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What Are the Best Ways to Remove Table Saw Rust?

Sliding a piece of plywood across the Table should always be smooth and nonabrasive. However, once the table saw becomes rusty, all its parts can go out of alignment. Its cast iron surface deteriorates quickly and compromises its safety features. Therefore, in order to protect your investment, you have to remove the Rust and keep your table saw in good operating condition.Table-Saw

Luckily, there are many ways to remove the table saw rust. All the steps are easy and relatively quick. You just need to get adequate equipment and protective gloves. Furthermore, it is better to disassemble your table saw first; start this by unplugging it from the power source.

Step #1 – Cut the Rust

First, wear the gloves and use the knife or some scrapper to knock down the high rust spots to make the entire surface flat. In case you are wiping off the high rust spots with a clean cloth, repeat as necessary.

Bear in mind that this process shouldn’t be really hard. Rough initial cleaning, particularly on tough rust spots, can cut the surface or damage it in the long run. While rubbing the surface, make sure the entire area stays as smooth and as flat as possible.

Step #2 – Use Natural Methods

There are lots of rust remover products which you can easily get at most automotive and home improvement stores. You have to be extra careful with them, and use gloves and glasses as they can burn the skin.

Before we talk about those rust removes, it is imperative to know that you can remove table saw rust through some traditional, safe, and natural methods too.

For example, try lemon.

Mix its drops with some salt, and apply the mixture all over the rusted spot. Once it covers it well, leave the mixture for two to three hours before scrubbing it off.

Some experts recommend rubbing the salt over the rusted spot first and then squeezing lemon juice on it. According to them, this method makes the mixture more potent and removes the rust rather easily once the mixture is soaked in it well.

Other than that, you can also use the thick mixture of baking soda and water.

Just spread it on the table saw and allow time for it to set. Next, gently scrub it off using the toothbrush and rinse with water.

If you aren’t into these methods, you can even try coke due to its high acidic content and oxidating nature. It has abrasive citric acid which is quite powerful. You can see lots of videos on the YouTube, where people remove even the toughest spots of rust by pouring coca cola on the rust and rubbing it vigorously after a few minutes.

Step #3 – Try Rust Remover

Don’t feel like spending two hours scrubbing or using natural methods? Get ‘Rust Remover’. It is easy and quick.

Rust removers give your table saw its original shine back. They neutralize the problem quickly, without damaging the surface. However, you have to pick the best rust remover to get good results. There are too many options that can baffle your mind.

  • Empire Top Saver: This rust remover dominates the charts. It is known as the tough rust cleaner that has a solvent-base, penetrating formula. The best thing about this product is it never interferes with glues or finishes. It indeed seals the surface pores against rust and corrosion. Just spray it on the affected areas and then scrub it with a scouring pad or steel wool. In case the rust remains, repeat the process.
  • Boeshield Rust Free: Unlike Empire Top Saver, the Boeshield Rust Free is better for light rust. It attacks the rust with the phosphoric-acid formula. After spraying it, let it sit for at least 60 seconds and then scrub it off with a scouring pad or steel wool. If you are opting for this remover for light stain, don’t let it sit more than 2 minutes. Because of its unique and potent formula, it can create dark stains, which would be quite noticeable.

If you already have some mild cleaner in the home, you can use them too. Just apply it on the steel wool with a little elbow grease and scrub the surface.

Step #4 – Clean the Surface

Removing the table saw rust through natural methods or rust removers doesn’t mean the surface is utterly smooth or clean. You have to give the final polish.

Use an automotive rubbing or metal polish and a buffing wheel. It cleans the surface entirely and ensures that there isn’t anything left on the surface.

After you finish polishing the surface, it is time to apply wax. You can use a solvent like acetone, as it eliminates all those chemicals that stay on the surface even after polishing. The most popular wax among most professional woodworkers is Johnson’s Paste Wax. All you need is to apply it and let it dry for 20 minutes and wipe it off.table saw rust

Professional woodworkers believe that while removing table saw rust, it is pertinent to avoid any product that contains silicone. This is often mentioned as ‘siloxanes’ in the sheet list. This compound contaminates the wood and causes imperfection.

Lastly, assemble your table saw. While assembling its parts, make sure you are lubricating them. This will make them function properly and increase the effectiveness of them as well.

Concluding Thoughts

Once you remove rust, take a step back and admire the awesome job you’ve done. Rust is damaging to the table saw. The longer you leave, the more it damages it. These ways can keep your table saw new and free from rust. You can make a plywood cover for your table saw too. It helps in keeping the surface rust free. Besides, avoid exposing table saw to moisture; this causes rust.

We perceive it is difficult, but you can do that by avoiding placing those product, or drinks, on the top of the table that contains moisture. Also, it important to have a regular schedule of cleaning; it will keep your table saw looking and performing like new.

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What Are the Best Ways to Remove Table Saw Rust?


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