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How Does Landscape Design Increase Property Value


Landscaping your backyard and areas around the House is the perfect way to give a new look to your house. Whether you intend to live in the house till you see your grandchildren or sell it in a few years, Landscaping always adds value to your home.

While you intend to live in the house for a long time, you can simply go with what you like and design the Landscape accordingly. However, if you plan to sell it, there are certain things you need to consider. You can’t just go with what you like.

That being said, let’s dive into the practices you need to look into to ensure you get the best price for your property.

Does Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

Before we can move forward with the landscaping ideas, we can see how someone has a question mark on their face. This is perhaps because of the question - Does landscaping Increase Your property Value - in your mind.

Well, allow us to answer that. Yes, landscaping helps you increase the price of the property. In fact, according to a Virginia Tech Study, if you can give your real estate property the perfect landscaping, it can increase the price of the house by 15%.

A well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home without any landscaping. The advantages we are talking about are from 5%-15%.

That being said, there is more to landscaping than just sticking a plant or two. You must understand that buyers are not only looking for plants and greenery around the house, but they also expect them to be manicured.

So, instead of just using any plant in your landscape area, use different plants that perfectly fit the buyer's vision.

How Can Landscaping Increase Your Home Value?

Landscaping is the only value addition that increases your home’s price immediately. In fact, it is one of the few home improvements that not only add value to your home immediately but also increase the value as the years go by.

Below, we have listed a few ways in which landscaping can add value to your home.

Add Trees

Having trees in your landscape design adds a lot of benefits. They not only add greenery to your landscape but also add privacy. In addition, they offer shade and clear the air around the house.

In fact, experts believe that if you can position the trees strategically, it can help you lower electricity bills by keeping the temperature low in the summer seasons.

Before you choose trees to plant, think carefully, plan your action and take mature heights into consideration.

Add Pathways Through Your Backyard

When you are designing a landscape for your house, don’t forget to have pathways through your backyard. You don’t have to build a road-like structure; just having a few tiles here and there will help you find your way.

You must understand that the hard escaping element is equally important when you are adding greenery to your landscape.

Have Uniform Landscape Style

You are changing your landscape design at a regular interval; it is not only affecting the style of your house but also the price. The best way to ensure your house can maintain its price and eventually increase its price fluctuation is by sticking with a singular style.

The best way to design your landscape is by using styles that will complement the house. If not, the two designs will clash with each other.

Add Colors

Having a garden with only trees will not add any varieties to your garden. You need to add colors. By colors, we mean different flowers with different textures and shapes. Having beautiful flowers and thick bushes will create instant curb appeal.

What’s more, if you add aromatic flowers to your landscape, they will attract butterflies to your garden, making everything look alive.

How Much Should You Invest In Landscaping Projects?

The American Society Of Landscape Architects suggests investing almost 10% of the house’s price. While most people won’t be able to afford $20,000 to $60,000 in landscape design, experts believe that you can reduce the cost by just designing the front door of the house.

Landscaping can be an expensive venture if you are not careful enough. In that case, you can always use different means to pay for the services. There are many landscaping agencies that accept Cryptocurrency for their services.

In that case, if you are one of the Crypto traders, you can use the bitcoin trader to pay for the services. This will not burden you financially.

Landscaping Features That can Hurt The Value

  • Weeds And Overgrowth: While you might have a perfect green lawn, if you are not maintaining it, it will take away the beauty.
    *Koi Ponds: Water features can certainly add an extra touch to your landscape. But some buyers avoid having any ponds. This is because they need regular maintenance.

  • Too Much Concrete: It is important to manage your yard. That being said, when you are planning to add greenery to your landscape, avoid using too much concrete.

  • Overdoing With Lawn Ornaments : A well-placed lawn ornament can increase the value of your house. However, a whole batch sitting together in one place might be too distracting.

  • Having Seasonal Plants: If you have seasonal plants in your landscape planning, it will show two sides of your home. During the spring, you might see your property with a lot of colors. But as the seasons change, your landscape will look colorless.

Final Thoughts

A long-term landscaping plan is great if you are thinking of living in the house for the long term. However, if you plan to sell your house within the next couple of years, you can take a few immediate steps to make it more appealing and beautiful to buyers.

Landscaping is an art that can be done based on how you are going to use the property. If you are thinking of selling it, you need to be extra calculative to be perfect with the landscaping approach. You can't overdo anything, as it might make it all messy. At the same time, you can’t underdo anything, as it will affect the house’s price.

Here we have listed some DOs and DONTs to help you get the most out of the deal. We hope that you get valuable information from this article. If there is something that you think can be a valuable addition to this article, feel free to place your mind in the comment section.

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How Does Landscape Design Increase Property Value


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