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Why You Should Buy a Cover for Your Electric Smoker?

Buying a Smoker is definitely a great investment if you are a fan of cooking and like to experiment with different cooking techniques. A lot of people are fans of the slow cooking process and the flavors you can infuse the meat with using this technique.

However, as with any other piece of Equipment, keeping your smoker in top condition is essential for getting the best-finished product- which in this case, is a delicious plate of smoked meat. One of the best ways to achieve this is to purchase a Cover for your smoker.

The following points highlight why you should buy a cover for your smoker.

#1 Cover Keeps Dust Away From Your Smoker

We are all well aware of the increasing pollution and the particulate matter in our environment. Particulate matter is nothing but dust, but with one major difference. It is not the inert dust of finely broken down soil or sand. Instead, it is a combination of non- biodegradable material, pollutants, and carcinogens which can cause diseases like cancer and other serious health conditions.

A smoker is perhaps one of the rare kitchen equipment that is kept outdoors due to their functionality. When such equipment is kept outside, it is highly prone to dust and other such pollutants. These pollutants enter into the smoker through a small opening and settle in hard to reach crevices and small vents and other openings, making them extremely difficult to remove using methods and equipment available in most homes.

While some of these dust particles can get incinerated or neutralized by turning on the smoker, most of the particles can cause a lot of harm when burnt. They can release fumes which can affect the quality of food and also cause carcinogenic, neuropathic and other issues.

Using a cover of good quality can help keep a majority of such dust particles away, which goes a long way in keeping the smoker clean and free from such harmful pollutants.

#2 Cover Keeps The Critters Away:

There is no doubt that you love smoked meat if you have gone through the trouble of purchasing a smoker. However, it doesn’t go to say that you like smoked meats of all kinds. There are certainly some meats which are off the block when it comes to your palate, unless, of course, you are a lot more adventurous than most people. This list includes the meat of bugs, reptiles and other critters which might unknowingly make their home in your smoker, unaware of the actual purpose of the cozy nest they think it to be.

While heating up your smoker for a few minutes before using it for cooking the meat might kill or drive away the pests, there is no saying if there are other unwelcome things they left behind (fecal matter, nests, eggs etc.) which may cause sickness or foul smell in your smoker. Even otherwise, it obviously can’t be fun encountering a swarm of wasps or honeybees after you open your smoker to run your new batch of meat through.

Hence, it is always safer to purchase a good cover which ensures that there are no uninvited visitors in your smoker.

Electric smoker

#3 Cover Increases The Life Span Of Your Smoker:

Exposure to the elements always reduces the lifespan of any equipment. Be it the sunlight which causes the fading of the exterior paint and chipping of enamel or other protective covering, or the rain and moisture which can enter inside the equipment and cause internal damage to the electronics or wiring or worse, cause rust.

Any of the above conditions can reduce the life of your smoker considerably- especially if you own an electric smoker. Another major enemy is rust- since it can literally destroy your smoker from within and requiring you to spend a huge amount of money on its upkeep- from replacing the grill to damaging the inner arts, there is no saying where the rust can go.

Therefore it is always advisable that you purchase a cover and keep your smoker covered with it, right from day one.

#4 Cover Safeguards Your Equipment:

There is a host of other equipment you may choose to use in conjunction with your smoker like forks, tongs, thermometers etc. If you are among those who feel that there is a right place for everything and things that are used together must be stored together for greater ease of use and convenience, then a cover is a must for your smoker.

It not only protects your smoker, but it also ensures that all your other equipment is kept safe and secure as well, since they are segregated and covered- only to be exposed when you use the smoker again.

Overall, a cover is a brilliant addition to your list of equipment to buy with a smoker. While this might not be essential to the actual process of sm0oking meat, it will ensure that you enjoy your smoker for many more years to come and avoid several unpleasant outcomes which might otherwise ruin your experience, or make it a much costlier affair than it should be.

Because, after all, prevention is better than cure.

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Why You Should Buy a Cover for Your Electric Smoker?


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