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How To Choose Stunning Chandeliers For Your Home

Changing up your lighting scheme is one way to update your home without major renovations. If you’re thinking about installing Chandeliers in your dining area or living room, here are the things you should consider when choosing the most stunning one for your home:

Determine the Room Where You Want It

Chandeliers are designed to be the focal point of any space. While you can install one in every room, you should reserve its beauty for select areas in your home. You have to determine precisely where you want this fixture to be installed before you can purchase the right one for that particular spot.

  • Dining Area – A lot of residences have these sparkling lighting fixtures illuminating meals in the dining area. Dinners are made more enjoyable when you can see and appreciate the hearty banquet spread before you.
  • Living Room – Chandeliers can be a remarkable conversation piece when entertaining your guests in the living room. Finding one with a unique design and an outstanding back story can lead to engaging discussions about anything under the sun.
  • Entryway – Impress your visitors as they enter your home by installing chandeliers by the entryway. The bulbs can provide illumination in the evenings and reflect a rainbow prism in the mornings.
  • Stairways – The height of your stairway is a perfect spot to admire your chandeliers from top to bottom, from the canopy to the light bulbs. Install this fixture by the stairs for both function and fashion; to illuminate the steps as well as beautify your home.
  • Bedroom – You can also put up chandeliers in your bedroom to make you feel extra cozy and royal as these lights elevate the look of any space.

Research Different Types

After identifying which rooms you want to install your chandeliers in, you have to think about how the fixture’s design will complement the style of each space. Whether you have a modern, Scandinavian, Bohemian, shabby chic, or industrial home, you can find the right type of chandelier with the various options in the market today. Also, don’t forget to choose ones that are energy-efficient. There are many the different types of chandeliers:

  • Candle – When talking about chandeliers, the first imagery that pops up in people’s heads is the candle type. This classic design is ideal for homes that have a rustic feel. Moreover, these fixtures don’t require as much space as other models, so they can be installed in any home or apartment.
  • Antler – Antler chandeliers are also perfect for rustic-style homes, especially if you’re passionate about the outdoors. Don’t worry, though, as no animals are harmed to produce this design as the antlers are made out of synthetic materials.
  • Crystal – The primary advantage of this chandelier type is that it comes in various styles, so you’re sure to find one that will blend in well with your home’s current furnishings. These are best installed in dining and living rooms as well as near massive, spiraling stairways. If you have high ceilings, you can opt for the raindrop and staircase designs.
  • Glass – It’s another chandelier type that comes in a wide variety of fashion and forms. You can choose from several size options as well, so fitting it in your space won’t be a problem.
  • Modern – To elevate the look of a room even more, you can go for modern chandeliers. These avant-garde fixtures take on a futuristic vibe, favoring crisp edges as well as geometric shapes.
  • Drum – This one is a type of shaded chandelier that’s named as such because of its distinct shape. It typically features a single, round covering that resembles a drum fitted over the light bulbs.
  • Transitional – If your home is an eclectic mix of old and new designs, you’ll love transitional chandeliers. These fixtures incorporate the futuristic look of modern chandeliers with the rustic stylishness of classic models.
  • Bowl – For minimalists, the bowl chandelier may be for you. This type boasts of simplistic yet sophisticated-looking designs and is named due to the bowl-like attachment that covers the light bulbs. Its illumination effect is fascinating because the light is directed at the ceiling or through holes in the design.
  • Beaded – Another avant-garde type, these chandeliers are composed almost entirely of beads, which can be made from glass, wood, or even shells. The design is not something that would appeal to all people, so it’s prudent to be mindful of how the fixture will work well with your space.
  • Caged – This type emphasizes modern architecture with intricate geometric designs. Some are abstract with only a few bars or lines caging the bulbs while others cover them entirely. A classic-looking caged chandelier works best for Victorian homes.
  • Tiered – If you believe in going big or going home, you’ll enjoy the ornate designs of tiered chandeliers. You get multiple layers and several arms, which gives off the visual perception of considerable height.

Consider the Factors that Affect Its Look

Generally, chandeliers are the focal point of any room. Once you install it in a space, you should ensure that it doesn’t clash with any other furnishing. Otherwise, the interior of your home may appear to be done in poor taste. Some factors to consider when choosing a chandelier include:

  • Size – Measure the dimensions of the space where you plan on installing the fixture to ensure that it’ll fit. While chandeliers come in a variety of sizes, it’s recommended that you take note of your home’s measurements before purchasing one.
  • Style – As mentioned above, your chandeliers must complement the interior design of each room. Think about the area’s furnishings, wall paint, and décor first.
  • Function – Consider the size of the space that your chandeliers would need to illuminate. If you have a relatively smaller area, you may want to install dimmers to control how much light is released at a given time.

Chandeliers not only make your home more stunning, but they also do well in illuminating each room. To ensure that you get the perfect one for your space, you must determine where you want to install it and match the fixture’s style with your furnishings and décor.

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How To Choose Stunning Chandeliers For Your Home


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