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Osprey’s 10 Creative Decor Ideas for Your Portland Apartment


When it comes to interior design, there’s no reason to be careless. Sure, some of you guys out there may be rolling your eyes, but it’s true, Interior design really matters because the design elements within your home play a big part in dictating your overall comfort level, you mood, and the functionality of your space.

Most rental agreements have restrictions on certain allowable changes. So, what’s a Portland Apartment dweller to do. Well, don’t stress, because with a little creativity, there are more than enough ways that you can personalize your home and still be well within the rules specified by your apartment. Here are Osprey’s 10 favorite creative decor ideas for your Portland Apartment.

1) Removable Wallpaper

That’s right wallpaper. It requires no glue or paste, just peel and stick. It is easy to install and can be just as easy to remove. And the best part is it leaves no messy residue behind. Check out Chasing Paper, or better yet Swag Paper, which has a classic 1866 map of Portland that’d certainly make a welcome addition to your Portland apartment.

2) Command Strips

Change a boring wall into an artistic masterpiece, without drilling or hammering the walls of your Portland Apartment.  Command Strips are soft adhesive hooks that let you hang things on the walls with no damage to the wall.  Hang family pictures, paintings, clothing and more! They come in a ton of different sizes, hold strongly, remove easily, and they’re available all over Portland.

3) De-Clutter, Go minimal

Ok, admittedly this isn’t the most ‘creative’ decor tip, but it’s probably the most overlooked. De-cluttering your apartment is an awesome way of initiating the decorating process – it helps you plan your strategy.  Most of us have too much stuff as it is, including but not limited to furniture, clothing, household supplies and appliances, and tchotchkes.  Create new space in by getting rid of the old, but once you’re done, see if you can stay on the minimals side. It’s a cleaner, streamlined approach to interior design that many are adopting thanks to its simplicity and functionality.  Afterwards, make sure to drop off any worthwhile items to the Portland Salvation Army or the Portland Goodwill just across the river from Osprey apartments.

4) Choose your lighting wisely

The right lighting will dictate the overall mood of your space. Any major adjustments to the lighting could have drastic effects on how you feel about a particular room, so you’ve got to be careful and err on the side of the less is more approach. The light has to be just right – if you overdo it, your apartment may feel like a doctor’s office, too little light and it’ll feel like a dungeon. Whatever your lighting needs may be, there are plenty of stores in the Portland area that’ll provide you with top quality fixtures and lighting set ups. Make sure to check out Sunlan Lighting in NE PDX, or SchoolHouse Electric Supply & Co in SlabTown for any and all of your apartment lighting needs.

5) Update your pillows

Need a cushion update but can’t afford a new couch? Just go in for some new throw pillows for your couch and bed. Throw pillows are often overlooked as unnecessary, but the right throw pillow can add the perfect accent to your interior. Plus, they’re not expensive. There are dozens of affordable, fabulous cushions and throw pillows that’ll brighten up your space instantaneously. Find bargain designs to suit your style at your Portland IKEA or one of the cool little boutique shops that the Rose city has become famous for.

6) Add Light with Mirrors

Mirrors are a totally simple yet effective way of adding a feeling of space and openness to your Portland Apartment. They’re a cost-friendly alternative to wall hangings and art, you can use them to add light and dimension to your interior, and they serve both an aesthetic and a utilitarian function. Mix and match different styles to bring elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces. Plus, the right mirror can be an unexpected way of injecting some much-needed personality into your space. Try the local thrift shop scene, or local secondhand stores like goodwill and salvation army to find one of those extra-special, one of a kind mirrors.

7) Add Some Throw Rugs

A rug is anything but an accessory; they’re the foundation of your space. It may sound cliche, but it’s true when interior designers say that the right rug can really tie a room together. Don’t overlook the importance of a tasteful rug! Rugs can certainly provide a tasteful accent, but they also just make a room feel warmer and more welcoming. Think about how you feel once your bathroom is graced with a modest throw rug…it’s nicer in there right? If  you’re looking for a rug for your Portland apartment, check out Kush Rugs and All Sharifl Rugs, both of which are quite close to Osprey.

8) Get Creative with your Wall Art

Artwork can be expensive, but not if you unleash your own creative side. See if you have any of your own masterpieces that you can hang up, or better yet make some new ones, hang some photos of friends, postcards, or letters. This could be a fun weekend arts & crafts project fit for Osprey’s Community lounge. There’s no better way to add a personal touch to your space than to include artwork you created yourself.

9) Check out Portland Garage Sales

Portland has a well-documented garage sale scene. It seems like every single weekend you can find people with a bunch of old goodies spread out on their lawn. Those weekend garage sales are perhaps the best places in Portland to find some truly unique off-the-wall decorations for your Portland apartment, and they’re typically VERY buyer-friendly. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say, and this kind of treasure will cost you just pennies on the dollars.

10) Craigslist It

Where garage sales end is where Craigslist begins. You can find almost anything on Craigslist, including a lot of free items that a lot of folks are just desperate to get rid of. If you’re looking for someone-of-a-kind items that won’t break the bank and the garage sale scene isn’t cutting it, make sure to check out Portland Craigslist.

There are plenty of creative ways to decorate your new luxury Portland apartment, these are just a few ideas to get you started. At Osprey Apartments, we’re dedicated to sharing the best of Portland with as many as possible, and the best Portland starts right in your own apartment, with your decor, your layout, and day to day activities.

If you’re interested in living at Osprey and experiencing the best of what Portland has to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Osprey’s 10 Creative Decor Ideas for Your Portland Apartment


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