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The Best Whipper Snippers In Australia (2018)

With so many options on the market, finding a cost-effective line Trimmer that gets the job done can be a difficult choice. That is why we have gone ahead and done the hard work of researching the best line trimmers (commonly known as whipper snippers) in Australia for you!

With our recommendations it should be easy for you to jump in and purchase or rent the whipper snipper that is best for your needs. Our top picks from Black+Decker, Makita, and RYOBI offer a wide selection of quality grass trimming tools.

Power options

Professional gardeners generally use line trimmers that are petrol powered, these are in general less polluting than petrol mowers of the past and have the most power. Line trimmers can also be purchased in cordless battery-powered, or electric and we will cover some of each in this article.

Bent or Straight Shaft: Which Is Better?

One distinguishing feature between types of line trimmers is whether the unit has a bent shaft or a straight shaft. This makes a difference in price and manoeuvrability, so it is an important factor to consider when purchasing a line trimmer.

For a further reach or for very tall users, straight-shaft models are the better option. In our research and experimentation with both types of grass trimmers, straight-shaft trimmers are beneficial in difficult to reach areas while curved shafts are better at edging.

The bent-shaft trimmer is a much more affordable option. For less intense lawn trimming needs, this is a cost-effective alternative to pricier options that will do the job most of the time.

If you are wondering why straight shaft trimmers cost more than curved shaft trimmers, here's a video explaining it:

Line Attachment

There are three ways in which the cutting line is attached to the hub. Bump feed is the most common, as the line wears down, you bump the underside of the hub on the ground, releasing a regulated length of line

There is also the option of automatic feed. These are typically only found on electric models, they use a counterbalance on the line weight to detect when new line is necessary to be dispensed. On cheaper models they are not so reliable and end up more hassle than a bump feed.

Manual feed is the simplest option, users must attach a set amount of straight, reinforced line that will need to be replaced when it is worn out. This strong line will last longer than the same length of standard trimmer line, and are quick to replace, however in terms of injuries from line trimmers go, if you have a thicker line, then your going to get cut much worse if you have an accident.

The Best Petrol-Powered Line Trimmers

While less environmentally friendly than the other two types of line trimmers, the petrol-powered line trimmer is ultimately the most beneficial when dealing with lawns or land that are overgrown with tall weeds and unruly grass.

Petrol line trimmers are the best option on the market for larger areas of grass, cordless models are another solid option, but better for maintaining small areas.

The modern models (especially the 4 stroke ones) run smoother than previous petrol-powered mowing appliances, and they tend to be safer as well. They are easy to manoeuvre. However, they are slightly heavier than corded-electric line trimmers.

Makita 24.5cc Four Stroke Petrol Line Trimmer

The Makita 24.5cc utilises a curved shaft for excellent performance in edging. It is also low noise and powered by a multi position engine, it is simple to start and can work on a lawn from various angles to easily render a clean lawn.

The Makita 24.5cc 4 Stroke Petrol Line Trimmer is available to buy from Bunnings.

Homelite 25cc Petrol Fixed Shaft Line Trimmer

Large lawns or grassy areas with difficult plant life are easy to maintain with this model. Homelite is known for their high quality, and offer a one-year replacement warranty.

The Homelite 25cc Petrol Fixed Shaft Line Trimmer is available to buy from Bunnings.

Makita 25.7cc two Stroke Petrol Line Trimmer

With a two-stroke engine, this unit delivers high-powered results for difficult lawns while remaining lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It also incorporates a catalytic muffler to reduce the noise, beware that a two-stroke engine won't last as long as a four-stroke engine will.

The Makita 25.7cc two-stroke Petrol Line Trimmer is available at Bunnings.

Top Rated Cordless-Electric Line Trimmers

If the loud noise is an issue, battery-powered line trimmers are a great option. Without having to fuel up or work with difficult extension cords, cordless-electric line trimmers make grass trimming easier all around. They can work over thirty minutes at a time before needing a recharge.

Devices with top-mounted motors offer increased manoeuvrability and balance. This can be useful in hard-to-reach areas as well as for long jobs that can be tiring.

