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DIY: A Guide To Improve Water Filtration System In Your Home

Although several laws ensure the public gets safe drinking water, it’s still best to Improve your home’s filtration system. Because even if you get water from a high-quality public water system, you still need to make sure no contaminants would bypass your water treatment system. There are many ways to improve your water, whether you plan to buy a system or do it yourself.

Why Filtering Your Water Is Important

But before anything else, it’s best to know why you need to Filter your water. The reasons for improving your water filtration system may vary, but here are some reasons why:

● Weak Immune System

If you or any of your family members have a weak immune system due to organ transplants, chemotherapy, or other illnesses, you may need a water treatment system with a Reverse Osmosis treatment to ensure Cryptosporidium and other germs would have low concentration. Also, look for labels with NSF 58, NSF 53, or absolute 1-micron pore size to be certain your system is of high quality.

● Lead In Water

You may need to filter your water due to the presence of lead coming from the service lines connecting to the water system. If your plumbing materials contain lead, a chemical reaction causing corrosion may occur. With the wearing or dissolving away of the metal, lead might enter your water line.

● Water Tastes Bad

Because of the presence of chlorine and other disinfectants, you may not like how your water tastes. Sulphur-containing compounds or other naturally occurring contaminants and minerals may change the texture and flavour of your water. Thus, using a water filter may help improve the fluid. Other filters with reverse osmosis can also decrease the unpleasant odour and taste.

Filtering Methods To Improve Your Water

Improving your water filtration system will depend on your needs as well as your budget. For the supply of materials, you won’t have to worry because you can easily find them at homeware stores, hardware stores, and even online. Whichever you choose, you can purify, disinfect, and filter your water efficiently. Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Buy A Water Filter System

Since there's an abundant supply of water filter systems in the market, it’s best to look for a reputable manufacturer or supplier. It'd help if you look for units with certification from water experts to verify whether the manufacturer has met the required standards.

A water filter system removes contaminants, catching the chemicals or microbes in the water. But since not all water filter systems can eliminate all types of pollutants, knowing the contaminants present in your water may help you choose the suitable filter system. For instance, some units have the capacity to remove radon while others may not. Know the elements you want to get rid of and check the quality of your water first.

Likewise, you may have to see whether the unit you’re planning to buy has a point of entry (POE) or point of use (POU). With POE, you can use it to filter the water entering your home, which is purified when it comes out of your faucet. As for the POU, you attach it to a specific faucet, so it can purify the water coming out.

2. Use Activated Carbon

You can use activated carbon to remove elements chemically bonding to the water. You may want to choose the ones that can remove lead, mercury, and other harmful pollutants while improving your water's taste and odour.

However, you may need another filter if you suspect your water to have arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, and other inorganic pollutants as these can be more challenging to get rid of.

3. Add Acid Neutralizing System

Aside from activated carbon, you may also want to have an acid-neutralizing system if the pH level of your groundwater ranges from 5.0 to 7.0 because it can cause copper and lead to leach on your solder, fixtures, or pipes.

Thus, you can use any of the following systems to neutralize your corrosive water:

● Soda Ash Or Sodium Carbonate

You may have to use this twice or thrice a year by injecting sodium carbonate into your water system. Mix the solution until it fills your pump.

● Calcite Media Or Calcium Carbonate

If your backwashing filter needs calcite, you need to replenish this after two or three years.

4. Look For Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you don’t have a water filter system with reverse osmosis, you can find faucet models with such features. In this way, the water passing through will undergo a series of processes to remove pollutants, sediments, and bacteria. Hence, the taste of your water will improve as some naturally occurring minerals will be left behind.

5. Water Distillation

Another way to improve your water filtration system is to use water distillation. This purification process separates the water from the contaminants by vaporizing it through a heat source. The vapor then goes into a condenser to return to its liquid form when the water cools down. This will then flow into your water line.

You can purchase a household water distiller, which you can easily set on your counter. Pour the untreated water into the system to distil and collect the liquid, which you can use later on.

6. Keep Your Filtration System Clean

Most importantly, you should adhere to how your water filter system should be maintained and cleaned for it to function efficiently. On the other hand, improper handling will degrade its function. Generally, you may have to change the filter now and then to ensure it can keep your water safe for drinking. Assess whether your filter is way past its lifespan and consider buying a new one.


Potable water from your tap could be made possible with a filtration system. This can be a way to reduce buying bottled water while decreasing your plastic usage. Moreover, you'd be at peace with your household by having a safe resource. Consider and apply the ideas mentioned here as you start filtering your water.

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DIY: A Guide To Improve Water Filtration System In Your Home


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