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Where can you buy reusable face masks? Popular Mattress Brands Now Making Masks

Let’s Face it, face Masks are here to stay. As the corona pandemic sweeps through the world, the CDC recommendation is for all humans to wear a cloth mask at minimum. Following the CDC guidelines will no longer be optional since gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and public buildings all over the US have adopted a no face mask, no entry rule. Stocking up on reusable face masks could be life saving for your family. With global shortages on medical face masks and respirator masks that health care workers desperately need to protect themselves, surgical masks are being reserved for healthcare workers on the front line. As a natural transition from making mattresses, some popular mattress in a box brands have started making reusable face masks in their factories. Do yourself a favor and ditch the disposable masks that are contaminated in a very short time frame, washable masks are most cost effective and evvironmentally friendly. Check out the best face masks for coronavirus made by mattress brands.

What types of mask is best for corona virus protection?

There are tons of face masks on the market. As gas masks, N95 masks, KF94 (Korean face mask), and half face respirators are being rationed amongst the medical community, the general public should get a face mask with a filter. If your mask has a pouch but no filter, you can order filters to insert yourself to add another layer of protection. Washable masks are perfect for the general public. Familiarize yourself with the CDC guidelines for face masks and only order masks that follow their recommendation. Don’t waste all day researching masks, we have done that for you and all of the masks in this article are approved.

Purple Mattress Face Mask

Purple transitioned their cut and sew team to face masks a few weeks ago and just started offering masks on their website. Purple mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses on the market these day. Available online and in big box stores like Sam’s Club, Purple’s unique hyperelastic composition has gotten rave reviews from tons of customers over the last few years. Purple also stepped up to the plate very early in the coronavirus epidemic and used their factories to start producing masks for the general public. Purple’s washable mask is made from Purple Breeze mesh (92% nylon) and spandex (8%) (just like the Purple pillows). The 3 layer breathable fabric has an inner cotton particle filter made into the fabric. Purple even got creative with incorporating their famous hyperelastic polymer as the mask straps. Purple has a child’s face mask and adult face mask option selling in packs of 2 for $20. Adult masks are available in medium/large and large/extra large sizes. Check out more details on the Purple face mask here.

Avocado Face Mask

On normal days, Avocado is focused on producing sleep products that are non-toxic and eco friendly. Avocado’s popular lineup includes natural latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers, organic pillows, sheets, platform bed frames, and now reusable face masks. Avocado’s transition from mattresses to masks was practical due to using supplies they already used on a daily basis. Just like Avocado’s mattresses and mattress toppers, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton was used to make masks. In addition to being ultra breathable and moisture wicking, cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and recommended for people with asthma and allergies. Avocado face masks do not come with a filter but they have an open slot where filters can easily be slid into and used for adde protection. Coffee filters will serve as an added layer of protection if you don’t want to buy filters designed specially for face masks. Fully washable, reusable, and available in kid’s sizes as well as adult sizes, a pack of 4 Avocado face masks costs $30 dollars. Avocado has created 233k face masks so far and has a goal of 500k. Demand has been so high that Avocado is producing 10-15k masks per day at their current factory. Learn more about the Avocado reusable face mask here.

Naturepedic Organic Mask

Naturepedic is doing their part to help flatten the curve. Since the pandemic caused a face mask shortage, Naturepedic has been dedicating a portion of their factory to making cotton face masks at cost for consumers. Since Naturepedic was already producing organic mattresses prior to COVID-19, they already had material available to produce a non toxic face mask. Breathing chemicals with synthetic masks is very unhealthy. This organic cotton face mask has two adjustable straps, is soft to the touch, and ultra breathable. This machine washable face mask is sold in packs of 6 for $49 on Naturepedic’s website and takes around 7-10 days to ship.

Face Masks Are Here To Stay

Reusable face masks are not going anywhere anytime soon so we all need to stock up on masks for everyone in the family. Medical experts recommend washing your reusable face masks every day after you wear it to properly sanitize it from germs. Reusable masks can be washed in the washing machine and should be left out to air dry after each wash. Remember to not touch your face mask since corona can live on the surface of cloth for several days. Remove your face mask away from other humans and wash your hands immediately after taking it off. If you wear glasses and your mask is fogging them up, you can wash your glasses in soapy water, let them air dry, and then wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth. The film left behind by soap will not allow the condensation to form. Shaving cream foam also works the same way and will prevent glasses fogging from wearing a face mask. All faces are different so finding a mask that’s comfortable and properly fitting is not always easy. Tons of masks are available online with relatively fast shipping. With all the masks being sold online right now, there’s a ton of options to choose from. From basic black face masks to exotic animal print, embrace your true self and let your mask be an extension of your personal style.

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Where can you buy reusable face masks? Popular Mattress Brands Now Making Masks


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