of the Amla capsule and its different form help in treating ailments as well as prevent the risk of fatal health issues.

Benefits of Amla for Overall Health

    Controls cholesterol level
    Lowers the risk of cardiac issues
    Regulates digestion system
    Stabilizes blood sugar level
    Effective in acidity and inflammation
    Reduces the risk of cancer

Immunity Booster – Being a rich source of antioxidants and astringent properties, this fruit significantly increases the white blood cell counts, strengthens the immunity system, and protects from various infections, cough, and flu.

Regulates Digestion – This fruit is high in fiber which supports the digestion system by regulating bowel movements. It also boosts the secretion of digestive juices and enables the system to absorb food efficiently. 

Controls Diabetes – Chromium found in this fruit is a boon for diabetic patients. This compound is beneficial to improve insulin production and stabilizes the blood sugar level. 

Supports Cardio Health – Vitamin C contained Indian gooseberry has been an effective remedy to keep heart health in good condition. It helps to strengthen the arteries in the heart and also eliminates bad cholesterol.

Improves Eyesight – Indian gooseberry if taken in raw form or amla capsule, assists effectively to preserve the eyesight. Its nutrient compound is also helpful in conjunctivitis and glaucoma treatment.

Prevents Ageing Symptoms – This antioxidant-packed fruit has a significant role to delay the aging symptoms. Its revitalizing effect assists in improving skin quality. It boosts the collagen level that repairs damaged skin and make it tighter. 

Boosts Hair Growth – Iron and antioxidants contained in the Amla capsule helps to reduce hair loss, prevent hair follicle damage, and premature greying. 

Manages Hypertension – As per Ayurveda context, Amla is suggested to treat hypertension. This vitamin C enriched fruit controls high blood pressures and relaxes the body.

Treats Anemia – The antioxidant compounds of this fruit work as ascorbic acid and support the absorption of iron. Thus, it is recommended for the patients, suffering from iron deficiency syndrome. 

Nourishes Brain - You might be amazed to know that Amla also supports the intellect and mental health of an individual. Its medicinal properties strengthen the nervous system and brain functionalities.

How amazing is this? A small size fruit has an abundance of health benefits because of its healing properties. It makes us strive to add Amla in our diet to stay in a healthy condition. Luxurious Ayurveda has always blessed us with innumerable health advantages through its treasure. And, the amla capsule is one of those Ayurvedic products.

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Amla – A Translucent Fruit With Nature’s Healing Therapy


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