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Here you can find expert reviews on air purifiers and air conditioners. These reviews are based on the real advantages and disadvantages of devices. Always up-to-date and true information for you.
The Cheapest Way To Heat 400 Square Feet
2023-11-09 09:08
Winter is one of the best times to try out new sweaters, use a room heater, and stay warm, cozy, and comfortable. But keeping yourself warm can be expensive.  So when it comes to hea… Read More
Grandaire Vs. Goodman
2023-07-21 12:38
If you are looking for an air conditioner for your home, you have probably already heard about the various names and brands in the market. Grandaire and Goodman are two names that most of… Read More
Can You Put Alcohol In A Humidifier?
2023-06-30 09:05
Perhaps you are a Simpsons fan who saw the episode where Homer was inhaling Vodka by putting it in his humidifier. Or maybe you heard about Alcohol inhalation somewhere and thought it might… Read More
Air Conditioner Blows Too Cold
2023-05-12 08:06
Ever walked into a room after an exhausting day, only to be hit by an icy blast from your air conditioner? If so, you are not alone! Many people experience the problem of their AC blowi… Read More
Do You Put Salt In A Humidifier?
2023-04-17 15:54
Have you ever heard about putting salt in a humidifier? It might sound crazy, but it’s actually a great solution to control excess moisture because salt can absorb water molecules from… Read More
Why Does My AC Smell Like Vinegar?
2023-02-21 19:05
Everyone loves the cool air from the air-conditioners during the summer. However, it can be disappointing to smell vinegar in the same air and not know the reason behind it.  Let me… Read More
Best Way To Heat A Room
2023-02-14 14:51
Are you tired of shivering while you get ready in the cold room? Extreme cold weather can even lead to health problems such as asthma, blood pressure, and mental health problems. You can… Read More
Kerosene Heater Troubleshooting
2023-02-13 16:21
Kerosene heaters are portable and lightweight and you can easily install them in any room. Since they don’t require power, they are the perfect alternative heat source. However, kerose… Read More
How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Work?
2023-01-20 15:06
Winter months can be painful for those with sensitive skin. The cold and dry climate can cause itchy skin and dry noses. Fortunately, a humidifier can increase the room’s relative humi… Read More
Ceramic Vs Oil-Filled Heaters
2023-01-20 14:35
Electric space heaters are an excellent way to heat any space in your house. But when it comes to selecting an electric space heater, two options are often hotly debated: ceramic vs. oil-fil… Read More
Indoor Air Quality Facts & Statistics
2022-12-30 12:38
In our homes, the air quality is often worse than what we breathe outdoors. Statistics show that an average person spends 90% of their time indoors and can suffer from asthma, allergies, and… Read More
Can You Run A Space Heater All Night?
2022-12-22 10:32
Not everyone has a central heating system. Sometimes, you may want to save some money by turning your central heating off to avoid heating empty rooms.  In any of these scenarios, a… Read More
Does A Heater Reduce Humidity?
2022-11-18 14:23
In the winter, the air around us becomes dry. But when we turn on our room heaters, we feel that the air has become even drier. How is that possible? Heaters do not cause the air to becom… Read More
Does A Window AC Bring In Outside Air?
2022-11-17 14:45
The answer to this question is essentially no. Window ACs don’t bring in outside air. They cool the air inside your home by pulling air from it, filtering it, removing indoor heat and… Read More
What Should I Set My Humidifier To?
2022-07-22 08:54
You spend so much time choosing the best HVAC or room heating option for your comfort. But have you ever thought about maintaining the level of humidity in your room? Controlling the humidit… Read More
Can A Humidifier Cause Mold On Walls?
2022-07-19 09:12
Did you know that using a humidifier can cause mold and mildew growth in your home? Here’s how: any humidifier has the potential to cause mold on your walls if the relative humidity… Read More
What Is The Brown Stuff In My Humidifier?
2022-07-17 13:45
If you’re like me, you probably enjoy the added benefit of a humidifier during the dry winter months. When it makes the indoor air more comfortable, you can sleep and work more peacefu… Read More
Disadvantages Of A Dehumidifier
2022-07-15 14:02
Do you own a house dehumidifier? If so, you’re probably pretty happy with it since it can help reduce moisture and the humidity level of your indoor air. However, there are some drawba… Read More
Why Use A Humidifier In Winter?
2022-07-13 12:08
The belief that using a humidifier during the winter can be beneficial to health is rooted in the idea that humidity is key to maintaining healthy respiratory conditions. In the winter, the… Read More
Do I Need A Humidifier For My Plants?
2022-07-06 12:01
Many indoor plants thrive in hot and humid climates. The United States has a diverse climate ranging from tropical to dry, and arctic tundra to hot deserts. So unless you live in an area wit… Read More
Do Humidifiers Help With Snoring?
