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6 Best Home Coffee Grinders In Australia

If like me, Coffee is integral to your morning ritual and you researched an automatic coffee machine you may have realised that a quality coffee grinder is a crucial part of getting the best coffee at home. The right grinder for your favorite brew adds extra quality to your daily dose of caffeine.

We evaluated coffee grinders available in Australia and put together a list of the best grinders that will level up your coffee enjoyment. The following grinders are a mix of quality and affordability. There's nothing designed for a busy coffee shop on this list.

1. Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Best Value Home Coffee Grinder In Australia

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is the best-value coffee grinder available in Australia.

Beville's Smart Grinder Pro features a programmable conical burr grinder but only for the number of cups or espresso shots you want. You are also able to adjust your grind time in 0.2s increments.

Unlike most coffee grinders, the Smart Grinder Pro has an LCD screen that displays the grind setting, time, and the number of shots or cups you chose. Its user-friendly interface allows you to choose between shots for the espresso machine and cups if you’re making filter coffee. The Smart Grinder Pro grinds beans directly into the portafilter, reducing spillage and mess in the process. It has 60 different grind settings to pick for all brewing processes and a two-year replacement warranty.

Although it's not recommended for the freshness of the beans to store them in the hopper it does come with the largest capacity of 450 grams, among the options on our list. If you want to you could store your coffee beans in the grinder for days rather than refilling the hopper repeatedly.


  • Large hopper capacity of 450g
  • Can grind directly into the portafilter
  • User-friendly
  • 60 different grind settings


  • Lower powerful motor than some more expensive models

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2. Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder

Best Mid-Priced Home Coffee Grinder

Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder

The burr on the Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder is of the same high quality as all Eureka grinders. And although the Specialita is one of Eureka's most popular grinders, its 55mm burr set is outclassed by the 65mm stainless steel flat burr set of the Mignon single-dose grinder. The Mignon Specialita has a touchscreen LCD that is programmable and can store two preset programmed doses.

Euraka's Mignon coffee grinder has a hopper capacity of 300g. It also features flat burrs that rotate at 1,350 rpm, a similar speed to the Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder. The burrs are made from the company's unique Pure Diamond material, which is extremely hard and resilient and maintains its sharpness and consistency for up long. Being a step-less micrometric grind-settings device, you have infinite control over your grind fineness, which on the other hand, makes it difficult to find your old grind settings.

The Mignon Specialita is commercially certified, while it is designed and marketed as a home grinder. It does not have the speed to keep up in a high-volume setting, but the commercial rating suggests that it has the quality and durability to handle a bigger load than a typical home user.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Not too noisy thanks to the silent technology
  • Fast grinding speed and fine control due to the powerful motor
  • Engineered to be suitable for a catering business or a small espresso cart


  • Switching between grind settings can be a pain.

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3. Baratza Sette 270

Baratza Sette 270

The Baratza Sette 270 allows you to fine-tune your brewing process with the help of the grinder’s 30 responsive macro-adjustments and 9 designated micro-adjustment settings. These are integrated with the innovative Sette series technology, allowing minimal retention and simple, speedy maintenance. The Baratza Sette 270 is programmable, allowing up to three stored, user-defined dose preferences. The device also features an LCD screen showing only the dosing time.

Baratza's handy convertible mechanism allows you to switch between grinding directly into your portafilter and into the accompanying anti-static bin, as well as into many other common single-cup brewing methods. And while the Sette 270's grind quality accommodates a variety of brewing methods and types, it is not suitable for those that require a coarse grind size like French Press and Cold Brew. However, it works excellently for brewing espresso. Recommended for up to 1kg per day.  Grinds 3.5g to 5.5 grams per second.


  • 3 programmable settings
  • User-friendly
  • Powerful motor
  • Suitable for low-consumption work/office use as well as homes


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • It can be a bit noisy

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4. Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

The Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder is powered by Rancilio's 140W grinder motor, it is the same motor used in their commercial MD40 grinder and spins at 1400 rpm for a quick and whisper-quiet coffee grinding experience. It features 50mm flat burrs and 55 grind settings, the second largest on our list, just after the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. The grinder is suitable for entry-level home espresso and high-end filter grinding.

Rancilio's Rocky Coffee Grinder is relatively difficult to use—it features no display or knobs but a simple pulse grinding button that you press to start grinding. What makes this a tedious process is adjusting the grind setting. You first have to power on the grinder, then fine-tune it as it continues to work. And at any point in time, you need both hands to make any changes.

