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We Need to Talk About Wrinkles

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No, we’re not talking about lines in our foreheads or hands. It’s time to deal with one of the issues that even us Linen-lovers have to think about. We all know that linen makes an ideal fabric for bedlinen, kitchen textiles and clothing. We love its natural strength, its temperature regulating properties, its resilience and beauty, and the fact that it’s anti-bacterial and moth resistant. What might be more contentious is the inherent creases that occur when linen is used or worn. So, we thought we would tackle the issue and show you why we think you should bring on the wrinkles.

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If you love linen and embrace its natural crinkles, you might still find some useful linen care tips in this post. If you’re more hesitant about buying linen products because you’re worried about dealing with creases, we want to put your mind at rest.

Here’s the lowdown on why linen has wrinkles and some ways to deal with them:

Why does linen crease?

The fibres of the flax plant don’t have any natural elasticity. This means that when the fabric is pressed into a position it can’t simply bounce back. Instead, a fold or wrinkle forms. 

While a bit of rumpled charm gives a bed a welcoming, homely feel, for some people an overly-crinkled linen shirt, trousers or jacket is too casual or informal. Do not be put off though, there are things you can do to strike the perfect balance between comfort and formality.

how to stop linen creasing

Can you get rid of wrinkles in linen?

Whilst you can’t completely prevent linen fabric from wrinkling, there are some steps you can take to reduce and remove creases:

  • Iron your linen item whilst damp or with the steam setting. You can also place a cotton tea towel or t-shirt between the garment and iron for additional crinkle-busting power. The item will wrinkle whilst you’re wearing it but if it starts from a flatter place they will be less pronounced.
  • Remove linens from the washing machine immediately. Letting linens sit in a crumpled heap will create more wrinkles. 
  • Steam damp linens by hanging in a steamy bathroom or using a proper steamer. This is a really effective way to remove wrinkles from linen.
  • Air dry and hang wet linens to prevent the worst creases. Give your garments a good shake and flap, then hang outside completely unfolded, and let the breeze shake out the crumples.
  • Choose darker linen clothing or items with a pattern, like this stylish jacket or a super cute gingham shirt. These show up wrinkles less easily than paler colours. 
  • Hand-washing is more gentle and will result in fewer creases.
  • If you’re travelling and want to get rid of some wrinkles in your linen clothes, make the item damp and then dry with a hair dryer

getting rid of wrinkles linen

These tips will help reduce the wrinkles in your linen clothes, bedlinen and homewares, but ultimately we think it’s best to just embrace this natural part of using linen. With all its benefits there is so much more to linen than a few wrinkles, and we think they add to its charm and beauty. Few other fabrics have this welcoming, cosy appearance

What do you think about wrinkles? Let us know in the comments!

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We Need to Talk About Wrinkles


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