2022-07-04 12:37
When you have a snoring problem, you may try various things to keep it under control or to avoid it. For instance, you may change your lifestyle and diet. You may also use nasal strips to… Read More
What Should Humidity Be In A Baby Room
2022-06-24 11:51
If you are a new parent, you may be looking out for things that could harm your little one. You may be worried about things like sharp corners or keeping the house clean to prevent illness o… Read More
Can You Sleep With A Fan And Humidifier On?
2022-06-24 11:09
As the weather transitions from hot to cold, people start shortlisting ways to make their bedrooms more comfortable. At this point, a question often pops up: can you sleep with a fan and hum… Read More
Do Humidifiers Use A Lot Of Electricity?
2022-06-17 13:21
The average humidifier uses about 150 watts of electricity. That’s a lot, but it’s not as much as some other devices in a home. For example, an air conditioner uses about 1,000 w… Read More
Can Dogs Get Sick From Air Conditioning?
2022-06-17 12:49
Hot summer days can be difficult to handle but humans are quite lucky to have air conditioning at their disposal. But as a dog owner, you want your dog to feel comfortable too. If you want t… Read More
Do You Use A Humidifier In The Summer?
2022-06-09 11:55
If you’re asking yourself, “why do I need a humidifier during the summer?”, you’re in the right place. Here’s a quick answer to why you need a dehumidifier in t… Read More
Do I Need A Dehumidifier In Every Room?
2022-06-07 12:14
Areas with high humidity can lead to water stains and mold development inside your home. Mold can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. If you live in an area with high humidity, t… Read More
Do I Need A Wardrobe Dehumidifier?
2022-05-25 14:59
Do you ever feel like your wardrobe is a little too damp? You’re not alone. In fact, humidity can be a big problem for your clothes – and your health. Fortunately, there’s… Read More
Do Air Purifiers Help With Bad Smells?
2022-05-16 18:51
Air purifiers, like the name, suggest cleaning the air around them. Therefore, it would be logical to reason that they remove all air pollutants, including bad smells, right? But do air puri… Read More
Does An Air Conditioner Purify Air?
2022-05-03 14:59
Summers call for air-conditioned rooms that provide comfort during the rising temperatures. While the luxury of an air conditioner cannot be overlooked, it is important to direct attention t… Read More
Can We Use AC When Water Is Leaking?
2022-04-22 12:14
Did you find a line of water outside your building wall emanating from your air conditioner? Is your air conditioner leaking water? And are you wondering whether you should just continue to… Read More
What Does An Air Filter Do In Your House?
2022-03-28 10:58
An air filter in your home keeps the air clean of dust, debris, and other allergens that can make you ill or cause people with allergies or asthma breathing issues. There is a system called… Read More
Are Tower Fans Better Or Pedestal Fans?
2022-03-16 10:49
If you like the coolness of air touching your skin and calming your hot nerves, you need a fan to pair with your home’s central air conditioning. When the weather outside gets unbe… Read More
Can A Dehumidifier Cool A Room?
2022-03-11 15:02
Picture this: you enter your home on a scorching day and instantly feel the pleasant indoor air hitting your senses. This air is not directly coming from your air conditioner. Instead, the w… Read More
Can Humidifiers Cause Sore Throat?
2022-02-28 12:45
Sore throat paired with dry cough and nasal blockage is the perfect recipe for a bad day. You experience pain in the throat while breathing, swallowing, and even talking. The chances are tha… Read More
How To Heat A Garage For Free
2022-02-24 10:47
The garage is a multipurpose area of the house. It is typically used for more than just parking a vehicle. It can also become your workshop, office, and library from time to time.  S… Read More
The 6 Best Garage Dehumidifiers
2022-02-07 05:26
Garages can contain a lot of moisture and humidity as many garages are cramped and limited in space. One of the primary reasons these garages have such high humidity levels is that they lack… Read More
Can You Add Vinegar To Humidifier Water?
2022-02-06 04:40
Winter announces its arrival when you start facing dry skin, stuffy nose, and cracked lips. Thankfully, the biggest savior that we have is our humidifier. Anybody who suffers from respirator… Read More
What Causes Low Humidity In A House?
2022-01-25 12:32
To understand what leads to low humidity in a house, you first need to know what humidity is. And why it’s such a hot topic of discussion for many homeowners. Humidity is nothing bu… Read More
Whole-House Fans Pros And Cons
2022-01-21 15:43
Whole-house fans are nothing new and have been around for some time now. It is its energy savings benefits over using an AC that led to its recent increased popularity. These fans offer a… Read More
Air Scrubber Maintenance
2021-12-22 13:33
Air scrubbers are not cheap; you will likely have to pay a pretty pen to operate one. To get yourself a good air scrubber, you need to pay at least $600, and the cost may go up to as much as… Read More
How Long Should An Air Scrubber Run?
2021-12-22 13:01
With the issue of pollution, air quality has degraded significantly and has become a health hazard in some regions. Air scrubbers can help mitigate these ill effects considerably. But as… Read More
Do Air Scrubbers Remove Mold From The Air?
