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Wrought Iron vs. Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Your patio says a lot about your style and personality. Naturally, you want to set it up in a way that best represents you but also doesn’t break the bank.

The most pressing matter about patio furniture would be its durability against the weather and wear and tear.

So, what would get you the best of all these aspects between Wrought Iron vs. Cast Aluminum patio furniture? Let’s break it down.

Wrought Iron vs. Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Before deciding which type of furniture to get for your patio, you must consider the aspects that matter most. Then, see which of the two materials fits your needs better.

Manufacturing and Durability

The way wrought alloys are made is very different from Cast iron ones, and that’s a core difference between the two.

To make wrought alloys, you bring a piece of a specific type of metal and use special tools to bend, roll, stamp, or extrude it.

On the other hand, cast alloys melt the metal in a furnace and then pour it into a mold to achieve the desired shape.

This affects the alloy’s final output because wrought alloys are much stronger and, therefore, a more durable material.

Add this to the fact that iron as a metal material is already a lot stronger than aluminum, and you have a solid winner in terms of durability and strength.

Winner: Wrought iron patio furniture.

Design and Appearance

Due to the manual labor involved in making wrought iron, it takes fewer shapes than the ones offered by cast aluminum options.

Cast aluminum furniture is covered by a powder coating that makes way for availability in a wide range of colors, unlike wrought iron.

Not to mention, there are more design options for cast aluminum. This can fit traditional or modern styles alike. However, wrought iron is more suitable for those who prefer traditional styles.

Winner: Cast aluminum furniture.

Weight and Capacity

Let’s start with the weights of each. Wrought-iron outdoor furniture pieces weigh much more than their cast aluminum frame alternatives.

So, if you’re looking for a set that you can move around often, you should definitely opt for cast aluminum.

In other words, if you have outdoor lunches or dinners or are the one to rearrange your setups frequently, cast aluminum would work better for you. On the other hand, wrought iron pieces are a lot sturdier on the ground.

The same piece of wrought iron furniture can be anywhere between 15 and 30 pounds heavier than cast aluminum options.

Still, the same piece of outdoor patio furniture could have a capacity of 400 pounds if it were made of wrought iron. Alternately, this number would decrease to 300 pounds if the piece of furniture was made of cast aluminum.

So, when you weigh both against one another, cast aluminum seems much more convenient and serves the same functionality.

Winner: Cast aluminum.


While wrought iron may require more frequent maintenance, it’s not as extensive as the maintenance cast aluminum might need.

Still, both materials are strong in their own way. Cast aluminum resists corrosion and rust, which is a huge advantage over iron. Not to mention, if it has a powder coating, it gives it even further resistance to rust.

With wrought iron, you’ll have to wipe it frequently with dish soap to keep it looking fresh.

You also must apply a wax coat once or twice a year to renew the finish after exposure to rain or general wear and tear.

Also, have to consider that wrought iron is prone to scratches and chipping over time. This is why you must sand it with medium grit sandpaper and give it a coat of matching paint to hide these scratches.

With proper maintenance. Wrought iron can become as fresh as new and maintain its strength and appearance with proper maintenance.

On the other hand, cast aluminum requires less maintenance, which is much more convenient than iron, even if wrought iron is a little more durable.

Winner: Cast aluminum outdoor furniture


Wrought iron is more expensive than cast aluminum. This is mainly because cast aluminum is a lot easier to produce.

Not to mention, you have to take into account the maintenance costs you will have to invest in to keep your iron patio looking good.

Both wrought iron and cast aluminum furniture will last for decades. However, wrought iron will cost you more to maintain than cast aluminum.

In short, wrought iron patio furniture is more expensive to purchase and maintain.

Winner: Cast aluminum.

Wrought Iron vs. Cast Aluminum Pros and Cons

For a quick recap, here are the pros and cons of each material:

Wrought Iron

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of wrought iron.


  • Better mechanical properties
  • It has better structural integrity than cast aluminum
  • Smoother surface finishes with proper maintenance


  • Requires frequent wiping
  • It needs a new wax coating once or twice yearly
  • More expensive
  • Prone to rust

Cast Aluminum

Now, let’s look at cast aluminum’s pros and cons:


  • Widely available
  • More affordable
  • It doesn’t retain heat so you can sit on the furniture without cushions
  • Lightweight and easier to rearrange
  • Low maintenance requirements (compared to wrought iron)


  • Prone to manufacturing defects due to casting
  • May show signs of wear and tear over time
white outdoor patio furniture


Does Aluminum Patio Furniture Last?

Yes, very well. Cast aluminum has a remarkable lifetime. This is thanks to its powder coat, which protects it from the elements.

That powder coat makes rust and corrosion resistance a lot better than what wrought iron might offer.

Can You Leave Metal Patio Furniture Outside in the Rain?

If the furniture is cast aluminum, you definitely can. Thanks to the powder coating, cast aluminum is rust-resistant.

This means that you don’t have to shelter it from rain as you would in the case of wrought iron.

So, who wins between wrought iron and cast aluminum patio furniture?

Well, we think that cast aluminum is the clear winner. It offers all the benefits of aluminum without any drawbacks of wrought iron.  Both are very popular choices if you want metal furniture for your outdoor space.

Here are some of our best cast aluminum  designs:

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Wrought Iron vs. Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture


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