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Don’t Get Stooled: Understanding Counter and Bar Height for Patio Furniture

Your patio is the first impression people get of your house, so you’ll want to make a good one. The last thing you need is for your stools and patio furniture to be too short or tall. Learning the difference between counter and bar height can help you avoid buying furniture that doesn’t fit well together.

Counter Height vs. Bar Height Outdoor Furniture

Understanding counter and bar height for stools, chairs, and tables is crucial. Firstly, counter height stools and chairs are 24” to 27” high at the seat, and countertops are 34” to 36” high. Secondly, you might want to opt for bar height patio furniture. Stools and chairs should be 27” to 33” high at the seat, and bars (counters and tables) should be 40” to 42” high.

Counters Height

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Recognizing the industry standard countertop height designed for the comfort of people of average height is essential. It allows them to reach countertops without bending over. Similarly, counter height stools are designed to accommodate their height.

Although originally established for kitchen counter and reception counters, the dimensions stated below are also used for patio furniture and small areas, giving the illusion of space.

Outdoor Tables

A counter-height table is taller than a standard dining table and shorter than a bar table. Such patio tables range between 34” and 36” high. They share the same dimensions as indoor furniture. According to the American National Standards Institute and Kitchen Manufacturers of America, the average height is 36”.

Patio Stools

How tall are counter height stools? Put simply, you’ll need coordinating counter stool height for a 36” counter (higher than standard chairs and lower than bar height stools). That’d be 24” to 27” high at the seat. The seat height for counter stools equips them for residential use and office break rooms.


Learning the appropriate distance between counter stools will help you determine how many you need. For example, if you have 16” to 18” wide stools, you want at least 6” between them. For 18” stools and over, keep a distance of 8” to 10”. This way, the stool placing will facilitate mobility.

Bars Height Patio Furniture

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Like counter height furniture, bar height or pub height furniture has an industry standard. And patio bar furniture has the same bar stool dimensions as indoor furnishings. It’s usually found in bars, restaurants, and kitchen islands with elevated countertops.

Bar height furniture isn’t the best for limited spaces; we recommend it for large patios. If you love hosting parties, it’s excellent for parties and new year celebrations!

Some people find bar stools and chairs uncomfortable because their feet can’t reach the floor. Others appreciate their height, as it allows those sitting and others standing around the bar height table to maintain the same eye level.

Patio Tables

Bar height tables typically range from 40” to 42”, making these the tallest tables (compared to counter height tables and standard tables).

Stools Height Furniture

Bar stool height varies from 27” to 33”, the average being 30”. This height makes them too tall for counter tables and standard tables. However, custom bars are widespread, so you should measure your bar height tables with metal tape. Then, write down the dimensions, and subtract 9” to 13” to get the perfect counter stool height for you.


Aside from height, you should learn about the distance between bar stools. Ideally, you should keep 12” (1 ft.) between the edges of bar stools. This way, you have enough space to sit on or get out of the chairs or turn around to face the person next to you.


Standard height furniture is the easiest to stack and move around, which can be practical. You’ll find it in upholstered and non-upholstered furniture. Nonetheless, be sure to measure each piece to confirm that it’s indeed standard because the word gets thrown around a lot.

Patio & Dining Tables

A standard height table (like a dining table) is shorter than bar and counter height tables. Its height ranges from 28” to 30”.

Dining Chairs

If you have a regular table on your patio, how high should the chairs be? In that case, you want table height chairs, which are 16” to 19” high, the average being 18”. These chairs are easy to find and available in numerous options, thanks to their standard dimensions.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from height, some factors should play into your purchasing choice when it comes to patio furniture, such as:


You can have two chairs of the same height and different designs. One is an armless stool that you can fit entirely under your table. Another is a high-back chair that won’t fit. So be sure your armed chair can slide under the counter or bar height tables without complications.

Special Needs

If one of your family members is in a wheelchair, you should consider making your patio furniture handicap accessible. In that case, you’ll want your counter height to be 28” to 34” or lower, depending on their needs. Also, give them at least 36” of open space to facilitate mobility.


If you’ve settled on bar stools, is adjustability a feature you need? Adjustable barstools come with levers that change their bar stool heights, accommodating any special needs. For instance, you might be a perfectionist who wants bar stools to suit guests or house members of varying heights and even children!


Do you want your patio furniture to be both functional and stylish? If so, you should be mindful of your choices. For instance, upholstered chairs give your patio a touch of sophistication and refinement. Otherwise, you can personalize your patio with decorative tables and benches.


You’re shopping for patio furniture, so you want it to remain in good condition despite being exposed to the elements. That’s why weather-proof upholstery for your counter or bar stools is a good investment. Durable materials for your stools, chairs, and tables include teak wood and aluminum. Finally, consider treating wood with a weatherproof finish.

In summary, counter-height furniture is typically 24 to 27 inches high at the seat and 34″ to 36″ inches high at the countertop, while bar-height furniture is typically 27″ to 33″ inches high at the seat and 40″ to 42″ inches high at the bar or table. Counter-height furniture is designed for standard countertops, while bar-height furniture is typically used with elevated countertops or bars. Standard-height furniture is typically the easiest to move and stack, but it is important to confirm the measurements of each piece to ensure it is indeed standard height.

Bar Height Sets:

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Don’t Get Stooled: Understanding Counter and Bar Height for Patio Furniture


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