2021-12-22 04:54
In many houses, mold may start growing on the surface of objects, and this can affect the quality of air inside the house. Many individuals and healthcare institutions use air scrubbers to e… Read More
Can A Dehumidifier Dehydrate You?
2021-11-26 10:40
Do you live in a humid climate? The excess humidity levels can take their toll on you. You tend to sweat a lot and feel uncomfortable. And the high humidity levels can trigger harmful mold a… Read More
Best Heaters For Tent Camping
2021-11-19 14:27
Winters can be severe in the US, and temperatures can fall below the freezing point in some states. However, winter can still be a fun time for camping, and there are many places where you w… Read More
Best Dehumidifier For Indoor Pool
2021-11-04 02:18
In summers, there is nothing better than having a pool area inside your house. But since the airflow is limited inside the house, indoor pools can increase the humidity within your home… Read More
Best Quiet Dehumidifiers For Homes
2021-11-04 02:17
Loud sounds can affect our hearing ability and can result in health problems if we are exposed to them too often. Hearing impairments, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases are some comm… Read More
Do Air Purifiers Cool The Room?
2021-10-23 12:44
You may be asking this question because you wonder if you should invest in an air purifier or not. Most importantly, you may have heard the common myth that air purifiers work as an air cond… Read More
What Does Ion Mean On A Fan?
2021-10-23 12:35
In the past, fans were just fans. No one expected them to do anything more than blow the fresh air breeze. But with technology development, good old fans also got an upgrade, and now we have… Read More
Fan Vs Ac Cost: What Is Cheaper?
2021-10-23 12:30
During the hot summer season, people try to cool down their homes as much as they can. And while there are plenty of ways to bring down the summer heat, fans and air conditioners continue to… Read More
2021-10-21 11:48
Camping with family is one of the most favorite activities for most people. While summer is a lovely time of the year to camp, sometimes it can get unexpectedly warm out there on the campsit… Read More
Best Battery-Operated Heaters
2021-10-21 11:05
Sometimes, it gets challenging to keep yourself warm during the winters, especially when traveling. Most people living in cold areas have heating in their homes, but you need a portable heat… Read More
Best Water-Based Air Purifiers
2021-09-30 10:15
Did you know that carbon dioxide emissions in the US have increased by 11% in the last two decades (source). The stats are petrifying, and there seems to be no solution in the near future. T… Read More
How Many Watts Does A Space Heater Use?
2021-09-10 06:49
A space heater makes a great addition to your cold-weather arsenal and makes those cold nights more bearable. Besides, they are compact, portable, and enough to heat one room or a specific a… Read More
Can You Wash A HEPA Filter?
2021-09-03 13:28
If you are here, you most likely have a dirty, clogged HEPA filter and wonder if you should clean or replace it. Well, asking ‘Can You wash a HEPA filter’ is a common questi… Read More
5 Best Indoor Propane Heaters
2021-08-27 13:19
Is your old heater giving you problems after serving you for so many years? And are you thinking of an upgrade and considering an indoor propane heater? Then you’ve come to the ri… Read More
Does A Light Bulb Make A Room Hotter?
2021-08-26 09:06
You probably know that light bulbs emit heat, but you don’t know how much. So it’s natural if you wonder: does a light bulb make a room hotter? Well, you’ve come to the rig… Read More
Best Wall-Mounted Dehumidifiers
2021-08-03 13:25
According to the annual climate report of 2020 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), land and ocean temperatures have increased by 0.13 degrees Fahrenheit every deca… Read More
Can I Put The TV Near A Radiator?
2021-07-31 09:52
When the weather starts getting a bit chillier, our first instinct is to pull out the blankets and turn on the heaters. However, deciding where to set up one’s heater is a really trick… Read More
How Many Candles To Heat A Room?
2021-07-27 18:17
There are three possible reasons for this question to come to your mind, and for you to read this article:   There’s a power outage, it’s cold outside, and you don&r&hell…Read More
Best Ways To Cool A Garage
2021-07-17 14:53
Have you had enough of the sweltering heat inside your garage? Then it’s time to find a cooling solution. Let’s walk through some ideas to help you find the best ways to cool a g… Read More
Best Ways To Get Heat Out Of The Attic
2021-07-17 14:07
How many times have you opened your attic latch to face a gush of hot air attacking you? It’s not surprising because the temperatures in unventilated attics can reach as much as 150&de&hell…Read More
How To Heat A Cold Basement Efficiently
2021-07-09 13:23
In a modern-day home, a basement is rarely used as a storage space. Currently, many dwellings have basements that are designed as living spaces. However, most homes have cold basements, and… Read More
5 Best Infrared Patio Heaters
2021-06-18 17:39
Are you looking for a patio heater? This article will review the top 5 best infrared patio heaters. Patio heaters have always been available, but last winter, their sales skyrocketed. Sta… Read More

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