Because this type of line trimmer runs on batteries, it is friendly to the environment. This type of grass trimmer will only increase in quality over time as the technology progresses.

RYOBI One+ 18V 305mm Cut Cordless Line Trimmer

This impressive device is offered by one of the most highly trusted companies in the industry, and it comes with a fold out edger guide and three position rotating head.

The RYOBI One+ 18V 305mm Cut Cordless Line Trimmer is available at Bunnings.

Makita 18V 1 x 3.0Ah Line Trimmer

Makita carries a wide range of line trimmers, one of which is the Makita 18V 1 x 3.0Ah Line Trimmer. This product incorporates blinking lights to indicate low battery after forty-five minutes and has a simple charging system.

The Makita 18V 1 x 3.0Ah Line Trimmer - at Bunnings.

The Makita 18V also incorporates a five-position pivoting head, a telescopic shaft, and an adjustable loop handle. These and other qualities like its cordless capability make this model widely popular for long jobs and more difficult to reach areas of lawns.

Quality Corded-Electric Line Trimmers

By far the least expensive option is to go with a corded-electric line trimmer. These models save you money, as well as function well for small lawns due to their lightweight and quiet functionality.

With the limitations of a cord, they are recommended for smaller gardens. Of course this limitation can be worked around with the use of an extra long extension cord and other than the cord getting caught up in plants and such a corded trimmer can be very easy to use.

Corded-electric line trimmers can be purchased with a top-mounted motor for even better manoeuvrability. They also do not require extensive tune-ups, unlike various petrol models.

RYOBI and Ozito both carry a wide range of useful electric line trimmers. These products are all considerably cheaper than their petrol-powered counterparts. In the video RYOBI Australia: Trimming Line Tips, the company outlines some of their product details.

The video is also helpful if you have already bought a whipper snipper, as it offers tips on dealing with trimming line.

Black+Decker 36cm 6.5 Amp String Trimmer and Edger

According to Consumer Reports, Black+Decker carry some of the best electric string trimmer models on the market. This lightweight tool with a straight shaft easily trims difficult places.

The Black+Decker 36cm 6.5 Amp String Trimmer and Edger is available to buy from Amazon.

Black+Decker GLC3630 String Trimmer

The Black+Decker GLC3630 String Trimmer uses a straight shaft for better comfort and manoeuvrability. Straight-shaft models offer better reach and range. It weighs less than other models and features a good-sized engine.

The Black+Decker GLC3630 String Trimmer is available to buy from Amazon.

This type of line trimmer appears to dominate the charts at Consumer Reports, mostly due to their low price, easy manoeuvrability, and user-friendly nature. They are also more environmentally friendly than petrol options, and quieter as well.

RYOBI 500W 300mm Electric Line Trimmer

One of the best consumer grade electric line trimmers available, this electric line trimmer by RYOBI uses an auto feed spool and pivoting head to make lawn trimming easier. The mould grip also reduces the vibration typical of line trimmers for enhanced comfort.

The RYOBI 500W 300mm Electric Line Trimmer is available to buy from Bunnings.

Ozito 500W 290mm Electric Line Trimmer

This model is great for dealing with lawn edges thanks to it's rotating head. It comes with an automatic line feed, at $49 it's a true budget model and it's not something you could use effectively on a seriously overgrown lawn, but it's great value for a small to medium sized garden.

The Ozito 500W 290mm Electric Line Trimmer is available to buy from Bunnings.

Other Types of Cutting Edge

The models we’ve recommended for you have all been line trimmers, but there is a second type of cutting edge that we haven’t mentioned yet. Brush cutters are similar to line trimmers in functionality, but vastly more powerful machines capable of heavy-duty lawn work, they can clear high grass, through to small trees.

While line trimmers typically utilise nylon cord to trim grass, brush cutters incorporate solid blades. This allows for more effective trimming through tough grasses and plants.

For more heavy-duty situations such as wooded areas or a highly unkempt lawn, any brush cutter will clear the area better than a line trimmer. The job will be completed faster and more efficiently.

We hope you have found our research useful to find a great line trimmer, please share the article if you have.

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The Best Whipper Snippers In Australia (2018)


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