For safety purposes, the device features a thermal overload shutoff feature that shuts the motor down when it begins to overheat. This usually happens when grinding a lot of coffee in a single attempt or when a stone is caught in the burrs. Cleaning and maintaining the grinder is straightforward because the bean hopper and exterior burrs are detachable.


  • 55 different grind settings
  • 50mm commercial grade grinding burrs


  • Difficult to adjust grind settings

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5. Welhome Coffee Grinder

Best Cheap Powered Coffee Grinder

Welhome Coffee Grinder

Welhome's Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is an excellent low-priced grinder for all brewing styles, from manual espresso and french press to drip coffee. The user-friendly grinder is simply designed yet functional to provide the user with a good grinding experience.

The Welhome grinder has 20 grind settings that can be set or changed easily for espresso and manual brew methods. It has no LCD, and a knob above the power button controls the dosing timer. The timer can run for as long as 60 seconds and is easy to use. This fast and simple time stamp allows users of all experience levels to precisely time consistent ground coffee. The grinder is also easy to clean due to its BPA-free plastic build, which on the other hand, makes using it often messy as ground beans often stick to the plastic body.


  • Effective dosing timer
  • Durable
  • Hopper capacity of 250 grams


  • Can be messy due to plastic build
  • Only 20 grind settings

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6. Hario Skerton Plus Coffee Grinder

Best Portable Manual Grinder

Hario Skerton Plus Coffee Grinder

If you're a coffee enthusiast on a budget, you might want to check out the Hario Skerton Plus. The coffee grinder, an upgrade to the popular Hario Skerton grinder, saves you money while still offering the benefits of freshly ground coffee in the comfort of your home. With its ceramic, conical burrs, and adjustable grind settings, this low-priced grinder meets the basic needs of both inexperienced and expert brewers. It features a 100g capacity glass ground catcher and a 60g hopper, which is the least on our list.

Hario's Skerton Plus coffee grinder's sturdy grind shaft and burr stabilization plate ensure a fine, uniform powder every time. It is easy to use and simply requires pouring the beans into the hopper and getting the biceps to work. During use, the grinder's silicone base keeps it in place, so it won't move around while you're grinding coffee beans. The Skerton Plus's crank can be removed, making it easier to pack to travel with.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Non-slip rubber base to stabilize the device
  • Easily disassembled for storage and travel


  • Difficult to change grind sizes and limited options

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Comparing Our Picks For The Best Home Coffee Grinders in Australia

Below is a table comparing the best coffee grinders available in Australia to help you decide.

Coffee Grinder Grind Settings Hopper Capacity Burr Size Burr Shape Weight Power
Breville Smart Grinder Pro 60 450g 40mm Conical 2.78kg 165W
Baratza Sette
270 400g 40mm Conical 3.2kg 200W
Welhome Coffee Grinder 20 250g 38mm Conical 1.35kg 150W
Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder 55 300g 50mm Flat 7kg 140W
Eureka Mignon Specialita Stepless 300g 55mm Flat 5.6kg 310W
Hario Skerton
Plus Grinder
16 100g N/A Conical 0.5kg N/A

Buying Guide: What to Look For in a Coffee Grinder

Now that we've explored the best coffee grinders available in Australia let's look at the key factors to consider when making a choice.

1. Power/Speed

Home espresso machines require an excellent grind, and only the most powerful coffee bean grinders can provide it. The general rule is that the more the machine wattage, the finer the grind. We include this in the comparison table above to help you decide. And while speed is not necessary for power, it's also best to find one with modest rotational speed when searching for a high-quality grinder. Some of the flavor and aroma will be lost if the grinding process is rushed.

2. Grinding Methods

It's crucial to be able to alter the level of the coarseness of your grind. This will allow you to experiment with different methods of brewing coffee. Many modern coffee grinders have convenient preset controls for commonly used grind sizes, making the morning grind a breeze. Other machines also allow you to adjust the settings to get the right coarseness or fineness for your needs. Always choose coffee grinders with a broader range of grind settings that are easy to adjust.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the design, a coffee grinder may be simple or complex, making cleaning a breeze or a nightmare. Regular cleaning of the coffee maker is necessary, even for the best coffee makers, to maintain a consistently high-quality product. Choose a grinder you can disassemble and assemble easily to make your cleaning process less challenging.

In Summary

The right coffee setup is essential to experiment and achieve the best taste. This includes the coffee machine and the bean type and source. Understand this; garbage in, garbage out. So, ensure you're picking the best and most appropriate machinery for every step of your coffee-making process. You have selected your coffee grinder; it's time to choose from the best home coffee machines and the best Australian coffee to buy.

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6 Best Home Coffee Grinders In Australia


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