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The Best Balance Boards Available in Australia

You need a Balance Board to improve your balance and stability. They are also a great addition to your standing desk, helping you overcome the health implications of sedentary work conditions. With numerous balance boards available, we compiled a list of the best available in Australia for you. This review contains five balance boards for training, therapy, standing desks, kids, and other use cases. Let's get into it!

Best For Beginners: Chattanooga Premium Wooden Rocker Board

Chattanooga Premium Wooden Rocker Board

This wooden rocker board is our best pick for therapy and beginners. The Chattanooga wooden rocker board has an anti-slip surface of 50 cm by 50 cm. It is perfect for proprioception and coordination training. Chattanooga wooden rocker board is suitable for recovery from injury and strengthening weakened muscles.

Beginners can use this rocker board as it is not hard to maintain balance. You only need to rock it back and forth to get the balance training you need. It can also be used for vestibular exercises. The board is suitable for use in homes, gyms, physio clinics, and rehabilitation centres.


  • Made with strong wood with an anti-slip surface
  • It has a large surface of 50 cm by 50 cm
  • Perfect for proprioception and coordination training
  • A good board for therapy and recovery
  • Easy to use for beginners as it rocks only back and forth


  • Limited in movement, making it suitable for beginners

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Best for Core Strength: Costway Wooden Balance Board

Costway Wooden Balance Board

The Costway wooden balance board is what you need for core strength building. It has an anti-skid surface with a non-slip blanket for a firm grip. The board is made with birch and cork wood which are durable and robust. Costway wooden balance board can be used to exercise leg and abdomen muscles and build core strength. It is also good for weight loss training.

Smooth rollers beneath the board facilitate easy rolling of the Costway balance board. It helps you build enough balance that is needed to improve your surfing, skating, skiing, and yoga pose. The edges are rounded to protect the skin. This lightweight balance board is easy to transport and use anywhere. And is ideal for usage at home, gym, and office.


  • Has an anti-skid surface
  • Comes with a non-slip blanket
  • Made with birch and cork wood for increased durability
  • It has smooth rollers for easy rolling
  • It is lightweight


  • It is not suitable for beginners

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Best with Adjustable Stopper: Wooden Balance Board Trainer

Wooden Balance Board Trainer

Are you looking for a balance board that will stay with you as you increase your stability and balance level? Then go for the Wooden Balance Board Trainer with an adjustable stopper. It has two movable stoppers to accommodate different levels of stability. This balance board is suitable for building agility, balance, stability, body control, and core strength.

The board can support up to 300lbs (136.1 kg) and has a surface of 29 cm by 11 cm. The roller has a thick layer of tear-resistant TPE to prevent sliding or slipping. The board surface is also covered with an anti-skid pad for better grip. Wooden's balance board trainer is a good training board for athletes involved in games like surfing, skiing, and skateboarding.


  • Has an adjustable stopper making it ideal for all levels
  • It can support up to 300 lbs
  • A large surface of 29 cm by 11 cm
  • Has a thick layer of tear-resistant TPE
  • The surface is covered with an anti-skip pad for better grip


  • Not a great choice for beginners

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Best Budget Option: Heavy Duty Balance Board

Heavy Duty Balance Board

If you are cautious about spending big on your balance board just yet, you can get the Heavy Duty Balance Board. The balance board is complete enough to give you a fair experience of using a balance board without spending too much. This balance board has a non-skid surface. It provides good stability, balance, strength, and rehabilitation training.

The Heavy Duty 15.5-inch balance board has an adjustable height to vary the difficulty. You can work on your core strength and improve your general fitness. The balance board has a non-skid pad that comes with it.


  • Very cheap balance board
  • It has a non-skid surface
  • It Offers movement from all angles
  • Builds core strength, stability, and general fitness
  • It has adjustable height to vary the difficulty


  • It is not beginner-friendly

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Best for Kids: Balance Board Beam Seesaw

Balance Board Beam Seesaw

Balance boards are not just for adults. There are options for your kids. The best balance board for kids is the Balance Board Beam Seesaw. It is a simple wooden balance board made from beechwood. The beechwood is light yet sturdy. It makes a good board for helping your kids build balance for sports like gymnastics, skating, surfing, skiing, and other sports.

The beam seesaw balance board has a maximum weight capacity of 100 kg. This makes it accommodate up to two kids at a time. Many kids use it as a seesaw or other intuitive applications like a boat or bridge when turned upside down.


  • Lightweight beechwood balance board
  • Can support up to 100 kg
  • Perfect for kids to build balance
  • Makes for an intuitive play tool for kids


  • Too basic
  • Not an attractive balance board for adults

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What to Consider when Choosing a Balance Board

Each balance board we featured in our list has peculiar characteristics and usages. How then do you know the one to go for? First, consider the purpose of the balance board. It could be for a particular use or multiple use cases. An excellent choice fits all your use cases. For example, if it is for your kids, you only need to look for simple boards. Once you've decided on the use case for your balance board, here are some other vital factors to consider:

Board Type

Balance boards are usually of five main types. But in common usages, we can keep the types at three. We have the rocker boards, which mainly consist of a skate-like board with a fixed rocker under it. The rocker is usually a cylindrical piece that allows the rocker board to tilt at limited angles. Their movement is generally in one plane, making them ideal for beginners.

The second type of balance board is the roller board. These boards also have a skate-like board with a separate cylindrical roller. The board rolls with the aid of the free-to-move roller that goes under it. Roller boards are usually not meant for beginners because of their increased freedom to move.

The third common balance board type is the wobble board. This type of balance board is made up of a round spinning body that rests on a spherical rocker. The rockers are fixed to the spinning top. Wobble boards are at the intermediate level of usage. They can tilt in every direction, making them harder to navigate than the rocker boards.

Board Material

Balance boards are made of either plastic or wood or a combination of these. Considering the weight capacity of the material can help decide which material is better. Generally, woods are expected to be more durable as sturdy timber like beech wood is used. Plastic materials can be more comfortable to stand upon.

Many wooden surfaces are covered with a non-skid material to help soothe the feet and avoid slipping. Some plastic balance boards have spikes on the surface to increase their therapeutic effects on the feet. Some roller boards also come with additions of a non-skid mat as well.

Rolling Length

This is particular to roller boards. Some roller boards have adjustable stoppers that restrict the rolling length. These make them suitable for different levels of training. It is essential to know how far the board can roll. The rolling length will help determine how much control you can have over the boards. You won’t want to buy a board beyond your control level.

Board Angle

For wobble and rocker boards, the tilting angle of the board is essential. If you seek a big balance challenge, a board with an increased tilt angle is good for you. Wobble boards are usually able to tilt and twist in every direction. That makes them excellent for advanced balance training. Rocker boards usually tilt in limited ways, making them the most stable balance board.

There is a Balance Board for You

A balance board can significantly help you improve your fitness. For anyone working with a standing desk, balance boards can always keep your feet busy and get your muscles exercised. With three main types, there is a balance board that meets your need. For beginners, choosing a rocker board that only moves in two directions is best.

For advanced users like athletes, the roller and wobble boards are great. The greater freedom to move at diverse angles makes them suitable for advanced balance and stability training. Our top 6 picks have considered every level of balance board users without leaving your kids out of the picture.

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The Best Balance Boards Available in Australia


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